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The Sim Factory & Mana Energy Join Forces

The Sim Factory & Mana Energy Join Forces

The Sim Factory, creators of ARCA RE/MAX Series Sim Racing have announced a partnership with Harcos, creators of Mana Energy Potion. The agreement will result in a Mana Energy-branded car and track that will be available for download free of charge for all ARCA RE/Max Sim Racing customers on the game’s website.

Furthermore, an ARCA-themed Mana Enegery commercial will air in Mana Energy Portion is a vitamin-packed energy shot aimed at a gaming audience.

The commercial as well as screenshots of the Mana car & track can be found below. This deal is an interesting way for small and independent developers like The Sim Factory to create revenue aside from just selling games, promotions like that may help other developers in a niece genre such as sim racing to keep their business going.

  • hompe

    Hahahah nice video 😆

  • Dave

    say it isn’t so! A whole free car skin and track?

    Will the bonuses never stop for Arca Sim Racing?

    Time to dump everything and go back to the POS game called ARCA.

    what a freaking joke.

  • UncleChuckle

    Saw the ad during Inside Sim Racing. Very funny. Had a few races like that:)

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