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TCL Touring Masters 2.5 – Released

TCL Touring Masters 2.5 – Released

Ryan Callan has released a new version of his TCL Touring Masters mod for rFactor, further progressing with the overhaul that makes Team TCL’s excellent Touring Car Legends mod fit for league usage.

Ryan has majorly overhauled the massive mod to allow close and balanced races by removing several car models and balancing the 11 chosen ones.

The massive size of the original mod has been drastically reduced by only including eight skins per car, other features such as brand new sounds have been added.


Adjusted tyre physics (small changes may follow after further testing)
Removed Holden VK
Added Holden VL TWR
New sounds for Holden
New sounds for Alfa
New external sounds for M3
New internal sounds for Merc
Added and refined skin choice to all cars
Adjusted 635, Rover and Volvo weights slightly
Minor graphical tweaks
Increased Supra and TWR drag, decreased Sierra, M3, Merc
Increased Skyline brake performance slightly
Increased slipstream effect slightly

While this sounds sweet, there’s a slight challenge involved to download this mod. Due to licensing issues, the release is password protected and only shared among members of So if you want to give Ryan’s impressive work a try, you´ll have to become a licensed member on their forum (which is of course free). And while you´re there, check out some of the great online racing these guys are organising day in and day out.

Download TCL Touring Masters 2.5 Mod Here (Password protected, please read above)

  • Carbonfibre

    OMG, been waiting so long for this I completely forgot it was coming, back to rFactor I go.

  • Hybrid


  • Timpreza

    A public release with licensing issues? Like not having permission from the original TCL team?

    Should this ripoff not better be kept in-house then?

  • wizza

    Iv been a member on there forum since they released the 2.0 version and i’m still waiting for a paswword. I have asked ryan several times with no responce sounds like they just want ppl to join there site  total fail for me so sad.

  • Hybrid

    You guys can moan all you want. But it was wish of the orginal creators to keep it pw protected and only hosted at RD. If you guys read what it says about how to get the pw. Instead of moaning here you already could have been a Licensed member at RD and have the pw in your pocket and raced tonight with the mod. But instead people like to be negative then to race.

  • wizza

    Ermmm I am a licensed member have been for several months and still dont get the passwords so what are the many guys like me supposed to do .

  • Hybrid

    Read the info. I clearly said. If you are a licensed member you can go the password section and you can find pw there.

  • Carbonfibre

    It’s worth it.

    Everybody knows the original mod is a bloated mess with way too many skins, it didn’t last a day on my computer.

    Touring Masters is a heavily optimized and polished version that finishes the job. You can use the amazing variety of cars online too without just having one or two cars dominating the race any more and lasty, the biggest reason of all, new sounds!

  • Carbonfibre

    Didn’t those people who wanted realism go and buy iRacing?
    I’m just a pleb you wants an immersive experience, lots of content to keep me occupied, and a quick race.

  • Fudge factor

    and what an idiot.

  • Fudge factor

    lasty, the sounds are better now.

  • Fudge factor

    what is it then?

  • Fudge factor

    see, i’m a member, but…….why do i have to go specific place there when everyone moans that all the traffic costs them money anyway…..

    TCL ain’t so damn precious.

  • Fudge factor

    or maybe I’m just wasting time anyway.  It’s only because my baby left me, with two babes to feed, and a crop in the field.  What am I gonna do?  I always promised her she’d be a star, and she’d go out to the screentests every week hoping to get a break.  But she never did, and she just couldn’t take it any more.  It tore her apart. 

  • Fudge factor

    So i don’t know what to think about this password malarkey thing.  Makes me uncomfortable, as I am sure you can understand.  She’s only been gone a few weeks. 

  • crampy

    whats the password for this archive? i cant be bothered jumping through these hoops. it might not even be worth the download.

  • Ryan Marc Joseph Callan

    The permission given was that only RaceDepartment members could have the password.

  • Ryan Marc Joseph Callan

    I think you’ll find that M3s won many races against RS500s.

    Especially in the DTM where the RS500 engines were restricted – the engines used in this mod…..

    Only two models have had significant performance changes. Don’t like it, don’t download 🙂

  • Ryan Marc Joseph Callan

    Also, I apologise for the fact it is passworded, I would always have preferred it so everyone can easily use this mod, but I have to respect the original team’s wishes, it is their IP after all.

  • Ryan Marc Joseph Callan

    Ha, we don’t need people to join our site, trust me 😛

    You have to become a LICENSED member to be able to see the password thread. You are not a Licensed Member – pretty damn easy to become one though.

