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Ten BMWs Coming to Project CARS

Ten iconic BMW road & race cars will be coming to Project CARS.

Slightly Mad Studios continue their push for high-profile licensenses for the WMD-powered Project CARS title as a major agreement with BMW has just been announced.

Project CARS will feature ten road & race cars from the iconic German manufacturer, including race cars that have been victorious in all major road racing disciplines.

2012 1M Coupe

The 1M Coupe is BMW’s newest member in the family of M high performance vehicles. Powered by a twin-turbo 3 liter straight six engine providing 335hp of power, the 1M sprints from 0-60 in 4.5 seconds.

The car was met with instant critical acclaim in the automotive press, it also became the quickest BMW to ever lap the test track of BBC’s popular “Top Gear” show.

1978 320 Turbo Group 5

Made popular by the German Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft, the 320 Turbo was BMW’s answer to the FIA Group 5 silhouette regulations.

Powered by a turbo-charged four-cylinder engine, the 320 Turbo utilised up to 600hp of power. The car was campaigned by BMW’s own Junior Team that saw promising young drivers such as Eddie Cheever and Marc Surer engaging in successful battles against other German manufacturers.

1999 V12 LMR

The V12 LMR was BMW’s weapon of choice for their 1999 Le Mans 24 Hours assault. The open-top prototype was built by Williams and campaigned by BMW Motorsport, the car was powered by a 6.1 liter V12 engine, weighing 915 kilograms.

The car proved to be an instant success as the V12 LMR won both the 1999 12 Hours of Sebring and the 1999 Le Mans 24 Hours before spending another season in the American Le Mans Series until the end of 2000.

2012 BTCC 3-series

The BMW 320si is one of BMW’s most accomplished touring car racers ever built. Designed to the Super 2000 regulations for FIA touring cars, the car has successfully raced in various series around the world.

Following three manufacturer titles in the World Touring Car Championship, the car is now racing in the British Touring Car Championship in the hands of eBay Motors’ Robert Collard & Tom Onslow.

1981 BMW M1 Procar

The M1 Procar was the racing version of BMW’s popular M1 sports car. Based on the road-going version of the M1, the Procar version was equipped with a racing suspension, racing aerodynamics and a more powerful version of the BMW M88 straight-six engine that provided 470hp in racing trim.

Racing in support of the Formula One World Championship, the Procar Series used a unique approach in which veteran Formula One drivers would compete against young & promising drivers, all racing in equal BMW M1 Procar race cars.

1991 BMW M3 Group A Touring Car

Based on the BMW M3 E30 road car, the touring car version of BMW’s first ever M3 quickly became one of the most successful race cars around the world.

Powered by a 2.3 liter inline-4 engine tuned up by BMW’s engine guru Paul Rosche, the car put out 300hp at 8.200rpm. The M3 Group A went on to win several high-profile touring car titles around the world, including two European Touring Car Championship trophies.

1940 328 Touring Coupe

The 328 Touring Coupe became known for clinching BMW’s first and only win at the legendary Mille Miglia, an open-road endurance race held in Italy until 1957.

Driven by Huschke von Hanstein & Walter Bäumer, the streamlined 328 Coupe was built and designed with the help of Italian chassis builder Touring, winning the 1940 edition of the Mille Miglia with a lead of more than 15 minutes.

2008 F1.08

Designed and campaigned by the BMW Sauber Formula One Team, the F1.08 was BMW’s most successful Formula One car of the modern era.

Driven by Robert Kubica & Nick Heidfeld, the F1.08 helped BMW to a third place in the 2008 F1 manufacturers championship, including a victory at the Canadian Grand Prix.

2012 Z4 GT3

The Z4 GT3 is BMW’s current customer racing model for competition in the FIA GT3 class. Powered by a V8 engine, the car races in one of motorsport’s most prestigeous classes, facing competition from all of BMWs main competitors.

Campaigned by notable teams such as Schubert Motorsport & Vitaphone Racing, the Z4 GT3 is regularly driven by BMW’s squad of works drivers and has clinched several wins and titles, including an overall win at the Dubai 24 Hours race.

2012 BMW M3 E92 GT

The M3 E92 marked BMW’s return to international sports car racing and the Le Mans 24 Hours. Designed for competition in the ACO’s GT2 & GTE classes, the E92 went on to be very successful on both sides of the pond.

