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Test Drive Unlimited 2 – New Video & Previews

Test Drive Unlimited 2 – New Video & Previews has released a first-look video of Atari’s upcoming Test Drive Unlimited 2 title, featuring new gameplay footage and an interview with Eden Games Senior Producer Nour Polloni.

Furthermore, has released a very interesting preview article, mentioning several interesting details. The article confirms that damage in TDU2 will not affect the car’s handling, the physics are described as “immediately accessible”. Furthermore, several new previews have been released that can be checked out below as well.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 will be coming to the PC, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 this fall. New features include the brand-new island of Ibiza, vehicle damage, weather and a full 24-hour day & night cycle.

  • fernandomattos

    Great game to have on those days you just want to drive around! Already on my buying list!

  • DeadStar


  • axiscyclonus

    haha. producers should never be allowed to talk about games. way too much marketeering bulletpoint speak. but looks awesome, can’t wait for this. really interested to see how they’ve changed the car handling. loved how the first game supported wheels and trackir, hopefully that hasn’t changed

  • Skillcoil

    Hehe the producers revealed many features. Anyway I’m really looking forward to TDU2 as I missed the first one 🙁

  • TheSTIG

    Skillcoil: Hehe the producers revealed many features. Anyway I’m really looking forward to TDU2 as I missed the first one

    You didn’t miss much (especially on the PC), but this is looking more promising.

  • Hara_Kiri

    “the physics are described as “immediately accessible”.”

    I don’t like the sound of that.
    First one was an example of arcade/simulation and driving pleasure balance. And for what I saw with the first video, it doesn’t look good.
    oh well…

  • f0xx

    Loads of new and great info.

    Great game to chill a bit, it would be nice to have realistic physics but even if it doesnt it already has alot of nice stuff.

  • Dillyracer

    That passenger mode sounds awesome to do with a friend.

  • TuPP3

    There is huge difference in this game high-end cars compared to other racing games, because you really have to earn them by playing the game for weeks and progressing in street racing and buying new cars and at the end get those 10 million super cars.

    Not just that you ccould select them from the menu and race.
    Another key element is open world crusing with civilians and law enforcement.
    And the interiors look great and that is the main part of the car, it doesn’t matter how it looks in 3rd person when you are driving behind the wheel. Greatest party game as it mimics real life traffic so you can test your driving even when you aren’t in condition to drive real car 😉

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