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Take A Peek At iRacing’s Improved Damage Model

iRacing’s Steve Myers has shared a first look at the simulation’s improved damage model that’s current in the works.

iRacing’s Steve Myers has shared a first look at the simulation’s improved damage model that’s current in the works.

The video shows body parts flying off a BMW Z4 GT3, knocking over cones placed on the track – Indicating that parts coming off cars will affect the environment and other cars.

No WIP of the improved damage model has been made available yet.

  • dd101

    As realistic as it gets. On 10th anniversary, hopefully..

  • GamerMuscle

    My issue with the damage in iRacing was more how it seemingly gives out damage at random and most of the time its conveyed to the player with slightly wonky steering.

    Car contacts are a dice roll between smashing into a car and nothing happening to you or having the slightest of taps and your steering being more crooked than a carnival attraction.

    I have never really found the visual damage in i racing to be of concern to me.

    • Bakkster

      Back when they added damage repairs (which was after they added damage, which wasn’t in at release… how time flies!) they said the plan was to have the spotter pass along the status of the damage when you came in to get it repaired. Maybe give the option what to repair or not. I’m hoping that kind of thing is part of this update.

  • Xavier

    I would not call this a damage model, this would imply actual mathematical modeling of some aspects of a damage phenomenon. It looks like a simple rigid body simulation but with just a few bodies. Now because iRacing rigid body simulation (or “crash physics” as some calls it in the sim-racing world) is 20 years behind other games any update in the area is welcome I suppose.

  • Mozzie

    Too be honest I was expecting, (and hoping), that they would be further ahead in the development of this new model. Saying that, I do think it looks good the way the bonnet interacts with the road surface and cones.

    What I really would like to see though is how cars interact with each other as I feel this is where the biggest problems are apparent in the current damage model, as GamerMuscle has pointed out, a slight touch can ruin your race while sometimes you can experience a full on shunt and carry on like nothing happened.

    I guess this looks like a 2018 release unless they are hiding how far along they are in the development process.

  • Richard Hessels

    This looks as advanced as the rF1 damage model (from 10 years ago).

  • Duke of Hazard

    The flying around of stuff is a little overdone. Especially the car itself. The way it is now you can get massive air beyond anything realistic when you crash. Hopefully they will fix that, it is just silly at times.

  • Dave Simmons

    Imagine a sim racer with BeamNG styel crash damage

  • zef


  • Ian Eichendorf

    Forget damage. More dirt please.

    • Bakkster

      Why not both? 😉

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