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Supercar Challenge – New Preview Video

Supercar Challenge – New Preview Video

System 3 and Eutechnyx have released a new preview video of their Playstation 3 title Supercar Challenge. The Successor of Ferrari Challenge is promised to come with a simulation mode, pair that up with the Playstation 3’s support for steering wheels this could very well become an interesting title for PS3 owners with a soft spot for realistic racing.

Supercar Challenge will include over 40 cars that can be raced on over 20 tracks, the car selection is mainly made up of road-going sports cars but also includes race cars like the Corvette C6.R and the Aston Martin DBR9.

  • mike

    the textures are horrendous compared to GT5

  • Brad

    oh? wasnt this vid out since february…anyway.

    loooks a step above ferrari project if you ask me…which looks promising…but i dunno if this title would deliver.

    @mike – if it were up to people like you, there would be no other racing games other than GT5…so please stop trying to compare it to the GT series…not everyone has a multi million dollar budget like Polyphony.

  • Pugamall

    Well I was highly dissapointed with Ferrari Challenge,total waste of my money,
    So from a personal point of view they need to come at this from scratch and forget virtually everything from their previous title,well except the rain and wet track effects which I thought were the best I had seen in a game.
    It wont be getting my money at release this time,
    Sorry system 3 it was a real Turd (Personal Opinion)

  • mikem

    Yes, it is an old video. Yes, the game is much improved over Ferrari Challenge- the texture and rendering and especially the colour pallete. I’m happy to say that I’m beta testing this game and I was told that we’ll be getting the code probably in the first week of April. While the graphics isn’t going to challenge GT5, it has a few things that GT5P doesn’t, namely skid mark and a moving sky (yes, in this game the clouds move across the screen as in real life) which I’m sure no other racing sim has (correct me if I’m wrong).

  • modbaraban

    lol that’s funny. The internal sound is nowhere near the V12 ‘beast’, but at least you’ve got fist shaking feature to express your frustration.

  • maxs

    i love the sounds of DBR9 they are atractive and i love the echo while driving on street circuit 😀

  • xilix

    Fist shaking? Sometimes I just don’t understand developers.

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