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Test Drive Unlimited 2 – New Previews

Test Drive Unlimited 2 – New Previews

Atari has released seven new previews of their upcoming Test Drive Unlimited 2 title that is due to be released this fall.

The new previews show several new cars including a first look at the car’s cockpits and a first glimpse at night racing.

Developed by Eden Games, Test Drive Unlimited 2 will enable players to race on the fully-modelled Balearic island of Ibiza. The island is 571.04 square kilometers in size and will feature over 3.000 kilometers of drivable roads.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 will be coming to the PC, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 this fall. New features include the brand-new island of Ibiza, vehicle damage, weather and a full 24-hour day & night cycle.

  • 6e66o

    I always dreamed of a good open world driving simulation.
    But i guess that wont never happen..

  • mrwout

    The first one was pretty good 🙂 I mean it wasn’t a sim but it had the best realistic arcade handling I’ve ever seen, so I’ve got some hopes for this one.

  • carbonfibre

    :weird: What are you talking about 6e66o lol?

    Test drive unlimited has the best balance of realism within the capability of today’s technology in completely unique genre. The only other competitor to this would be NFS:world with no cockpits and not even a hint of physics. TDU2 is for a sophisticated audience and is as much about living the fantasy life and cruising in all your favourite vehicles (don’t forget bikes :happy: ) as trying to simulate the characteristics of those vehicles in physics and sound to a more than suitable standard.

    The only hope is that they don’t drop the ball with the hardcore mode and the sounds will be moddable again no doubt.

    Look out for the trailer on Friday – fingers crossed. :sd:

  • Jos

    TDU1 had good physics and force feedback (not Hardcore mode!!) Im sure they’ll improve on that with tdu 2.

  • Pandamasque

    I hope they will at least retain the licences they had in TDU. It would be nice to add real Porsche and BMW.
    + Add better physics and FFB = EPIC WIN.

  • Howie47

    The Glass is half empty! Right 6e66o? Well said “Carbonfiber”. Spent many hours exploring and winning the races in TDU1. I bet many of the vehicles are going to show up as DLC’s. As that seems to be the way developers are headed. No mention of bikes yet. Their is a rumor of a video on Friday.

  • TuPP3

    My personal favourite driving game, the best game/simulation ratio there can be, there are sims like rFactor with unbatable handling and FFB, but I enjoy playing TDU way more with open world and not just driving arount the same track inside small area.

    Another very strong feature is LOTS of cars, I’d appreciate if they got BMWs in the game this time around.

    I’ve no other demands but better environment graphics and BMWs 😀

  • RockStar

    the first one was an EPIC BUG BAIT and pretty bad optimezed game.

    i’m not expecting something better with this. 🙄

  • Howie47

    RockStar: the first one was an EPIC BUG BAIT and pretty bad optimezed game.i’m not expecting something better with this.

    That’s strange. One of the best pieces of software I got. Plus it has it all! Support’s just about every piece of hardware you can think of.

  • 6e66o

    carbonfibre: What are you talking about 6e66o lol?

    Which word didnt you understand?

    Howie47: The Glass is half empty! Right 6e66o?

    Its not half empty,
    its completely empty!

  • TehFuzzi0n

    Jos: TDU1 had good physics and force feedback (not Hardcore mode!!) Im sure they’ll improve on that with tdu 2.

    No it didn’t, the physics were far from realistic and the FFB wasn’t good either. Not to mention it only supports 1 controller so if you have separate pedals/shifter you cant use it.

    However I really enjoyed TDU1, it was great fun to buy new cars in the exact spec you wanted and then drive around the island with mates. As long as TDU2 is as much fun as the original was, it shouldn’t matter about the physics, that’s now what they are going for anyway.

  • Uff

    RockStar: the first one was an EPIC BUG BAIT and pretty bad optimezed game.

    Indeed on the PC it was not the best example of a conversion: even the patch didn’t fix all the problems. Let’s hope this time they will get things right from the beginning!

  • max1492

    TDU1 didn’t pull me in — the handling never felt right. What is it about most semi-arcade driving games and bad handling? Some get it right (e.g., Dirt 2, Flatout 1), while most are really lacking (Dirt 1, Grid, TOCA 3, TDU 1)

  • f0xx

    Looking nice.

