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Take A First Look At Belle Isle in iRacing

iRacing has released first previews of Belle Isle, the first completed street track to come to their online racing simulation.

After iRacing’s Long Beach has been left in somewhat of a track-side assets limbo for quite a while due to the scenery’s complexity, iRacing has chosen the Detroit-based Belle Isle track to become the first street track in their simulation as it’s park location comes with a lower density of trackside objects.

Belle Isle is a famous open wheel venue, having hosted countless of Champ Car & Indycar battles over the years, the track has also seen it’s share of American Le Mans Series & Rolex Sports Car action as well.

  • 2tyred

    Looks like theyre still growing the giant tree haha

  • Sam

    As usual it still looks freaking awesome, i just hope they also finaly finish long beach!

  • dzdz

    I hope the very bumpy road condition is well represented in the game.

  • Leroy Jenkins

    wow looks great hope iRacing adds a couple more street courses.

  • Duke of Hazard

    So many good road courses out there that need to be scanned and they pick this rough old dog of a track? Street courses are lame.

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