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Superstars V8 Next Challenge For Free!

Green Man Gaming is giving away free copies of Superstars V8 Next Challenge on Monday.

Back in 2010, Black Bean Games & Milestone released their Superstars V8 Next Challenge game for the PC.

Based on the Italian Superstars V8 series, the title didn’t exactly turn many heads in the sim community but now everyone can try it for free as Green Man Gaming is giving away free copies of the title on Monday.

To claim the free copy, interested sim racers have to join Green Man Gaming, join Playfire and follow this instruction on how to link the accounts.

The title will be available for free starting Monday 11th 12:00 GMT.

  • Anonymous


  • nameless

    If it wasn’t for the horrendous deadzone problem, it could have been quite an enjoyable ‘simcade’ racer.

  • Guest

    double post

  • Anonymous

    Their bike games seem kind of okay – i have motogp 08 i got cheap. The input lag kills it though and also there is little in the way of feel. This is mainly because an xbox controller is in no way precise enough really in terms of modulating the throttle, brake and turning the bars / lean etc. So yer they seem to have dumbed down the physics due to that. No split screen is a shame too.

    Are any of their other bike games any good? Or are there any bike games that are good in general? I guess at least input lag would be better on pc.

    Not tried any of their car games so can’t comment on that. Track selection is more unique which is nice – in general, non-f1 tracks are better too, as they haven’t been tilked usually.

    At first, i was confusing them with Monumental, whose motogp 09 / 10 title i tried was really awful, the bikes seemed to strangely pivot around some point in the vertical centre of the model, rather than you know, the tyre contact :s I just found it utterly uncontrollable. Huge input lag too if i remember – but then it is on console.

    • David Wright

      Milestone did the EA Superbike series – good in their day, and at least it captures Superbike racing at its peak.

      • gt3rsr

        I still like the old SBK games (SBK 2000, 2001) the most. The ‘new generation’ of the Milestone’s creations (SBK 08, 09, X, 2011, Generations) isn’t bad either but it just lacks something…

      • Juan Juan Ninjo

        I agree with you, the Milestone’s creations (SBK 08, 09, X, 2011, Generations) lacks emotions and speed sensations i yawn a lot with them, i’m a real motorbike rider and i’m not yawning at all when i’m in the track…

  • Ross Siggers

    If you can activate it on steam I’m interested. Otherwise I’m not signing up for a ton of new services

    • Marco Hooghuis

      The game is not on steam

  • nameless

    The game is not really that bad. The physics and graphics are ok, but the horrendous deadzone problem its what pretty much ruined it.

    Milestone dropped the ball on this one.

  • Marc Lavry Cohn

    With a 360 controller and getting used to deadzone, it’s actually quite fun. You get what you pay for, and frankly, I would have paid $10 for this.

  • Anonymous

    Come on man where are the community based patches to fix what Milestone cannot. I wish Milestone all the best but they just don’t get it.

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