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The Crew – New, Realistic Racer from Ubisoft

Ubisoft is rumored to announce a new, realistic racing title called “The Crew” at this year’s E3 expo.

Ubisoft is rumored to announce a new, realistic racing title called “The Crew” at this year’s E3 expo.

Developed by Ubisoft’s Reflections studio, the title is said to be in the same spirit as Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport, so racing fans can expect a reasonably realistic title.

A first development shot has surfaced as you can check out below, showing two Ford GTs. The title will be developed for the upcoming Playstation 4 and the Xbox One, more details are due to be revealed during Ubisoft’s E3 presentation on June 10.

  • Alejandro Gorgal

    I dont have a lot of expectations for this but I’ll give credit to Reflections for making Driver:SF way more fun than I would have thought.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      That’s actually why I have high hopes for it. I thought Driver SF was one of the best arcade racing games ever because it had a nice touch of realism to it. Just like TDU 1, arcade but definitely with a decent amount of realism. other than the fact that they weren’t on tracks, TDU 1 and Driver SF are more realistic than Grid 1/2 or PGR 4

    • Anonymous

      The lack of proper controller support for Driver SF was criminal IMO. Let’s see if they learned anything. 2 subjects I will always continue to Hammer on is licensing practices and cost and proper controller support in accordance to it’s genre.

  • Anonymous

    Another title for consoles? Like there isn’t enough solid titles already? Give us a good GT style title on PC and we can talk. 🙂

    • Wesley Modderkolk

      Agreed, there’s a huge empty void in the PC market for a game like Forza or GT

      • Matt Orr

        Ubisoft. AKA, if there IS a PC port, you don’t want it.

      • Wesley Modderkolk

        Agreed, but still, it is a huge hole in the market.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      You want to know why? Because games like this are focused on career modes, single player. most PC exclusives are not single player focused because of how big a problem pirating is, and there’s just not a lot of people on PC that buy games. Look at sales of games like that on PC, the PC versions usually sell a miniscule fraction of what they sell on console.
      That’s why, console is where most of the gamers are, and there’s little to no piracy.

      • Pavel Drandiiski

        Yea.. No piracy on on consoles what so ever. Unheard of.. Gimme a break..

      • Anonymous

        The amount of console piracy is miniscule in comparison to PC. The way DRM is built in to titles makes it far harder to pirate. Ubisoft, for example, has their own game launcher that connects to their servers for verification and requires an always-on connection. One of their games where you play as a “killer from the 1700’s….” required that you run your own server to fool it.

        You can’t do this on consoles.

      • Anonymous

        Not to mention everyone complains when they add DRM to PC games, usually because it needs to be more obtrusive than console DRM to be effective.

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        Not true. You don’t even need to be online to play Assassins Creed. it’s not DRM. You can start the game up without an internet connection no problem, I’ve done it muliple times and I have all 5 of them

      • Shaddix

        Both Consoles can be cracked easily via yt TuT, so pirating is also popular. Just wonder why consoles games are on torrent sites earlier released then official released ?
        Also Online Mode is working on the console, you just need to buy a small thing 🙂
        Second thing: They forget to name the numbers from digitals sells on the PC.

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        yea but very few people do that type of stuff on Xbox, and even less do it on PS3.

      • Anonymous

        ubisoft has been very good with PC ports of games so we can hope they will continue the trend.

  • pez2k .

    Every mention of this game, it seems to be developed by someone else. I’ve seen it labelled as the first game from Ivory Towers too, the ex-TDU1 team, and as a collaboration with Reflections, and from Reflections alone.

  • Professional Operator

    Interesting. I hope they focus on racing cars rather than road cars

  • Neil Brady

    Where is the realistic rally games? Jesus.

  • Aleksei Kolesnikov

    Racer from Ubisoft? You has to be joke. This office already discredited long ago itself.

    • Nicolas Grignon

      when? their WWII Submarine simulation (Silent Hunter) is a masterpiece of realism… so wait and see before you see it first.

  • myvracelog

    ya so boring and lack of preciseness.

  • Anonymous

    So who played Racing Simulation 3? Was it any good? As far as some of the negative comments here I believe any developer publisher should have a chance to show what they can do even EA Tiburon yes I just said that. So why not UbiSoft and their in house developer?

  • Petros

    Some details about The Crew have leaked :
    – The Crew is expected to play similar to Ubisoft Reflections most recent racer Driver: San Francisco, with a semi-arcade style of racing.
    – As with Driver: San Francisco, The Crew will be open world with the ability to travel between New York City and Los Angeles, though the scale of these cities has been reduced.
    – It is not clear whether you will travel through wilderness to reach each city or whether the game will simply load in each area.
    – The Crew will also feature a similar ‘Google Maps’ style mechanic, presumably for navigating the open world.
    – A ‘Freeride’ mode will be available too, which the option to choose between missions or challenges.
    – Multiplayer will feature 8 players in either competitive or co-operative gameplay, though no more specific details were provided.
    – As is the case with Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs – and presumably many of the publisher’s next-gen games – The Crew will come with a companion app for mobile devices.
    – It is presumed that The Crew’s release date will be before the end of 2013, presumably to tie into a next-gen release. With such a close release date, it’s safe to assume The Crew will be announced at E3 2013.

    (Source: NowGamer)

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