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Test Drive Ferrari Announced!

BigBen interactive has announced to be publishing the newest edition of the legendary Test Drive franchise, titled “Test Drive Ferrari”.

BigBen interactive has announced to be publishing the newest edition of the legendary Test Drive franchise, titled “Test Drive Ferrari”.

Following the two open-world Test Drive Unlimited titles developed by Eden Games, the new title apparently centers around the iconic Italian sports car make.

Little is known about the upcoming title aside from its release date as Test Drive Ferrari will be available to PC, XBox 360 and Playstation 3 owners starting March 30 2012.

And while the Test Drive Unlimited titles weren’t too much to the liking of fans of realistic racing, this may very well be one title to watch for sim racers.

  • mike mansor

    (re: physics) I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    • Anonymous

      I would ūüėČ

  • Jean-Fran√ßois Chardon

    Ferraris !

  • Pandamasque

    Who’s BigBen?

  • Nicolas Grignon

    Bigben is JUST A Producer … but SMS WOULD BE the creative team behind the game which is an EXCELLENT news for all of us and maybe for the future of project Cars (with few Ferraris? )… damm, this year will be awsome: Kartsim, project Cars, RFactor 2… and maybe a GTR3 well hidden by Simbin?

    • Ricoo

      You can add SimRaceWay and ACR… huge year for simracing.

      • General Rush Hour

        Aswell as a massive year for iRacing going from good to even better.

      • Anonymous


      • Evan Maillard

        Arcade Crap Racing
        ok more seriously, Auto Club Revolution by Eutechnix.

      • Michael

        This isn’t going to be a sim.

        No matter who writes it.

      • Anonymous

        SMS are doing it, it WILL be a sim.

    • Diromo

      SMS are doing CARS, so theyr hands are full till next year middle at least

      • Nicolas Grignon

        SMS worked on a “Ferrari Project” (it was pretty advanced) before to handle Shift 1 and 2… In fact Shift 1 and 2 used the graphic engine created for this Ferrari project before it was canceled… (but seems this Ferrari Project got finally a GO under the name Test Drive Ferrari….)… look on Google photos and type: “Ferrari project”

  • Anonymous

    Remember Ferrari Project? The game that was started by Slightly Mad Studios before NFS Shift… ūüėČ

  • Lemming asdfafh

    I’ll be keeping an eye on this, just because I love Ferraris. Really hoping this’ll cater to my tastes.

  • davejc64

    This is bullshit a hoax!

  • kendoh wills

    @ davejc ….the only bullshit hoax around here is you!

    • davejc64

      Believe what you want your choice, But I know different!

      • kendoh wills

        Lol, you know nothing! Back in your tdu cave.

      • davejc64

        And you have just proven you know nothing, TDU and TDU2 are just 2 more piles of crap, and if this so called Test Drive Ferrari legends ever makes an¬†appearance¬†that will be a pile of crap too, I know it’s supposedly a¬†different¬†publisher and dev team but still the same result, but then you would know all about piles of crap because that is what your head is full of!

      • kendoh wills

        I’m not the one “claiming” to know something others don’t, so what’s your point here? it’s obviously going ahead, the news has been published everywhere^^ …Both TDU’s had huge potential, totally wasted by Atari and eden. If you do some research you would see that bigben has already published a very popular Ferrari simulator on the Wii, there’s no reason with a decent dev team like Slightly Mad, that they can’t pull off a good game, but that remains to be seen! oh wait, no.. you said it’s going to be crap, so it must be true.

      • davejc64

        Maybe so, but it looks crap so I am right! 

  • Guly√°s Tam√°s

    Fail …

  • Antony Smith

    The first screenshot from the Xbox 360, F1 2007 at Imola:



  • thinsoldier

    I am in no way a hardcore sim racer and I effing REGRET buying TDU2.

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