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Superleague Formula Game – Released

Superleague Formula Game – Released

Image Space Incorporated and the Superleague Formula Series have released the Superleague Formula Game, bringing the 2009 SLF season to the PC.

Based on ISI’s popular gMotor 2 simulation engine, the game includes all cars, drivers, rules and tracks of the 2009 SLF season, the second in series history. The virtual SLF cars have been created by none other than CTDP, rFactor’s most popular open-wheel modding team.

The game includes six popular European road courses as Magny Cours, Zolder, Estoril, Monza, Jarama & Donington are included. Furthermore, the game includes all of the series rules including the two-race format used on race weekends. Due to changes, the title is now officially based on rFactor version 1.330.

The series uses a Elan-designed open wheel race car that is powered by a 750hp V12 engine. All teams in Superleague Formula represent a football club, notable clubs in the series roster include AC Milan, FC Porto, Liverpool FC and Glasgow Rangers. Even though the field consists mainly of less-known open wheel talents, some known drivers competing in SF include Tristan Gommendy, Davide Rigon, Antonio Pizzonia & Sebastien Bourdais.

The game can be downloaded below, every user can try the product for 60 minutes before deciding whether to buy it or not. Just as rFactor, the game is purchased via a licensing system, it sells for $40/34,99€.

Download Superleague Formula Game Mirror 1 Here

Download Superleague Formula Game Mirror 2 Here

Download Superleague Formula Game Mirror 3 Here

  • GeraArg

    What is new in version 1.330f? :sd: :sd: :sd:

  • logos

    Great news! Downloading it now.

  • Raikku

    Price is too high for rFactor-based game. I could think to pay 20e something for sim like this, not more.

  • Jos

    I shall put this in my rfactor mods map πŸ˜›

  • UncleChuckle

    Calling Magny Cours “popular” is a bit of a stretch.

  • stabiz

    Will this be available on a cd/dvd?

  • carbonfibre

    The question is; Does this get ported to rFactor as a mod? (with copy protection obviously)

    Or will all rFactor mods get ported to SLF 1.330f?

    Or will rFactor get one more patch?

  • Panchito

    It’s a joke I hope…

    BTW, I hate football, and don’t understand this series. Football team cars ? :lol:, not enough football leagues and tounaments yet ? what’s next ? SuperNBA Formula ?
    Cool, I like Lakers so I’ll support the car with that livery. I don’t know who is driving it, but hey! look! it’s a Lakers car!


    In the other hand, it’s probably good, because it may help to introduce people who like football and don’t care/know about motorsports in them.

  • raisen1964

    The Good – Car model is more than OK

    The bad – the V12 is no different to the sound effect used for the Image Space F1 BMW. For some reason, the sim pauses momentarily at the same points each lap, for example the slow hairpin before the last turn at Zolder, result, something bad happens at corner exit. This is not something that happens when I run rFactor mods with the same settings on my PC….When the pauses occur, of course, the worse happens. The AI’s remain as dumb and arbitrarily useless as they always have been in rFactor.

    This is basically a standalone mod packaged with a copy of rFactor, but without a license that permits you to use it as rfactor, unless I’m missing something. This becomes apparent as soon as you see the menus, although they are dressed in a custom GUI, much as the authors of Historx have done in their mod. As such it’s subject to the same limitations of rFactor. Remember, this is opinion only, but for $40 or 35 Euros, I’d expect to get AI that are actually raceable and not attempt cyber homicide at all corners or weave aimlessly on the straight. I’d expect full rfactor goodness.

    Not worth the money in this reveiwers opinion, sorry lads but it aint. It should have been released free of charge and as such, free of expectation, doubtless somebody at Superleague got greedy.

  • felipe

    this series is redicolous! as a football fan I’ve watched some races but still this is not worth 5 dollars what to say 40 bucks?? hella I purchased rFactor, GTR 2, GTR Evo inclusding Race 07, SSTC+Race On together pack but this NEVER!

  • paupau

    Never mind

  • paupau

    I withdraw my previous statement.

  • fernandomattos

    40 bucks for a gMotor 2 game when everybody is tired of the engine? Never! Sorry CTDP…….no way!

  • scca1981

    No apologies here. I’m not paying $40 for a mod. This is one car with a few real tracks. The car model and tracks look good, but its still just not worth it. I already bought rfactor and this seems nothing more than a mod.

  • ForzaBarca88

    raisen1964: The AI’s remain as dumb and arbitrarily useless as they always have been in rFactor.

    Atleast with Simbin’s constant flow of recycled material the AI is somewhat usuable, not to mention the amount of content you get.

  • Firestarter

    Paying for a mediocre mod and tracks that you most likely have already in your rFactor installation is not going to happen.

  • zudthespud

    If this was $10 I still wouldn’t buy it. SLF doesn’t interest me, and the mionor tweaks to the rfactor engine don’t make me want to pay that much.

  • grimes

    This feels low budget… the track of Zolder is just terrible compair to The Real Time Racing version of Zolder.

  • TheIceman2009

    my opion about the superleague formula: hopeless for drivers, it’s just a funfactory, if you drive in the series you can forget about formula 1!

  • gears

    Wow everyone is so negative…and cheap :tongue:

    I tried it for 10 minutes and decided to buy it πŸ˜‰

    $40 is a little high for the amount of content, but it’s very high quality. Better than any rF mod out there.

    It’s also good to support modders (CTDP) in their first commercial product.

    Good job guys! :happy:

  • Mr. A

    I’m not sure what to think of this game yet. Track quality seems quite varied. And couldn’t they have updated the engine to support driver animations?

    Hmm, I’ll probably give this one a pass.

  • AndreasT

    I doubt the modders will see much of the money. More important probably is that a modding group had the opportunity to work together with ISI.

