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Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends – Full Car Gallery

Atari, Rombax Games and Bigben Interactive have released previews of all cars included in their upcoming Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends title.

Atari, Rombax Games and Bigben Interactive have released previews of all cars included in their upcoming Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends title.

The title will include 51 Ferrari road & race cars that can be raced on 36 circuits including variations. You can find a shot of each car below, make sure to also check out the car list & track list.

Test Drive Ferrari will be coming to the PC, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, the release is scheduled for June 30 according to various retailers.

  • Joco Gorenc

    Not too impressive…

    • Ross Siggers


      • Anonymous

        The stable impresses me for sure.  It impresses me a lot.  If only it were a sim…

      • Anonymous

        My father (R.I.P) would have said : aren’t all Ferrari’s supposed to be in red ? He would then tell me every country had an official colour at the time, as explained here :

        It always hurt my eyes to see a Ferrari in any other colour. Especially yellow :p

      • Raymond Greenlees

         Ferrari`s race colour is yellow, red is the Italian race colour

  • Mike

    The modeling isn’t the best I’ve seen and I doubt the physics will be top rate but one thing that might sway me into getting this is Fiorano.  Provided of course the physics and FFB are decent enough.  Nothing worse than driving a really bad Ferrari at Fiorano.

    • Anonymous

       Hmm I dunno,  I think the modelling looks pretty good.  The renders are a bit pants though.

    • Big Ron

      I think it doesn´t want to be a sim. It´s in the genre of action racer when I am right…similar to the Shift-series.

      And what´s wrong with the modelling? Looks pretty nice though.

  • NombreyApellido 2



  • Marco Conti

    Sim or not, the important thing for me is that I can tell the difference when I am driving a car and that the reviews are decent enough. Shift 2 was a huge disappointment and periodically I still try to drive it only to exit and turn it off after no more than 10 minutes. 
    If this drive anything better than that, I’ll buy it. 

    • Ricoo

      After driving pCARS I recently tried to go back to Shift 2. The floating was so horrible I could only drive it few minutes too…

      I think I will pass on this one. I have enough real simulations to have a lot of fun. I don’t need average package any more.

      Now for me it’s full sim or pass. It will be true also for GTR3, Assetto Corsa or anything else.

      I even find rFactor 2 a bit not enough sim. With manual clutch I can change gear without touching the clutch… maybe sequential gearbox enables that, but I find it strange.

  • Anonymous

    I wish these type of test drive games would get over the real track adiction. I’ve driven those same tracks for years. I would much rather drive fictions or real roads/highways, like the recently added coastal roads in pCars. Does anyone else get tired of turning laps on the same old tracks? There are millions of miles of free, real roads that could be modeled. Throw in a couple of real tracks for those who are desperate to compare their ” laps times” to real lap times. But for the rest of us, give us fresh driving challenges from around the world.

    • Anonymous

       Heh, they should model stretches of the A1 or M5 motorways (UK) and yet us burn up the cars down there (cops too – why not? 🙂  )      Kind of a Euro Truck Simulator but with fast cars !

    • Anonymous

      Very good point! I’m too often bored with the same racetracks, why can’t we have some open roads with realistic cars.

  • Anonymous

    If the physics is anything like SHIFT 2 i’ll be severly disapointed hence the potential of this game.

    There’s no EA now, so, no excuses for driving physics aimed at 10 year old kids. There’s plenty of arcade racers with good physics, and SHIFT series is certainly not included on this group.

    • Anonymous

      Doesn’t matter if there’s no EA.   There’s still a publisher who’s aim it is to sell as many copies as possible and that means appealing to the masses.   
      We MUST remember that we are a niche community and games companies are not beholden to serve us a sim with every driving game that comes out.

      We are lucky to have the sims we do I think.

      As for Shift, I`ll bet it sold more copies than most sims have done.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you, my point is that SHIFT series had bad physics even for arcade standards. For example, Codemasters titles such GRID, F1 2010/2011 are not simulators, but they have a solid physics model and they were mostly sucessful on console plataforms. There’s tons of arcade racers out there, including the ones wich had street racing, that had better and more fun physics than shift. 

  • Eric Zehnder

    Can no one enjoy a game if it isn’t 73h [email protected] s1m [email protected]!!? No one should be expecting this game to be a physics juggernaut. It’s supposed to be a fun game that allows you to drive a ton of Ferraris. That’s all it’s about and I’ll bet it sells a crap ton of copies on consoles.

    • Anonymous

       Thing is, in the community, anything that is on wheels that isn’t full on sim is shunned upon and criticised as if it SHOULD be a sim.  Anything else seems to be sacrilege. 
      Sometimes its nice to be able to switch off a little and just have an aimless fun drive around.
      The sims are still there for when the craving bites.

      • Philip Samuelson

         I absolutely could not agree more, Racer. I use NFS games for a break. I can’t sit here and test test test test race test test test test all the time. As much as I criticize people who need instant gratification — Sometimes, I need to jump into a racing game and beat the trash out of someone or something like that lol. I also do first person shooters, sometimes I’ll go three weeks playing 90% FPS games and 10% racing, period. Sometimes it’s the other way around.

        I believe sometimes taking a break is a good thing, so I’m happy to see Montoya is willing to acknowledge some arcade racers.


    • Ricoo

      If it’s not sim enough I have the feeling I’m loosing my time and I can’t enjoy it.

      But for me sim is about physics, I don’t mind about not having pit, qualify, safety car, warming lap…

      • Philip Samuelson

         The one thing I’ll say as my own opinion goes is that I can’t race games that have physics so bad it makes me scream. I don’t mind stupid arcade games like NFS where you’ll be 30 seconds ahead of second place and next thing you know the dude is right behind you… But fighting a physics engine that is not drivable is completely unacceptable.

        That being said — Branch out and once in a while, buy and race a game just for an experience :). Gotta use that pretty setup you likely have and just have some balls out fun sometimes!


    • Anonymous

      Sure, LOTS of people will enjoy it. But I don’t understand why this site bothers with since this a SIM site. I’m not saying it will be bad, nor I’m saying its players are bad but it just doesn’t belong here. Neither do things like TDU, NFS and so on. 

    • Anonymous

      There’s nothing wrong with arcade racers, I love them. The thing is that ppl are worried about this game having anything like SHIFT 2 physics, that as I stated on my other comment, was atrocious for arcade standards. They don’t need to go to “hardcore sim racer”, for example there’s tons of console racers out there wich are arcade and have good physics for that purpose.

  • Philip Samuelson

    Personally, I would hardly call the 360 Modena a racing legend… I always knew it as the poor man’s Ferrari. A lot like the Boxster was the poor man’s Porsche.

    Yes I realize the 360 Modena was priced much higher than the Boxster. Just never liked them. Every person I ever knew that owned one was a pretentious jerk who wanted to seem richer than he actually was. Now the F430 is bad nasty. I know one person that owns one — A wickedly hot blonde chick who is old enough to be my mom. Milf.


  • dave

    love that F355 …  reminds me of the NFS2 days (special edition!)

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