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Suzuka Circuit 1.0 for Assetto Corsa – Released

Rafael Malagoli of Malagoli Garage has released a new quality track addition for Assetto Corsa as the Suzuka Circuit is now available.

Rafael Malagoli of Malagoli Garage has released a new quality track addition for Assetto Corsa as the Suzuka Circuit is now available.


  • First public build
  • Track physics to be improved (FF and type of surface)
  • Track buildings more detailed
  • Track cameras are only placeholders
  • Track map isn’t working very well at the moment
  • 25 players Supported
  • Lods optimized but need material number reduction. To be improved soon
  • Collisions with objects and walls in Beta stage. It still needs fixes and improvements

Located in Japan’s Mie prefecture, the 5.8 kilometer track is one of the very few to have a figure 8 layout. The track offers 17 challenging turns, including the famous high-speed 130R corner.

[boxdownload]Download Suzuka Circuit 1.o for Assetto Corsa Here[/boxdownload]
  • Hugo Stiglitz

    No sim is complete without Suzuka. One of the greatest tracks ever

  • Bruno Teodoro Pinheiro

    As a proud friend of Rafael there’s just one thing to say… he’s just beginning.

  • sobaphen

    Downloaded this track, thought I’d give it a quick go before going to bed. WOW! This is one of the best versions of Suzuka I’ve tried. Couldn’t stop doing hotlaps, and now I am tired. Thanks, great work.

  • JES

    This is more or less illegal conversion from NFS Shift version, not sure if it’s newsworthy to report on such, but good work nevertheless.

    • hexagramme

      Yeah. Looking at videos of Suzuka from Shift 2, it’s quite obviously a conversion of that track. Can’t find it posted on the AC forums either, probably because it would be a breach of their rules.

  • Dean Doucette

    Fantastic! Thank-you. Hosting that track now on “Westcoast” server.

    • Dean Doucette

      There were only 3 of us on the “Westcoast” server last night testing this track, but we didn’t notice any issues. The track was flawless. I have raced Suzuka in Codemasters F1 and it is very similar. Fantastic work.

  • Jorge Araujo

    This looks so much like Suzuka from GT6 that, if I didn’t knew better, would say it’s a conversion. That’s a great thing, btw.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      It doesn’t look like the one in GT6 aside from the obvious. If you saw them both side by side you’d realize it. Definitely different.

      This version looks more like NFS Shift than GT6 or GT5

  • cubadoo1

    Its an excellent version , thankyou rafael the best converter of tracks out there.

  • TheFourHorsemen

    Oh yes! One of my favorite track!

  • Lars

    Oh yes please. Just downloaded an F1 201x version the other day and wasn’t really impressed. Looking forward to trying this one out.

  • svdb

    Conversion or not, It’s a good looking track and possibly the best Suzuka so far for AC. It’s a bit of a shame if it is true that this is a Shift conversion, despite that there obviously went quite some effort into making this look good in AC.

  • Pe11e

    I yelled SUZUKAAAA moments ago, wife looked me and started to laugh uncontrollably. Then she said “What is wrong with you, what is SUZUKA? Are you high or something?” xD

    • Pe11e

      To put the story short, one of my fav tracks, ever.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      LOL Awesome story

  • wajdi nujeidat

    95% of AC tracks are conversions or better ribbed from F1, Shift or GTR! Only few are made from the scratch.

    • teefo

      95% of rF2 tracks are conversions or better ribbed from F1, Shift or GTR! Only few are made from the scratch.

      • wajdi nujeidat

        And what does rf2 have to do with this news?! Lol

      • JES

        The difference is, I have never seen news posted here about ripped rF2 track, but for AC it seems standard.

      • melanieuk1

        There is news here about a ripped netkar pro abarth 500 for rfactor 2 here though, great balancing act I’d say right?

  • HammerX

    Outstanding and fun to drive! Thank you. My 787B is loving it! I look forward to the fixes and improvments.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      My 787B was loving it as well. So was my eyes. This is a great looking track in AC

  • Sigmatc

    Thanks for this great track 🙂

  • Ben Lee


    Track seems quite good. One area though that isn’t quite correct is the amount of camber at the second Degner. There is none, currently, its pretty much completely flat. There is quite a degree of positive camber on the entry of this corner in real life.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      There’s definitely a few spots that aren’t totally accurate but it’s still pretty good and visually it’s the best track in AC IMO

    • Rafael Malagoli

      Ben Lee, thanks for the feedback… I have already make this layout correction on Degner corner, will be available at the next update (1.2) .. Let me know If there is another detail that isn’t accurate.. 😉

  • Michel Forest

    Great news. Suzuka is the track that I can’t seem to figure out. Very challenging, but lots of fun too.

  • Robin Gerhard Popma

    Man, I love this track so much, even if it’s converted whatever. Thanks! I only see one (1) camera #5. ???

  • TripleJay

    really great conversion as first release, no shadow popups, nice trees. looking forward for new versions.

    More Cameras would be nice. The AI Line is a bit slow compared to other tracks (atleast on corner 130R the ai slows down too much)

  • KashunatoR

    Why use this aproximate version when you can have the laser scanned one in iracing? I use AC only for the tracks that are missing from iracing…

    • Ronny Nunez

      I have tried iRacing several times and always arrive to the same disappointing conclusion: the tire model is all wrong. The cars just like to snap way too easy without chance of regaining control. The loss of grip in real cars, specially on GT’s, is a lot more gradual.

      • KashunatoR

        Yep, it’s not perfect, but it’s better than AC which has its own flaws and lacking multiplayer. Iracing development, slow as it is, is still faster than all the others’.
        However, the discussion was about tracks and there really isn’t much to debate here: iracing has the most accurate ones.
        Competition between simulators is good, though. That’s why I support all of them.

    • Alexandre Martini

      Because driving with proper physics is much more enjoyable than driving at millimeter accurate tracks.

      It’s like taking a gorgeous woman and loving her on the floor vs having your grandma on a comfortable bed. Your call. 🙂

  • TripleJay

    …any updates? 🙂

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