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Testing The Oculus Rift With Assetto Corsa – Video

Youtuber James Gambino has been testing the development kit of the much-anticipated Oculus Rift together with Assetto Corsa.

Youtuber James Gambino has been testing the development kit of the much-anticipated Oculus Rift together with Assetto Corsa.

In the video below, James does not just show us screen grab footage of Assetto Corsa and Oculust rift but also provides some point-of-view footage from inside the headset to give people an idea what the Oculus VR experience feels like.

  • Brandon Lee Moore

    Wow, I really hate this guy…

  • osella

    Nice video, that’s what I wanted to see for a long time.
    Until now I couldn’t really imagine how problematic the resolution is. Full hd on a monitor is more than enough but it looks so terrible on oculus! You can’t read the tach, so much pixelated.

    I’m afraid for a really immersive experience oculus will have to be 4K res.. but that’s not gonna be the first version.

    • Alan Dallas

      That’s just the DK1, DK2 is supposed to up the resolution immensely.

    • SimRacer007

      I’m pretty sure this was the DK1, which only has a 720p screen. That makes me feel good about the 1080p screen for the DK2, because it seemed pretty good for 720p and the pixel density for 1080p will be much higher.

      • SimRacer007

        Oops Alan beat me

      • osella

        Ah didnt know it was 720p, i watched the vid without sound and only briefly to admit. Just went to see the end of vid mainly.

      • GamerMuscle

        It is DK1 , Dk2 comes out next month.

        Dk2 visually is a bit better than DK1 in terms of resolution contrast and less noticeable screen-door, but the main thing is full head tracking and lower latency giving more immersion and users that suffer from it less motion sickness.

        Consumer version will likely be good enough for sim racing at a basic level, Oculus plan to make a big bang with the first consumer version so resolution might actually be decent enough for simulators.

        For people used to 3 screen set-ups though I think they will probably want to be holding off for the second consumer version in 1.5-2 years time.

        Mind you I think the rift as a device is worth getting just as a screen to use for watching films , playing VR games and all the cool things possible with it.

        This video is with the DK1 I tried to best match the quality in the video with the resolution of what you see on the DK1 screen.

        This also gives a lose idea of image quality with each Rift

        In the end you just have to try it no video or images displayed on a normal screen are not really comparable 🙂 largely due to the aspect of low latency and 1-1 head tracking + 3D + wide FOV.

  • MVV

    This is an old video. Lay out all that you can only have time to draw. FOV is very large. Fisheye strong.

    • Roger Wallentin

      FOV and fisheye looks strange on a normal flat screen, the Rift has lenses which makes it look completely natural to the eye without any fisheye effect.

      When you wear the Rift there is no screen, no warping etc it just looks 100% “natural”. Though with the DK1 low res its like looking at VGA resolution on a 32″ screen from 1 meter, that is the only thing that ruins the experience so far (+ some screen update lag etc, but that is just because the cheap LCD they used for the prototype was crap and cheap just to prove the concept, DK2 Full HD display is a high end unit).

      I have a DK1 and expecting the DK2 as soon as that arrives (last i heard was that it should ship in just a few weeks from now)

      • MVV

        I hope you make a video for us? Compare DC 1 and DC 2. I want to buy it yourself. But how to do it I do not know.

  • joe pineapples

    Until you’ve actually tried it (my mates DK1 and soon to be DK2), you can’t believe how immersive it is (resolution aside). Closest I’ve seen to capturing the same feeling are video’s of the very best tri-screen setups. The difference with the Rift is you ARE in the cockpit.

  • joe

    I just can wait to try this with my motion seat,, oh god!!

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