Campaigned by Rahal Letterman Racing in the American Le Mans Series, the car went on to win the Sebring 12 Hours as well as the ALMS GT2 championship. In Europe, the car was entered by Schnitzer Motorsport, making two apperances at the Le Mans 24 Hours, sporting a very distinctive Art Car design by Jeff Koons.

The ten cars will be added car by car to the development builds of Project CARS, WMD members are able to follow the development process of each car in the WMD forum and be the first in line to take the machines for a test drive.

Membership on Project CARS starts with a one-time payment of 10€ for Junior membership, for more info on pricing and benefits, please check out the WMD website.

  • Alejandro Gorgal

    Crazy good selection of cars, and GT cars? yes please.

  • spamsac

    The 91 M3 had a 2.3 litre engine, not 3.2.

    The devil’s in the detail…

    • daz

       On the WMD site announcement it states it is a 2.3 litre.

      Either VirtualR have misquoted, or they have amended the post over at WMD.

  • Steve Ford

    hahaha.  It seems like everybody is getting BMWs.  Oh wait…..not everybody.  🙂

    • Anonymous

      You’re funny… “Too much series” you said, but you want another car… Oh wait…a BMW.

  • zudthespud

    This is amazing. The main thing that I think PCars is missing is the Super 200 Touring cars, and the GT cars. This is shaping up to be an awesome game.

  • Anonymous

    The number of cars on pCars is even more closer to Shift 2 lol. I really can’t understand how they think to do accurate physic for every car. 50+ cars in 1 year? LOL

    • Steve Ford

      Are they guaranteeing all cars will be included when the game gets released?  

      • Anonymous

        “The ten cars will be added car by car to the development builds of Project CARS, WMD members are able to follow the development process of each car in the WMD forum and be the first in line to take the machines for a test drive.”

        The same is for Ford and Lotus cars.

      • Steve Ford

        That’s too many cars.  haha. 

      • Alejandro Gorgal

        It’s clear that everybody involved in this conversation is an accomplished game developer.

      • Steve Ford

        Ah yes, sarcasm.  🙂

      • Anonymous

        There are no accomplished game makers involved with PCars.

      • Anonymous

        This really has to be sarcasm, otherwise I’m losing faith in all mankind…

      • Anonymous

        11 Ford
        10 Lotus
        10 BMW
        2 Asano
        2 Racer
        3 Ariel Atom
        3 Catheram
        1 Gumpert
        3 Mitsubishis
        3 Pagani
        BAC Mono
        Formula A
        Formula B
        Formula Rookie
        Formula Gulf
        2 Kart

        edited: 57 cars.

      • Marco Hooghuis

        You’re missing the 3 Pagani’s

      • pez2k .

        Plus the Caper (technically 2 cars), the third Caterham, all three Mitsubishis, the Palmer-Jaguar, BAC Mono and two karts.

    • Big Ron

      Jealous? Let me guess what you will answer: “For me quality is about quantity. I take less quality cars over more half baked cars.” (standard answer nowadays as you do not better)

      • Anonymous

        Not jealous at all 🙂  You can see how much time developers need to create a “decent” reproduction of a car in rF2, iR, A.C. and so on… the most of the time you are testing physics and handling.  If in the same time you have to do 10 cars, the results will be more superficial.

        btw I’m not surprised at all… GT5, FM4 have more than 80, 90 cars. I’m just waiting the “new tire model” and “new physic” that can fix the increased grip when the Zonda R is understeering…

      • StarFoXySxv550

        I’d say the amount of testing and adjustment you can do in any given time will depend on the size of your programming and testing teams…

        How big is kunos as a company? Do they have more than 50 employees? That is considered small(ish) for a games studio these days. We see how slow the the development of LFS is with a three man team… slower than a snail in honey.

      • Big Ron

        You forget that SMS is (compared to other sim developers) is very big company. For Shift they had around 60 staff, when I am correct. Now for pCARS there are around 20 to 30 (maybe more). Also SMS doesn´t develop behind closed doors but has a huge community for feedback around them giving information every day.

        ISI or Kunos are very small (not even two hand ful of people?). So the speed of development is much much higher at SMS like at the other developers.

  • Anonymous

    Very nice news to hear. 

    It makes me wonder, is licencing becoming cheap these days?  It seems that every project big and small seems to be able to licence entire series of cars these days .

