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Test Drive Ferrari – First Trailer Teasers

Take a first glimpse at gameplay footage of Test Drive Ferrari, coming March 2012.

Two days ago, Bigben Interactive announced to release the newest edition of the “Test Drive” franchise titled Test Drive Ferrari in March 2012.

While no other details are officially confirmed yet, it seems like a full reveal of the upcoming title is closing in fast as two short gif animations have surfaced in the ForzaCentral forums.

Apparently, the two gifs have been taken from an upcoming trailer that will reveal first gameplay footage of the title. The first shows a historical Ferrari Formula One car at what looks to be Silverstone while the second shows Ferrari road car racing on a track that looks very much like the Monaco Grand Prix Ciruit.

If you ´re a long-time reader of VirtualR, chances are that the scenes below look very similar to something you´ve seen on here a few years ago..

Via Forzacentral

  • Refik Baykal

    Is it just me or does it look like shift/cars engine?

    • Anonymous

      That’s because it is.

  • Anonymous

    SMS’s Ferrari Project anyone?

  • Pandamasque

    Shifterrari Test Driveject

  • Anonymous

    Ferrari Project is back…

  • Antony Smith

    The Ferrari 642 is in the game 😀

  • davejc64

    Looks crap!

    • Dawid Czwakiel

      How? It has nice high quality graphics. But the physics better not be ass,

      • davejc64

        Which bit of it looks crap didn’t you understand, OK if you are a console moron but not for serious PC users!

      • Konrad Czaczyk

        How exactly can you say it looks like crap? You’ve seen 2 gifs and immediately assume its shit. Think before you speak, or you come out looking like a moron….

      • davejc64

        You want to practice what you preach, It’s my opinion and if you don’t like it tough! 

      • badracer

        but your opinion is shit and meaningless…troll

      • davejc64

        I think if anybody’s shown themselves up to be a troll that is you for typical troll behaviour is disrespecting other peoples opinions and that goes for all your little troll buddies who agree with you too, and if speaking my mind and saying what I see with my own eyes makes me a troll then what a sad little world you live in!

      • badracer

        Nobody can respect your opinion, as you cant prove it with any argument. You see two GIFs (and they obvisiously looking promising) and you say, it looks like crap. As everybody else is another opinion, your post can´t just meant to be a troll post.And it´s not the first time, you´re talking bullshit at

      • davejc64

        Oh I forgot you don’t want no outsiders coming and posting bullshit on your ever so precious website when you muppets are quite capable of posting arselicking bullshit comments yourselves, so I’ll leave you to it! 

      • badracer

        You are correct. We want no outsider coming and posting bullshit. Too bad it nevertheless happened.

        And it´s great you leave us to it. Makes the day easier.

  • Luke Longnecker

    I might be interested if it was based on Porsche instead.

  • Justin Schmidt

    on the first gif we can see why there is no shift animation in the rf2 video. cant say more previews are too small.

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