  • gears

    “I doubt the modders will see much of the money.”

    Maybe, but if this game sells well, then maybe they get a shot at a bigger title.

    It’s not just about the money πŸ˜‰

  • AndreasT

    That’s what I actually meant. 😎

  • afborro

    There is a dedicated website and forum now. should you have any questions or need support for the game you can register at forum(dot)slfgame(dot)com.

  • IonAphis

    I downloaded and tried it for a while. Reflections on the cars and the car models themselves are spectacular. But perhaps one of my favorite features is the detail of the wheels… CTDP has done it amazingly, and it’s one of the things I’ve been appreciating the most since seeing FSONE 2009 previews (which use CTDP wheel models).
    The tracks seem solid, not spectacular, but solid. Magny-Cours outwits the rfactor availiable version, but have not yet tried Zolder to check if it’s so low budget as grimes suggests. The truth is, it is an awesome update while waiting for rFactor 2. The only thing we need now is to merge rFactor and Superleague (supposedly Superleague runs better, hence the v1.330)
    Until now I feel it has been a good mod, but most likely when the 60 minutes run out, I’ll probably uninstall it or delete all trace from the registry and install it again. I’d love to have the mod, because it is a good one, BUT the overpriced tag and the fact that the car liveries are ridiculously ugly with all those football/soccer logos and details really prevents me from doing so. If skins were released making these cars look more like cars, rather than soccer players with 4 wheels, and the price dropped to $20, then I’d gladly but it. Until then, I’ll stick with what’s free and good…

  • Cenotaph

    Just tried it. I feel disappointed but it’s not CTDP’s fault. They did a terrific job. Im disappointed to see how little rFactor is evolving. The compatibility with my nvidia card still sucks, highest AA options dont work, no new presets for different wheels, it still doesnt handle Vista/7 how it should. What is ISI doing?

    Don’t get me wrong, it is a great mod, specially the cars, but there is no added value in this title at all.

  • unklepepper

    Im sorry, its a nice car model & physics but I cant pay Β£25 for a quick (by CTDP’s own admission) rF mod with 4 Simbin tracks I have bought at least 3 times each. An rF track I bought and some (no offence to the creator) ropey Jarama.

    I would possibly give ISI/CTDP Β£10 for the v1.330 rF/car I could stick in my rF install however.

    You could get SHIFT for the same price for Bub’s sake. Or Race On, or Forza 3 for a tenner more. The Codemasters F1 game will be this price a couple of months after release for….. smegs sake.

    [Rant mode off]

  • GeraArg

    Simbin was a group of modders and today is a benchmark on the simulators, 2Pez started as a “group of friends” and today is working en your third game with “new engine”, I think I will buy this game to help CTDP, this group works so if profecional can do amazing things, would be incredible that they can work full time on this… πŸ˜€

  • Arnold Carter Wong

    I really want to know why they are still doing the graphics in the standard of 2006, which is already outdated for the average PCs nowadays. Come on, we need doorlines and smooth edges modeled.

  • AaronC

    Arnold, your modeling is some of the best low poly game modeling I’ve ever seen and I’m aware of your attention to detail. But I don’t remember Formula style cars having doors for the seams to be modeled around. XD Anyways, I shown my support for CTDP, the modding community, and ISI by purchasing this game. It’s not like it is the exact version of rFactor we all have, it does have quite a few more enhancements such as support for many more types of rear suspension, a cleaner, much faster UI and I’m sure there are other upgrades I don’t know about as well.

    Over all tho, the car models, physics, and tire model feel pretty nice but the tracks could use a little work. I would rate the game around a B+. If it had tracks up to the CTDP standards, I would give it an A for all around….

    Arnold Carter Wong: I really want to know why they are still doing the graphics in the standard of 2006, which is already outdated for the average PCs nowadays. Come on, we need doorlines and smooth edges modeled.

  • Gaiajohan

    |Too expensive for one car model and some tracks.

    At highest I’d rate it €15-€20

  • Lenniepen

    Is it possible to just drag & drop the mod- and tracks-files to the rFactor-directory, or the other way around?

  • AndreasT

    Even if that was working you would lose the (2+1)-fold split qualifying and race sessions, which imo makes the game especially interesting for mulitplayer.

  • AndreasT

    @Gaiajohan: that was the price range I expected, but I think even ISI did not have the final word on that topic.

  • phil23

    The Force Feedback is far better out of the box. I see it’s using realfeel, but it is well implemented πŸ˜‰

    That is one thing I hate about rFactor is spending the precious little time I get to race fiddling around with settings for every mod just to get them to feel good :angry: .

    Unfortunately I can’t afford to buy this title as I’m still waiting to buy Race On once my kids birthdays are done and b4 xmas if I can spare the cash πŸ™ .

  • unklepepper

    Gotta say, its growing on me. The push to pass button works well. You can use it 8 times in a race for 15 seconds, just like the real series.

    Still too expensive tho!

  • Racemag

    We’ve tested it and had Kasper Andersen, the Danish SLeague racedriver have a go at it too – check out

    and to make sense of it, if you’re not a Scandinavian…

  • eiwfihaaa

    are simracers gona be stuck with this damn gmotor2 engine forever? i mean…………are we ever going to be treated to a new engine? in the next 5 years?

  • DW

    eiwfihaaa: are simracers gona be stuck with this damn gmotor2 engine forever?

    No πŸ™‚

    eiwfihaaa: i mean…………are we ever going to be treated to a new engine? in the next 5 years?

    Yes πŸ™‚

    iRacing engine out last year, SMS engine just out, Simbin’s Lizard engine on PC should be out next year, as I suspect will ISIs rF2 engine.

  • eiwfihaaa

    so rfactor2 is definitely a new engine? i heard they were simply reusing gmotor (again).

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