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Take A First Look At iRacing’s Dirt Sprint Car

iRacing has released a first preview of the Dirt-bound Sprint Car, the first content to be made available with their upcoming loose-surface functionality.

iRacing has released a first preview of the Dirt-bound Sprint Car, the first content to be made available with their upcoming loose-surface functionality.

The preview shows the typical American Dirt Sprint CAR at Eldora Speedway, the first dirt track that will be made available to iRacing subscribers.

There’s plenty of other dirt racing content coming as well as iRacing is also working on the Ford Fiesta Rallycross car, Williams Grove Speedway and several Dirt Late Model cars to race on the loose stuff.

  • Markus Ott

    All the amercians are like YEEEEEEEEEAH. Rest of the world is like “….what?”

    • Bakkster

      There are dozens of dirt ovals in the UK and Australia as well. I think it’s pretty popular there as well, but just like in the states pavement racers and dirt racers don’t tend to cross paths all that often (hence the classic dirt tracker saying “dirt is for racing, pavement is for getting there”).

      Not to mention Rallycross is coming too, which got its start and is still most popular in Britain.

    • anonymouse

      American company, american “racing”-focused game. Not really surprising.

      Just ignore it and focus on the Fiesta WRX instead. If they don’t screw up collisions meshes like on all their other cars, it might be interesting.

      • Matt Orr

        Netcode has nothing to do with collision meshes.

      • anonymouse

        What has netcode to do with cars rolled up in cilindric-shaped collision meshes like burritos? Slightly weird looking crashes with other players and/or other objects due to lag are acceptable. Cars spinning like ballerinas endlessly for the end of times aren’t.

      • Kev


    • Aaron Carlisle

      Goes to show how much you know… dirt oval racing is insanely popular in Canada, the UK, New Zealand and Australia as well. Not just America… stop trying to feed into a stereotype that doesn’t exist.

      • quf

        is the same thing. Is not like a lot of people from UK moved to America and Oceania some centuries ago.. haven’t they? Are the natives, africans, and asians really into dirt oval racing? I think not, is mainly british DNA from all the regions you mentioned.

      • GamerMuscle

        Ahh British DNA…Wonky teeth pail skin and the ability to moan about anything. hang on a minute does that mean all Simraces are British?

      • Richard Hessels

        Only those who like simcade… 😉

      • GamerMuscle

        I like women that are simcade, because they have a lot of controllable slip angle.

      • FormulaLes

        Insanely popular in Australia might be a stretch, but yes we do have dirt oval racing, and it is great fun to watch, but it’s still kind of a niche thing.

    • Kev


  • Niels Heusinkveld

    Clearly not sideways enough (joking!)

  • ImageArtSigns .

    I am not american and live over the other side of the world….but I would have to say I am curious as to how these dirt cars and tracks feel….will make a purchase anyway to satisfy my own curiosity.

  • Francesco Kasta

    This reminds me of the fantastic Dirt Track Racing series and World of Outlaws Sprint Cars by Ratbag Games… I loved those games!

    What wouldn’t I give for a proper Dirt Oval Racing Sim !!!

  • Walter

    I am surprised that iracing is starting out with a sprint car. They could have offered a slower (easier) car first. I can’t wait to watch some sprint car iracing youtube videos.

    • Bakkster

      They’re also modifying a couple other cars for dirt, particularly the street stock which comes free with everyone’s subscription.

  • Richard Hessels

    There goes your safety rating.

    • Fernando

      They announced there will be a new off-road license, if I remember well. What I’m not sure is how it will work in rally cross. Will we be allowed to bang doors like in real life without being penalized a 4x every time?

      • Bakkster

        They’ve already adjusted the 4x thresholds in a lot of cars. Most touring and GT cars can bang doors now (though it’s easy to think a hard hit was softer than it was).

    • Scott Amey

      Who cares? I do this for fun, and to relax. Don’t stress about safety or I rating. Just have fun. We all have unlimited vehicles at our disposal. Can’t wait to try dirt. It’s gonna be great learning how a lot ( or most )
      racers got their start.

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