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The 4-Day Track Challenge – Progress Update

The 4-Day Track Challenge – Progress Update

Last week, veteran track maker Alex Sawczuk unveiled his hallenging short-term project of creating a fictional add-on track from scratch in just four days time.

Even though Alex hasn’t had as much time to work on it as he had hoped, he’s made some very spectacular progress since the beginning of the new weekend as the 4.2 kilometer track already sports curbs, armco, tirewalls and a detailed terrain including gravel traps and other details.

Furthermore, Alex has also decided on the location of the fictional track and a planned name, the venue will be located in Florianopolis, Brazil and named Autodromo Floripa. For more details on the goals of his interesting project and a detailed description of the track’s layout, check out the first story.

Via Alex Sawczuck’s Portfolio

  • Ricoo

    It is already looking very good and promising! 🙂

  • DeDios

    wow you’re doing a great job!! 😀
    cmon ISI, you need this guy. In one year is able to do LOT of tracks lol

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