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T5 Touring Car Series for rFactor (Payware) – New Version

United Racing Design have released a new version of their T5 Touring Car Series payware mod for rFactor 2.

United Racing Design have released a new version of their T5 Touring Car Series payware mod for rFactor 2.


-Updated overall car reflections on exterior(Note that build300 broke reflections so it wont be visible yet)
-Cockpit materials/shaders/textures were changed. New carbon, added scratches so as shading
-New 2013 driver from ISI that you paint with there template
-DRS leds added to the 2013 cockpits(In the line of RPM bar on left side is yellow led when DRS is off, when DRS ON it will go green and the name DRS will come up on right side of RPM to)
-Tires were slightly adjusted, mostly the OPTION ones for 2013 degradation but it might need more tweaks
-All skins were updated to and we added some Special category so as full 2013 skins now
-And some other small tweaks overall and bugs ive or you noticed from previus version.

The T5 is a fictional series featuring 500hp shilouette touring car racers which, purely by coincidence, share a striking resemblance with the cars from a very popular European touring car series.

The complete mod consists of three different car models: The Aura, Bayro & Maures, coming with six liveries each. All three cars are available for a combined price of 10€.

More info can be found on the UnitedRacingDesign website.

  • Realkman666

    I will not buy this unlicensed spin-off at this price, but if there’s a sale, I’ll probably dip in. The trial car is of very high quality and the in-cockpit feel is very close to what I imagined.

    • B.

      I can only say its well worth it will all the hard work he put into it. not saying you have to. just saying in my eyes its well worth it. also keep in mind that those trial cars are a bit older and not of the same quality that the full cars are.

      • Jackson05

        Sounds like the some developer from United Racing Design defending their mod to make more custmers 😉

      • B.

        nope, other way around. I’m a satisfied customer thats just letting people know that its worth it.
        also not gonna lower myself to such standards to have to say something like you. cause you know, anybody who says anything good about it must of course be a dev and can’t just be someone that has brought it and is happy with it 😉

      • Realkman666

        It’s half the price of Game Stock Car 2013, with no tracks and no licensed content.

      • Cameron Brewster

        If you wanted licensed content you’d have to pay a hell of a lot more for it. The cars aren’t licensed because the rights cost far too much for a small modding team. The cars are great and are worth every penny.

      • Realkman666
    • Jim. C

      This mod was worth every penny to me. As a fan of touring cars and DTM it was a no-brainer. It’s a high-quality mod that was delivered in good time and has been well supported by URD with regular updates. It’s steadily getting better in my opinion, with future updates planned.

      A few euros for something of this quality is not a problem for me.

      ….and no, I’m nothing to do with URD, just a happy customer enjoying the mod.

  • Aleš Přibáň

    I can download update for free when i already bought all 3 DTM cars for rf 1 ???

    • Ales Ogrinc

      Updates are all free, depends only from what version of game you have to get the update. rF1 version update is still beeing worked on and will not take to long.

      • Aleš Přibáň

        ok thx for info Ales 🙂

        best regards,

        ales :))

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