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Test Drive Unlimited 2 – 24 New Previews

Test Drive Unlimited 2 – 24 New Previews

24 brand new previews of Test Drive Unlimited 2 have surfaced on, showing off the Japanese version of Atari’s upcoming driving title.

The screenshots show both islands of Oahu and Ibiza as well as several of the title’s features including night racing, damage & more.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 will be coming to the PC, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 in 2011. New features include the brand-new island of Ibiza, vehicle damage, weather and a full 24-hour day & night cycle.

  • sommergemuese

    Whut? I played the beta and the game looks alot better than these Screens!

  • melanieuk

    Yes thats true the beta looks much better, the screenshot here, look dull and bland.

  • Fuzzi0n

    These are low res and don’t look maxed. I wouldn’t expect what seem to be leaked shots to actually look any good.

  • Ernie

    Looking at the screenshots it could be a new addon for another game -> The Sims 3: Roadtrip 😉

    Apart from that a question to the beta testers: How are the physics and how it drives with a wheel?

  • Burner

    Looks as if they use lots of film grain. I`m sure though, in game (at least PC) it will look much crisper.

  • Howie47

     They are adding the “hardcore”, mode. Which wasn’t in the beta. So beta testers would have no idea about the physics.  But according to the interview. They will not be 100% Sim. Probably why they call it “hardcore” and not “simulation”.  Which is at least honester then most.

  • belzebutt

    ROFL, on the screenshot with the girl wearing the skimpy dress the guy behind her is checking her out. I wonder if that’s an actual feature in the game. 😀

  • Hompe

    Oh i was hoping they would include hardcore mode in this game too 🙂  thanks for the heads up

  • Howie47
  • Petros

    Hmmm, according to Eden Games are only going to put 66 of the 98 cars in the original game. This is even less then its predecessor. The remaining vehicles need to be bought with DLC’s. Other cars like Mercedes, Lamborghini, Porsche (/RUF) etc. are not yet available, instead of them we’ll get cars like the Citroen 2CV and the VW Beetle. Isn’t that a nice deal? 😉  
    I need to appologize for the german info:

  • Gulyo

    This won’t be a simulator according to car driving. Be sure …
    I’m a beta tester but I’m not impressed at all …

  • Howie47

    Ha Ha. Breaking the No-Discloser?  Your a kid obviously.  Only an kid would judge a beta as finished. That’s why they ask testers not to make “reviews”. Physics and force feedback is one of the last things they do. They made a new physics engine for this game. So it’s no doubt to have improved physics. As stated by the head developer. See “gamespot” link just below.   

  • Austin White

    wonder if there will be a nude mod =)

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