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Take A Glimpse at Porsche in Assetto Corsa

Kunos Simulazioni has released new teasers of their Porsche content in Assetto Corsa.

Kunos Simulazioni has released new teasers of their Porsche content in Assetto Corsa.

The new previews allow us a sort-of look at several Porsches in Assetto Corsa, a detailed car list has not been revealed yet.

All in all, Assetto Corsa users will get 24 different Porsche cars to play with, the machinery will be split up into three paid DLC packs, the first of which was originally planned to be in September.

To sweeten the deal, Kunos has announced that three cars will be released free of charge while the other 21 need to be purchased via the DLC route. This also applies to the simulation’s console version, Kunos will be offering a season pass for everyone who wants to purchase all the additional DLC content.

  • Jimmy

    Hoping for a 917K, 956/962, 930 3.3 Turbo, RS Spyder and a 919…

  • ImageArtSigns .

    My wallet at the ready…:-)

    • Noah Themins

      Mine is still in recovery lol

  • Patrik Marek

    Sigh, they. Used to do normal screenshots, but what’s with all this showing just a bit of car secret ones and not just kunos

  • Chillisteak

    Can’t wait to get behind the wheel of some of these, it will no doubt be the closest I’ll ever get to driving any of them.

  • GamerMuscle

    You noticed how Italians have a knack at taking money from you with there fancy food and driving simulators ?

    Just need a bit of open VR garnish 😉

  • Happ Download

    Great. Now if Steam would just actually be able to update the game it would be nice. Stupid Steam error “disk is locked” when the disk is not locked. Steam is the worst thing ever.

    • bejvalo

      Maybe your brain and hands are the worst thing ever… 🙂 So it is in most cases.

  • Freddie Seng

    Some guy over at the official forum posted this image showing all the cars included in the Porsche teaser revealed by Kunos. That’s 21 cars + the Macan, the Cayenne and the Panamera coming for free = there you have your 24 Porsches

    • anonymouse

      No Pink Pig (917/20) and Sunoco blue-yellow (917/30), no party.

      Road cars are boring, all the race cars in that collage are already available as mods. Why would somebody pay money for something modders have done for free?

      • Makan

        Mods Vs Kunos Quality Cars ??!!!
        Two different worlds bro.

      • Nic Van

        Yes I too would like to drive the 971/30.
        But road cars in my opinion, except that stupid Maserati, are far from boring and quite a bit more challenging than any recent gt car out there.
        Also could you please show me where to find these mods because RD doesn’t seem to host them? Decent physics and not ripped I presume?

      • anonymouse

        Pff, RD is the least updated place when it comes to finding mods. Go on Facebook, there are groups you can join where they share all the mods that RD is missing. Physics are pretty decent in some of those groups as far as I can tell. I know a couple of guys that are former rF1 modders and their mods always had solid physics back in the days. Sounds are not bad either and are slowly updating all the older mods to the tires v10.

      • Freddie Seng

        Yeah, well… If you can’t find a mod on RD it means that it’s most likely ripped. Mods on RD are legit for me so yeah. If it ain’t on this website then I’ll just pass, my 0,02$

      • anonymouse

        Your loss, my gain. Not that I care about your morality.

        And news flash, there is scratch made content not available on RD. You might stop thinking that it’s the holy graal of simracing.

      • Freddie Seng

        I’m not thinking anything of that sort, but thanks for caring about my well-being.

      • quf

        So basically, unless Kunos makes the exact models I want, this dlc sucks.

      • anonymouse

        Still lacking basic reading comprehension skills, I see. Must be hard dealing with that with all the shilling you do on a daily basis.

        Please highlight to the rest of the world where in the previous message I said that the next dlc will suck.

        If you bothered reading properly, you would’ve noticed that I meant a completely different thing, so I’ll rephrase it so that you can even little kids can understand it.
        All those cars have been released already, so who would spend money knowing that somewhere they’re available for free?

      • quf

        Yes here, “No [model] and [model], no party.”

        “Road cars are boring, all the race cars in that collage are already available as mods. Why would somebody pay money for something modders have done for free?”

        So after that opinion you just had are you telling me the dlc will be of your liking? You just dismissed every piece of content that’s gonna be in the dlc, after seeing that image mix above, so basically it sucks.

        And accusing someone of shilling, show me examples please.

      • anonymouse

        Boy, aren’t you dumb. I’ll copy and paste it again.

        “If you bothered reading properly, you would’ve noticed that I meant a
        completely different thing, so I’ll rephrase it so that you can even
        little kids can understand it.
        All those cars have been released already, so who would spend money knowing that somewhere they’re available for free?”

        If you’re stupid and can’t understand what others write, it’s not my fault.

        That’s not an opinion, that’s:

        1) Making a joke about two cars that were announced as mods and disappeared entirely without any reason other than either being bought by Ks like the Shelbies and the Lamborghinis to name a few to be released as official dlc (Like it’s going to happen with the 935/81 and the 962C) or hit with a cease and desist letter because Porsche told Ks to do so;
        2) Asking a question based on the current situation the game is in, questioning whether or not the average player should spend money on something when a 5 seconds Google search would give him those cars for free instead, regardless of their quality.

