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Superleague Formula Game – Available Soon

Superleague Formula Game – Available Soon

Back in July, the Superleague Formula Series announced an official video game developed by none other than rFactor-creators Image Space Incorporated.

Now, the SLF website is announcing that game will soon be available for download. The few preview snippets already show that the game is based on ISI’s trusted gMotor 2 engine, even using the rFactor HUD. It has not yet been confirmed whether or not the the title will be a commercial game or free to download, the new announcement somewhat sounds like it will be able to download for everyone though.

The game has already been tested by the real Superleague Formula drivers as you can see below. Even though the subpar wheels used for this test don’t scream out realism right away, the trusted engine should ensure that the title will be very appealing to sim racers.

  • Shum94

    Poor guys, bad wheel and a laptop screen. And no cockpit cam.

    I wouldnt appreciate any good sim/physics in these conditions.

  • The Lonely

    If only everything was as simple as Shum makes out.

  • Shum94

    I asked you something there, trackmaker has no idea of what you are referring.

    About this news, the good news is this game is done, so ISI will be 100 % rFactor 2

  • The Lonely

    Export the tree meshes with up or pointy normals. I can’t remember which it is listed as in max. (It’s in the dialog box where you set the gmotor properties for the mesh)

  • EmptyBox

    I know nothing about the series, but am eager to get my paws on this.

    Guess the horrible rF AI will be correct this time around? 😆


  • DW

    Shum94: About this news, the good news is this game is done, so ISI will be 100 % rFactor 2

    Gjon said in AutoSimSport that they had subcontracted this title and it wasn’t affecting development of rF2.

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