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Suzuka for GSC Extreme – First Previews

Reiza Studios have released first previews of a surprising upcoming addition for their Game Stock Car title – Suzuka.

Reiza Studios have released first previews of a surprising upcoming addition for their Game Stock Car title – Suzuka.

The Japanese Formula One venue will be the first Asian track to be added to their predominately South-American focused title, broaden the selection of content inside the popular simulation even further.

As with all additions to Game Stock Car Extreme, the track will be released as a free addition to the title once it’s done.

Located in Japan’s Mie prefecture, the 5.8 kilometer track is one of the very few to have a figure 8 layout. The track offers 17 challenging turns, including the famous high-speed 130R corner.

Game Stock Car Extreme is available on Steam here.

  • Chris Wright

    As welcome as the flowers in May. The level of free dlc is utterly insane. I can only assume the model works well in shifting copies of GSCE. Either that or someone at Reiza has their sums very wrong.

    • Dani .

      I think whole DLC (as it s now) is wrong.
      GSC aproach is the right one, some big DLC’s as Trucks sold separately and something like a year recopilation, like they do.

      • Chris Wright

        Many of our developer friends would probably argue that it’s totally necessary revenue long after the release of a title. I don’t like it either, but it’s here to stay, no question.

      • Dani .

        Yes, but it’s not necessary, look at reiza. They are only candys in front of childre, I don’t like them too. But DLC’ing every skin or car, is a bad way to monetize your work, that’s my opinion.
        If they can do it the others can. So who is wrong? I think they are constructing as other developers in games, a solid reputation, that I hope in the future come back to them in form of money at least.

      • Chris Wright

        I hope you’re right. We’ll know in time.

      • Wayne Reed

        It is necessary depending on the stand point. From the likes of EA and other huge devs no its not. Its all about making as much money as fast as you can. But from the small guys like Reiza I think it is necessary and I feel at some point they to will have to go down this road. The costs for software a lone is nuts let a lone the licence’s for cars and tracks ect that have to be payed for. I for one will be happy to pay for DLC from Rieza or crowdfuning as they have spoke about before. If it keeps Rieza going then I am all for it 100%.

        The way I see it you do have a choice, pay for it or dont. But please stop sitting there and thinking everything should be free just because you have bought the game.

        You know go and pay £30,000 for a car and then watch as they then charge you £300 just to update the sat nav.

      • Dani .

        Who is sitting here? I think I didn’t say anywhere DLC’s have to be free. Reiza works for free? I think their aproach to game updates is OK the best out there with RF2, they are investing in trust and confidence of their users.

        DLC (as it is now) is a Xbox 360/PS3 invention since more less 2005, and it’s been used a lot since 2008 more or less.

        Games and developers and their companies are there since the the 70/80’s, they did’t need DLC payment. Not excuse of licenses and overcosts, that is like somebody sells you a partial done house, at the same price as a full house, and later sells you rooms as a DLC.

        Have said this, I have respect for what people want to do pay for a skin/car/track. But I don’t think it’s good for the industry and doesn’t fit for me.

      • Wayne Reed

        Dlc has been around a long time it’s not something new. It was here before 05 but only in the pc world. Game devs of the 70/80’s did not have dlc so your point is mute.

        And for your house analogy is some respects they do, its called an extension or an addition depending on the part of the world you are from.

      • Richard Hessels

        Many games of the 70’s and 80’s were programmed in a week by one man in a “garage”.

      • pcarsphyxexpert

        All basic low quality crap though…..

      • QUF

        When games were sold in stores, they didn’t do dlcs. But they did expansion packs. Usually story mode related with new characters. Or for racing game expansion packs, it worked as a racing series of cars and related tracks.

        A sim racing game that is having development even after official release, they need constant revenue to keep maintaining the studio. They need to charge for dlcs so to have money to continue game development, to cover the costs of producing and licensing the content from said dlc, and to invest in future content and more game development.

    • Renato Simioni

      Our approach so far with GSC has been a cumulative one – content developed for the original GSC was re-used for GSC2013 / Extreme, and the content we are developing now will also be on our next title. Even though updates are required to bring them up to spec, the newer assets retain some value from product to product.

      Though we might not be maximizing our potential profits this way, (and returns are certainly dilluted over a longer period of time), as long as we´re making enough with new sales of GSC to cover the costs of developing new content as has been the case so far, then we´re building up our assets base, we´re building up our userbase and the users are getting more value for their money. Everyone wins.

      There´s also a F1 analogy to development here though where costs grow exponentially as developers chase incremental improvements.. Right now we can afford to do things like this. As we move to more advanced technologies and / or start focusing on licensed content, the cost bar becomes higher and the need for a higher & more consistent revenue stream greater. So it´s very possible that paid DLCs will be a reality for us in the future – which in itself shouldn´t be a problem so long as people are getting value for their money.

      • Chris Wright

        Thanks for that very complete answer Renato. It’s clear you’ve thought this whole thing through very logically. I wish you well as you move forward.

      • VirtuaIceMan

        I noticed you’re gradually adding in tracks used by F1, is this ultimately going to go towards the Senna game project, or is that paused? I was wondering if iRacing licensing the latest McLaren F1 car means that McLaren may be less exclusively licensed from this year?

      • Renato Simioni

        There is a logic to it, yes.

      • Smiggie

        Renato, it’s the same also for the physics?

      • Renato Simioni

        If the question is whether physics development is also cumulative, then yeah – once you have developed physics for a car you build and develop that base. It´s an ongoing process, all cars are always under constant revision.