      • quf

        like the shelbies and the lamborghinis… only one shelby car and one lamborghini car were taken from modding to the game with license from the manufacturer. And were of course released for free. In the case of lamborghini (miura) they had to update the model, sounds, and physics for how lamborghini wanted. Might as well have done it one themselves, but instead chose to cooperate with the work a modder already did. For the shelby I think only part of the physics/tyres was updated by Kunos.

        I don’t want porsche mods or many other car and track mods, specially if they don’t get updated along the way like the game does.
        And probably a lot more people also prefer to use kunos made content. And many others prefer or don’t mind to use mods, or mods and official content.
        What you’re trying to do is… lets all download some mods from facebook and not get the dlc. Your opinion and preferences are yours, you want that way, so be it. But whether you accept or not, other people will want content that came from the game devs.

      • Freddie Seng

        So you would rather choose poor quality mods over official content. Interesting

      • anonymouse

        Half the cars in pCARS were modelled by modders (Or former modders).
        Half the cars in AC (Since the Shelbies and the Lamborghinis) have been modelled by modders and rebadged by Kunos.

        Go shill somewhere else.

      • quf

        no dude, I’m still using a Kunos made product. Outsourced artists will do a 3d model according to Kunos-game standards, and the rest of the graphics like headlights illumination texture effect, car shaders, reflections, and some interior textures are done by Kunos.
        The graphics, sounds, and physics are done by Kunos devs. Some 3d models are done by outsourced people, others are done by in house. It doesn’t matter, the product that I’m driving results from Kunos.
        Or are you gonna say the outsourced artists also do the sounds, graphics, and physics by themselves?

      • F1Racer

        Enough of the insults to people and accusing everyone of ‘shilling’. Consider this a warning.

      • MirceaR

        Well I would pay money because I’m really looking forward to drive a properly simulated HY LMP1.

        You really can’t be serious about mods being the same as Kunos’ releases. Saying that just makes you look ignorant, to put it nicely. Unless you spend all your time in AC looking at 3D the models, then yes, the mods are pretty close to official content. If that’s all you do, then Kunos’ SF15T is the same as the one modders have done for free.

        If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, enjoy the free/paid mods and be happy. Stop spreading nonsense like they’re facts.

      • anonymouse

        There you go, another one who can’t comprehend what’s written. I’ve never said that mods are equal to the official thing. I’ve said that there are free alternatives to the official thing. What I said and what you lot are putting in my mouth (Or keyboard) are two different things.

        I don’t waste my time staring at cars in AC. I make mods, not take screenshots.

      • MirceaR

        “Why would somebody pay money for something modders have done for free?”
        Well, if they’re not equal, then this statement doesn’t make much sense, does it? Because there are all the reasons in the world to pay for something better, if it’s available and you can afford it.

        P.S. Thank you for doing mods. No irony here 🙂

      • anonymouse

        Whether something is better than something else is merely subjective, depends what you’re looking for. I’ve had a discussion with a guy the other day that claimed that he was satisfied with a 917K being next to impossible to drive, once I proved him wrong by posting a video of Richard Attwood himself (Le Mans winner with that car and Porsche factory drivers for many years) describing the 917K as the most balanced car he’d ever driven, he blocked me.

        Another one went around saying he was happy that a 2016 Mustang drove like a boat because “that’s what muscle cars do”. If they don’t really look for the believable and/or realistic driving experience (Or don’t know what’s wrong or right in terms of handling), they only care about its aesthetic appearence. And a free mod used just to take screenshots or run around without even knowing what torque is, to somebody is as good as any.

        Therefore my question still stands and goes to those people.
        Somebody else I may or may not have blocked already, argued that developers know what they’re doing when it comes to cars and therefore they’re the only one to do something right. Yeah, go tell that to SMS. Less realistic physics in the current industry.

        For almost 2 decades now people believed F1 cars should be impossible to drive because that’s what they think it’s realistic. Until we came around with the 1965 F1 mod and proved them wrong after managing to have a chat with Ing. Forghieri and Sir John Surtees themselves in Fiorano few years back.

      • MirceaR

        Not really subjective, I gave you the example of the SF15T and this will be the case with the 919 LMP1. I have the mod from URD (and I would say it’s likely that they actually sold the 3D model to Kunos), but the mod doesn’t simulate the HY systems because these systems weren’t actually designed in the physics engine. Also, I’m pretty sure there are modifications to the physics engine with each TYPE of car (not car!!) brought by Kunos, either to the suspension, tire model, etc. to make sure they can fully replicate the respective car. This is why I’m looking forward to official releases, and this will create also new opportunities for the modders, by offering them the proper tools to work with.

        I’m not saying mods can’t be as good as official content, but Kunos can choose a direction they go with their physics model to suit the content they release, modders can’t do that. I enjoy mods and I think the sim-racing community wouldn’t be the same without them. For me, which I’m an OW enthusiast, the likes of ASR are a blessing. But that doesn’t make official content less relevant, at least for me.

  • beau261

    24 cars!! Holy mackerel!

  • melanieuk1

    These DLCs from Kunos, Slightly Mad studio and S3S are worth every single penny, their quality compared to what bedroom modders do is second to none, and for that reason I’ll be buying the Kunos Porsche season pass dlc, just because I can and it’ll be worth it.

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