  • Ryan Marc Joseph Callan

    And there’s nine skins per car 🙂

  • Timpie

    Does this mod still have the bug where your game crashes when someone leaves the server?
    Did was a major issue in the original TCL mod.

  • Ryan Marc Joseph Callan

    Totally bug free

  • Joao Barbosa

    Great job on this new version. Thanks for your work!

  • fidodan

    pass? WTF!

  • Ali Alami

    Great Mod. improved from last versions. Thank you for your hard work 🙂

  • flowie

    They should be happy that someone fixed the errors in their mod but instead the TCL-guys don’t want anybody to have fun with their mod as it seems. The initial mod is crashing rfactor all the time so it isn’t any fun due to this. That’s what i call fail.

  • F1Racer

    Hmmm, I’m normally ok with stuff like, ‘join our forum and get the mod’, but I have to say I’m not a fan of this one.
    I joined RaceDepartment 2 years ago and now in order to play this mod I have to also become a licenced member within that forum too ?  
    You know, if you’re going to apply those rules because the ‘original team’ wishes it, then I`d say just post the mod on RaceDepartment and leave it there.  Especially if, as you say, you don’t need more members.  
    If they only want RaceDepartment people to play it then post the mod there and be done with it.

    It’s all a bit silly really.  I can respect the wishes of the mod authors, it’s their work and they can do what they want with it, but you either want everyone to play your precious mod or you don’t.   Don’t dangle carrots.

    If I become a licenced member, then download the mod, suppose I never play online with it.  What have I become a licenced member for and what difference has it made to RaceDepartment ?

    So no-one who isn’t licenced can play, they fill in a form and suddenly they’re welcome to the mod and can play it to their hearts content even if they never visit RD again.

    The mod looks great but I think on principle I`ll pass.  My loss I guess.

  • Ryan Marc Joseph Callan

    I did only publish it at RD 😉 . I didn’t ask Montoya to pick it up, in fact I didn’t want it, our applications are going through the roof, and as they are all manula it’s a freaking nightmare frankly.

  • F1Racer

    Fair enough.  Then no-one can really complain I suppose.  The mod is yours to do with as you want.
    It is a shame though that these restrictions have to apply.   I’m just not seeing the logic behind it.

  • Montoya

    Sorry, I thought you guys would appreciate the plug.

    And since your posting on RD also encouraged new members to sign up I thought you were looking for some new members  🙂

  • Ryan Marc Joseph Callan

    Don’t worry about it Montoya 🙂

  • Ryan Marc Joseph Callan

    The permission granted by the TCL Team detailed that only RD racing members can have the pass. Simply following their instructions, otherwise the mod would be completely public if it was up to me. The amount of improvements in this make it worth being public, but them’s the breaks.

  • Ryan Marc Joseph Callan

    My thoughts exactly……

  • flowie

    At least they could implement the bugfixes avoiding the mod from crashing and release a new version. But they don’t and so now we have one working version only a few selected people may use and a huge public version which is useless.

  • Ryan Marc Joseph Callan

    TCL is most certainly NOT useless and fills many roles that this ‘mod’ cannot, and I too understand the team’s stance, there was a long discussion held, trust me.

    I do take offence at the ‘butching the physics’ remark however. Performance balancing simply involved weight changes and/or selective use of different types of vehicle – for example using the most powerful M3 and the DTM-spec restricted RS500. Only the Supra has seen a significant weight change tbh – when the cars were selected properly (something not always possible), it is surprising how little needed to be changed to retain some parity without destroying the inherent attributes of each car.

    As to the change of the tyre physics – simply a change to the rate of grip and wear, to give more variance to the different compounds.

    Although – for anyone that knows their history, TCL was not particularly accurate with it’s specs either – RS00s and TWRs had much more power and the Mustang had much less IRL – something openly admitted by the team.

    Way I see it – if you want performance relative to real life, play TCL. It has more variety, more models, skins, variants etc. If you wish to drive the cars against each other online, without everyone choosing RS500s, you can play this.

    IMO you have the best of both worlds there – I hear nobody complaining when, for example, in F193 League Edition you can have a Minardi beat a Williams – you can think of the Touring Masters mod as a League Edition – but better, still retaining the essential essence of the cars, rather than them all driving the same with different bodies.

  • Sky

    No offence intended there Ryan, you explained things clearly enough.  I am not a fan of league physics, but thats the way you see it, and it’s perfectly fine, i just resent a bit all the stick the original mod gets, just because some people even complain about having “too many skins”…


  • Ryan Marc Joseph Callan

    It’s that or nobody gets it. Enlighten yourself as to the reason and stop looking like an uneducated blockhead.

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