  • dabe

    Loved TDU1, felt it was the best driving game i have played (note not Racing!). The manufacture customisation, open world were my favourite points. Loved the game play too, with the different goals and tasks. I 1000/1000’d it on the 360 too (never played the PC version).

    The Physics were ‘good enough’ and I liked the hardcore more on the 360, but the world wasn’t smooth enough for the physics engine, you’d go over the mountain road and the car would ground out as the track surface wasn’t smoothed out, made for some weird collisions with the ground which costs me a race or two.

    I think my favourite memory was racing round the WHOLE ISLAND for one of the challenges, so much fun seeing all the different scenery beats the hell out of 3 laps round the ring 😉 oh and trying to over take traffic when there was oncoming traffic, enough said! 🙂

  • dabe

    Oh and just a note, the game on the 360 was unplayable with the wheel.

  • shifta

    6e66o: I always dreamed of a good open world driving simulation.
    But i guess that wont never happen..

    Won’t never?

    Thats a double negative.


  • f0xx

    Yeah that would be great 6e66o, but arcade games are the big sellers.

    Simulation racing games demand too much challenge and console kids dont like it ^^

  • Ahmad

    TDU was a joke on the PC. Hoping TDU2 will be a much better and smoother experience.

  • Rantam

    Despite not having physics properly simulated and having non-smoothed-tarmac-surface the game was quite good and i enjoyed it a lot (and still doing it from time to time). At least was good entertaining, with such amount of nice models, a huge island to drive and a lot of challenges to finish.

    Bought it without a doubt, and probably will do it also with TDU2.

    The graphics were very good on its day, and we got nice cockpits in all the cars & bikes, which is not usual in non-simulation racing games. Only considering the amount of work Eden’s guys had to do to create all these cars & environment deserve my respect.

    Very good as racing game, even with its flaws, if you’re not looking for hardcore simulation, of course. If so better stick with the usual ones 😉


  • captain_underpants

    Boo to the TDU1 haters. I’m gonna go play it right now.

    Fall can’t come soon enough.

    (I hope they put in adjustable traffic density)

  • Zolus

    I remember, I couldn’t set up my wheel in it, it had horrible deadzone and lag. That ruined everything for me.

  • hoboracer

    Not to mention it only supports 1 controller so if you have separate pedals/shifter you cant use it.

    Must be your PC. I use a seperate usb wheel, usb pedals and usb h shifter, they all work together in TDU 1 just fine.

  • yuhui2010

    20,000 kilometers, irresponsible remarks!!

    See Official Information:

    Q: What is Test Drive Unlimited 2?

    A: A massively open online racer, Test Drive Unlimited 2 is the follow up game to the smash hit Test Drive Unlimited. The game is set in the Mediterranean island of Ibiza with over 2,000 miles of roadway and back roads. TDU2 is currently in development for the XBOX 360, Playstation 3, and the PC.

    2,000 miles (3,200 kilometers)

  • yuhui2010

    Furthermore, the official website did not say The island is 571.04 square kilometers

  • Pandamasque

    It’s surely around elebenty million billion square litres of tarmac.

  • yuhui2010

    My new understanding:

    Official Site say have 2,000-mile road

    1000 miles driving forwards and 1000 miles going backwards

    In fact,Road is only 1,000 miles, and the same mileage TDU1

  • yuhui2010

    Gamestar June issue says TDU2 to be on Ibiza & O’ahu?



    New update!!!!!!!

    According to the magazine Gamestar, Test Drive Unlimited 2 is going to take place at Ibiza and O´ahu again. O´ahu has been changed graphically, and includes night-time and the wether. They added new off-road ways and new missions.

    If you want to go to O´ahu you have to reach a certain level.
    You have the option to fly from Ibiza to O´ahu.
    One of these levels you´ve got to reach:
    – Complete all challenges
    – Complete the cruising part
    – Complete the social part

    We will see the news in the next issue of Gamestar 06/2010

    I´m sorry guys i had to put the news here but i could´nt start a new discussion.

  • spacekiller

    First one was great arcade, but as mentioned above, it wasn’t well optimised (for example it was lagging in fast speeds even on the strong enough computers, because it couldn’t buffer enough memory…) and that not smoothed road was terrible. It made hill roads nightmare rather than entertaining. Anyway, I hope they will avoid this mistakes in TDU2, it would be fine game 😉

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