    A BMW license in Asetto Corsa, CARS, Autoclub Revolution, and so on..
    A full Mclaren license in iRacing and SimraceWay.
    A full series Lotus licence in Asetto Corsa , and iRacing, and CARS…

    The more the better, but it just made me wonder if something changed regarding licenses these days.

    • Alejandro Gorgal

      It really depends on the car maker, I know that both Ford and BMW are fairly accessible, but Lamborghini on the other hand has a very high cost nowadays.

    • Alistair walker

       whats better is that unlike iRacing where the cars have no oponent, now the group 5 capri, focus BTCC and siera group A have oponets from BMW. this was always my bigest critisim of iRacing and it’s nice to see CARS will not have the same problem

      • Anonymous

        That’s almost purely a function of car count. Stock AC and rF2 haven’t yet announced any multiple manufacturer specs. When you only build 20 cars, you either spread them out to as many series as possible, or you focus on 1 or 2 set of specs (think, GTR or Race). When you’re building 60 cars, you can do both a lot of specifications and multiple cars per spec.

      • Alistair walker

         i understand this but my point is we know there will be mods anyway for almost all that the comunity can mod, if we take into account avalible mods i think tha currently GTR2 is still the best, no other sim can offer all that it can in terms of simulation motorsport in general, though i look foward to AC and RF2 and were they will lead

      • Anonymous

        And with mods increasing the car count, my point stands. No sim releases with a limited car count and both wide variety of race specifications and multiple makes per class.

    • Niksounds B

       aha yes
      and more : one thing is licensing, a lot of cars.. another thing is the accurate physic.

      I think : more cars.. minor probability of accurate physic

      • Big Ron

         Not again…there´s always someone starting this..

    • Big Ron

       End of Summer Sale 😀

    • Martin Keets

      I think manufacturers are starting to realise the benefit of getting as many people as possible interested in their marque. Gaming/sim racing can have a real effect on current and future choices we make when it comes to buying cars. 

      Gran Turismo can’t have hurt current and future Nissan sales for example. Especially with the many Skylines. GT-R’s, and Z’s in the game. Then there’s GT Academy and Kaz’s exploits in the last two Nuburgring 24 hours. 

      Ford also came out recently and said they see real value in virtual versions of their cars. 

      Hopefully Porsche will catch on and realise that their previous approach to licensing the use of their cars has been the wrong one. 
      Once the tie in with EA passes I would hope we see more Porsches in games/sims.

      • Alan Dallas

         “Ford also came out recently and said they see real value in virtual versions of their cars.”
        That would be because Alan Mulally, President and CEO of FoMoCO is very open minded on growing Fords image and place in the market. I bleed Ford Blue and even I was starting to admit defeat before Mr. Mulally took over. He really turned the company around. Real cool guy too. Got to meat him 2 years back in Vegas when he appeared at SEMA.

    • MatzeLoCal

      Did I miss the announcement of 
      – full series Lotus for iRacing
      – full mclaren for iRacing

      … as much as I would love to have those, but as far as I know there will be a Lotus 49 added to the existing 79 and the McLaren MP4/12 GT3 is the only McLaren for iRacing.

      • Anonymous

        correct Matzel, but i meant it for SRW and CARS in the second instance. ( my apologies )
        I guess i wanted to put to much info in a small text 😉
        But again, you know what i mean.. licenses seem to come easy this year.

      • MatzeLoCal

        And now you destroyed my high hopes for that I missed the news that Lotus Elise CR, Exige S and Evora GTE are coming to iRacing 😉 

        Anyway, I’m not sure if licensing overall itself has become more easy. BMW has been into simracing for a long time, remember that special version of SimBins BMW M3 Sim?
        For Lotus… well it seems that it’s just a left over of Dany Bahar’s strategy of putting the Lotus Logo all over the place. (Btw… I fine with it that he has been fired.. he destroyed Lotus.. let’s hope the best that Lotus can be rescued)

      • Anonymous

        Thing is, Classic Team Lotus who owns the rights to the F1 cars has zero to do with Lotus the street car manufacturer.

    • Marco Conti

      Or could it be that finally manufacturers are coming around to the fact that this is cheap advertising for their cars?

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to drive those retro beemers!

  • Markus Ott

    And I thought the classic Lotus announcement can’t be topped.

