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Super GT 2006 for Assetto Corsa – First Previews

Shadow Explorer and Team BB have released the first previews of their Super GT 2006 mod for Assetto Corsa.

Modding for Assetto Corsa is growing stronger each week and here’s the next massive project to be announced:

Shadow Explorer and Team BB are working on bringing the massively popular Japanese Super GT series to Assetto Corsa, starting out with the 2006 season.

Before this project, the guys have already created several Super GT mods for GTR2 so there is plenty of experience involved.

Planned Cars


Toyota Supra GT
Honda NSX GT
Nissan Fairlady Z33 GT
Lexus SC430


Toyota Celica
Toyota MR-S
Nissan 350Z
Mazda RX7
Autobacs Garaiya
Mooncraft Shiden
Subaru Impreza
Vemac 320R

GT300 plus pack

Mitsubishi FTO ’99
Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 ’99
Nissan Sivlia S15 2004
Honda NSX GT300 2005

The first tasty previews of the Toyota Supra GT500 car can be checked out below!

  • Matt Orr


  • Wally Masterson

    That’s an impressive list of cars. I hope the quality is just as impressive.

  • Petr Doležal

    This should be nice multiclass racing!

  • hyunsoo Lee

    Farewell, rFactor 2.

  • Roger

    This will be amazing!!

    If modded cars feels as good as the Elise (in their own way) AC will be outstanding!!

  •árd-Hompoth/100002333117428 Szilárd Hompoth


  • MEFF1091

    how to modify data.acd file?

  • Joca Nadalist

    This AC fairytale is getting better and better

  • 山本笑子

    I am from the shadow works team – here are some more teaser of the Supra.

  • Shadow Explorer

    Hello and thank you very much for hosting our work.
    There are some things that should be addressed.

    It is true that I am a member of team BB.
    Shadowworks so far is a 2 member team. Me and 山本笑子.

    So as far as AC goes, better say Shadowworks with teamBB.

    TeamBB plans to integrate these machines in the existing GTR2 mod.
    I will be able to give you more details once the full version of Assetto Corsa is out.

  • Matt Simons

    Awesome news

  • Professional Operator

    awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck

  • Diego Colafabio

    Great job guys, i love the level of detail.

  • Ricoo

    Nice car. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Arnold Wong is the Man!!!!!!!! So are the rest of the RMT team!.

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm wonder why someone would thumb down my appreciation for these people’s work? All they have done for us is put great effort into helping our Sim experiences be that much better if anyone has a problem with that you are playing the wrong type of game and need to move on because I have nothing to do with you!!!!!!!!

      • 山本笑子

        No worries ^^

  • Shadow Explorer

    Thanks a lot for the kind words everyone!

  • Varazdat Markosyan

    Its very very old cars. Need new seasons cars

    • Professional Operator

      no they aren’t.

      a Supra is never old.

  • Anonymous

    FANTASTIC, these are among my favorite class /era of racing cars…. Please do them Justice and good sounds! Thanks You for all your hard work to come!

    • Shadow Explorer

      They are my favorite as well.

      Currently we do not have a member specialized in sounds,at least from the Shadowworks side of things. Of course we will try for the best possible solution.

  • Stephen Woodward

    This is amazing. I was just watching 1999 JGTC race at Fuji. I dont know this is 3rd party paid DLC, but count me in either way.

    • Shadow Explorer

      Best things in life are free^^
      You will not have to pay for them,no worries.

      After the first release I plan to setup a donation account.
      You are encouraged to show your support this way,
      That is if the result is worth something to you.

      • Anonymous

        I am sorry if I confused your works with RMT WSGT2. I think both Mod Teams have done great work and have enjoyed materials from both.

      • Shadow Explorer

        No problem.I guessed that you like the work,so that was the important part for me at least^^

      • Anonymous

        I also mistook this for RMT WSGT2. I think that’s a compliment. 😉

        Good luck!

      • Ales Ogrinc

        Best things in life are those you earn actually. Doesnt need to be buyed with money or so but earned things are most valued.

      • Shadow Explorer

        this as well.

  • James Evans

    Great selection of GT300 cars and it is this variety that makes this so interesting to watch. Any chance we could also see some more recent GT300 class cars like:
    – Honda CR-X
    – Subaru BRZ
    – Lamborghini Gallardo
    – Audi R8

    • Shadow Explorer

      For the time being there are no such plans,since we already have a lot of cars to work with.

    • 山本笑子

      We are starting at the bottom, the start of the year where Super GT made its debut. If you visited our site you should have seen our purpose and objective.

  • 2Air

    any news on this?

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