      • pcarsphyxexpert

        Cars are far more important IMO, and it’d be awesome if we could get something like a C6R/C7R with real physics{not fake AC stuff}.
        All the best.

      • QUF

        Fake AC stuff? damn it boy. Be sure to know that Neils praised the ferrari 458 in AC when it launched in early access nov’13.

      • pcarsphyxexpert

        Unfortunately it does nothing special on my G27, and remember that Neils has a DD wheel.
        AC has physics and FFB consistency issues all over the shop, not my problem you think cars of similar weight/form factor can have remarkably different handling etc.

      • QUF

        For G27, use some minimum force (starting from 12%), put gain at 100% and adjust the gain in car setup for the car, so the ffb doesn’t clip, by watching the pedals app 4th bar, if turning red while you’re taking normal corners, it means is clipping.

        Turn off rest of settings like filter, dampening, kerb, road, slip,

        In logitech profiler put 100%, rest all turned off and unticked, but keep 900º and also ticked ‘allow game to adjust settings’.

        How do you know he only used the dd wheel, he could have used that and others too. But if he liked it using a DD wheel, means something is definitely working the right way. But you seem to contradict yourself, by saying that the physics and ffb have consistency issues all over, because using a DD will put out mostly everything about the physics and ffb, so if he liked it that way, you are contradicting what you said.

        “not my problem you think cars of similar weight/form factor can have remarkably different handling etc.”
        About what things or what cars you’re talking about that has problems in your opinion?

      • pcarsphyxexpert

        You think that the C7R actually models weight transfer for example….?

      • QUF

        why wouldn’t it model weight transfer? This car is actually very fast and grippy in high speed corners, but then it comes down if you’re using Optimum grip surface, or Green or lower grip surface. This car is recent, I haven’t seen real life video examples for race tracks that AC also has.

      • pcarsphyxexpert

        The car lacks proper weight transfer, its as plain as day, but that’s the story of AC the fake sim, many cars have bizarre handling characteristics, it should also be obvious that big carlist games are never sims.

      • QUF

        wow…. I won’t even try to debunk your arguments. They are unbreakable.

      • Marc Collins

        Great approach. The best tracks will ALWAYS be an asset, no matter what else evolves with the cars and technology. I wish some other developers had not abandoned older tracks and brought them forward, too. There are classics that we now do not have for any modern sim, but wouldn’t take that much work to bring up to a useable, if not glossy, standard.

      • Marc Collins

        And, put me down as someone who could care less if there is “official” licensing. As long as the track is accurate, it can be called Japanese Ferris Wheel track or Sukuza or anything for that matter. And I would also happily pay for a track pack of decent quality tracks. The basic GSC is such good value already, with phenomenal ongoing support, paid DLC is not a concern for me with Reiza. Others not necessarily the case…

  • F1Racer

    One of my favourite tracks ! A great addition to GSC !! Nice going Rieza.

  • itsmedave

    This company never fails to amaze me time after time.

  • José Borges

    It’s funny, “everyone” thought at the begining “i’m not paying for some moded stock brazilian cars and tracks”. Now, we’re full of formula 1 cars, karts of different capacity, modern stock cars, a prototype, TC and it keeps going… I’m sorry i dont play this much, but everytime i boot this “supercharged, superimproved rFactor”

    i love it!

    Really nice work, i dont even care if it’s real physics or not, it feels immersive, a whole great experience for around 25€ at the time i bought it!


  • Matt Orr

    1 Surfers Paradise > 3 Suzukas. I know you guys from Reiza read this. I’m gonna convince you guys one way or another, it’s going to happen. Might as well give in now and get it out out of the way. 😉

    But I’ll “settle” for Suzuka, I guess. 😀

    • archetypal

      Yes Please! Surfers Paradise would be incredible!

    • Alex Sawczuk

      Sorry, but street circuits are pure evil!… 😉 (And this one erm, Japanese track took long enough!)

      • olddarth

        I’m taking that as a yes! ;-D

      • Renato Simioni

        I guess there is one item we won´t be able to take off that list Alex.. 🙂

      • RKipker

        Reiza/Alex, thanks for this track, going to be Awesome!

        Is there any talk about tracks like Mid Ohio, Barber, Miller etc?

      • Alex Sawczuk

        The track work we have done has always matched up with the official content. We have a clear development schedule for the forthcoming period which is now more focused on delivering content more quickly and efficiently, rather than some of the perhaps more indulgent releases recently. So none of those are on our radar, sorry.

  • Wayne Reed

    More awesome work from Reiza. Bloody love you guys 🙂

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    Wait, AC and Pcars both said that the licensing for Suzuka was too expensive for them and yet Reiza finds a way to not only license it, but give it away for free; pretty amazing really….Will we be able to use this track in Ftruck?

    • QUF

      I think they will use different name. So far, they only have the legal names for the Stock Car track series (brazil and argentina).

  • Beanspeak

    any chance of a generic 60s f1 car? the 70s/80s/90s/present day have been covered masterfully so far.

    • Paul Menard

      im bored of 1967 lotus already
      now pre ww2 or 1950’s cars? now theres a massive shortfall of cars there

      and still wanting stadium super trucks 😀

      • Beanspeak

        your being very specific, there were many more cars in the 60’s than just the lotus .. problem here might be your lack of imagination.
        although +1 for prewar and 50’s.

  • SoopaDuty

    If Imola = Bologna

    Then Suzuka = ???

    Bento Box?
    Ebi Nigiri?

    Rock on Reiza looking forward to flat out Formula Vee’s at Tempura Raceway

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