  • Anonymous

    Quite the solid selection. Looks like between the car list and environmental effects, this will be replacing Forza for my less serious racing itch.

  • F1Racer

    This will fit nicely in with me when I get my M3 🙂   

  • Marco Hooghuis

    This will be awesome 😀

  • Michael Müller

    BMW license and the nordschleife.
    This gonna be awesome.

  • David Wright

    Nice selection.  Shame there’s no 1973 CSL Batmobile though.

    • StarFoXySxv550

      Don’t be surprised if that comes later, I think SMS likes that car, GTL and shift 2 had it, I’m guessing they know it’s not only a fan favorite, but legendary in it’s own right.

  • Anonymous


    this pretty much confirms all those cars will be in Asetto Corsa.

    Asetto Corsa showed us the 1M, e30 m3, z4 gt3 already and there is more to come.

    • pez2k .

      Each company negotiates its own license deal, some of these cars like the E21 320i and E90 320si have clearly been picked to race against the Ford Capri and Focus. I’d rather see AC tailor its deal differently, so we get a wider variety of cars licensed overall.

      • Anonymous

         I agree with you the more variety the better.

        But I will take guess and say BMW license is packaged deal. Don’t be surprised if Asetto Corsa gets Pagani license.

  • Anonymous

    AWESOME!! 😀

  • Ricoo

    Very nice. 🙂

    I hope it will drive close to the real deal. 🙂

  • Alan Dallas

    M1 Procar FTW!!! Man I love that car.

  • Anonymous

    Not surprised by this since they made the M3 Challenge game for BMW.
    ( With excellent physics i might add…so they def. know how to do it 😉 )

    • Skytrill .

       M3 challenge (freeware btw) was amazing indeed.

      However the physics was from the gmotor engine

      • Anonymous

        I don’t get the “however”.
        There are also crap mods with “arcade” physics for gmotor engined games.
        So SMS still needed to know what they’re doing.

      • Skytrill .

        “However”, if you didn’t get it, meant that SMS didn’t need to build their own physic engine back then.

      • Anonymous

        Yes. I know.
        I always only talked about the physics alterations they did to make it this good.
        It’s not like they typed in “bmw m3 physics please” and compiled..
        Think I should add “oh and kudos to isi for the physics engine” to every single one of my posts to be understood better. ^^

  • Anonymous

    AWESOME….. AWESOME…. !  This is a surprise for me!  The car list is developing almost as incerdible as the Tracks! reat Work SMS! 

  • Marco Conti

    They better be ready by this Friday’s built!

  • Steve Alexander

    So glad I am a member of this project.  I have enjoyed my $50’s over and over again already.

  • StarFoXySxv550

    Man.. I’ve been waiting for a Group 5 or some kind of silhouette car for Forza for an eternity.
    Seems like the Japanese cars have even been forgotten by Polyphony digital these days 🙁

    Does anyone know where I can get one, both or all of the below for rFactor?

    I think my only hope is that the DRM modding team suddenly start eating sushi and get really drunk on saké one day

  • Fabian Bonora

    ok seems my life is over now..

  • Lachlan Salter


  • Jukka Karppinen

    Awesome, just awesome. Almost all my favourite cars,only CSL 3.0 and couple others is missing.

  • Gulyás Tamás

    Yessssss ….

  • Anonymous

    Hey Montoya, wanna shed some light onto the whole Automaniax fiasco? If you can’t talk, what about “some anonymous commenter” replying with some “clues”? 😉

    • Markus Ott

       What Automaniax fiasco?

    • Alex White

      Well… That company has used SMS’s Assets/Models/Engine without permission.

  • abcd asdfg

    bmws are boring

    • StarFoXySxv550

      I cannot not believe you said that after looking at the BMW picture in this very article.

      A “road derived car” that was just as fast as the F1 cars of the time… boring? How is this possible?

  • Kevin Brigden

    I haven’t fired up pCARS for a couple of months and hadn’t realised the available content has expanded so much! Not only that but I was super impressed with how the physics has come along. The F1 car is crap in my humble opinion. The Caterham Lola car is superb. It seems… “solid” to drive, as though it has some kind of tangible mass to it. Very satisfying. The classic cars in particular are also worth the price of entry alone. I’m addicted to the Lotus ’49!

    Personally, I can’t wait to try these latest additions. 

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