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STCC – The Game 2 Coming?

STCC – The Game 2 Coming?

Simbin has released a new video trailer, showing off some features of their recently-launched web portal.

The video may show more than intended though as a short sequence shows off the cover of an unannounced and unreleased title: STCC – The Game 2!

Back in October 2008, Simbin released the first STCC title, bringing the 2008 Swedish Touring Car season to the PC. A successor has never been announced but seems to be (or has been) in the works as the video reveals a cover for STCC 2, showing the VW Scirocco Biogas car that has been competing in the STCC since 2009.

As reported yesterday, Henrik Roos recently confirmed that Simbin will be releasing an all-new title in 2011, using a brand-new graphics engine. I jumped to the conclusion that this has to be the new GTR title that was announced back in March, this leak may be an indication that GTR isn’t the only new title in the works.

You can check out the freeze-frame with the cover and the full video trailer below.

  • stabiz

    Cool! STCC2 on a new engine is a buy for me. Not the best tracks though, thats the one big problem with the series.

    Oh, and I dont think that was a mistake by RaceRoom/Simbin, its one of those “new” marketing schemes to let us think we are smarter or more perceptive than them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • scca1981

    I wouldn’t doubt it.  STCC imo was their highest quality content in the Race Series.  If so I hope it has and accurate version of the newer Camaro Cup.

  • Free2game

    Hopefully it’s just Rfactor 2 engine or something like the modified Rfactor 1 engine that Shift used, so a lot of that mod compatability is kept.

  • Pain-less

    Not the best tracks??  The STCC tracks are a gas!!!  I love the elevation changes and roller coaster affect they have.

  • Turkey :D

    I was actually mostly satisfied with the detail on the STCC tracks. SimBin’s car models aren’t that good though.

  • CH

    finally new graphics engine but phyiscs engine goes without mentioning

  • orublahblahblah

    Rollercoaster was exactly what immediately came to mind for Knutstorp, incredibly fun little track, one of the best sim tracks of all time in my opinion.  The real life races are fantastic too, even without English subs/dubs.

  • Free2game

    Are you sure it’ll be Swedish Touring Car Championship and not that new Scandinavian Touring Car Championship? Maybe that’s being funded to promote that.

  • mfxfgr

    As I guess, this game will use Simbin’s Lizard engine…

  • O-ZERO_Racing

    I hope this will not replace GTR3, because I think they were aiming to make a FIA GT Championship game again, but since the licences went to EA they can’t. But on the other hand there are lots of more interesting GT series around.

  • albim75

    the engine will be the GMOTR 2 with the graphic improvments of raceroom the game.
    EA didn’t have the exclusive of FIA GT 

  • Ben_UK

    What graphic improvements are those?

  • Rooster

    Who was stupid enough to give EA the friggin FIA GT licence ๐Ÿ˜


  • albim75

    we will se with RACEROOM THE GAME

  • Rooster

    I don’t think they’re using GMotor2, some other game engine (my guess their own Lizard engine)

  • albim75

    EA bought the licence but is not an exclusive

  • Todd

    What is Ssimbin Collectors Edition???

  • phil23

    I’m inclined to think this will be GMotor2 based and possibly another addon for Race On to aid their finances towards GTR3 at the end of next year. STCC was originally done by a small part of Simbins team as a side project and it’s possible it’s the same guys again whilst GTR3 continues it’s developement. I’ll be interested in it as I know that we’ll get to see Lizard or what incarnation their new engine will use when GTR3 hits the shelves.

    I may be wrong though ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

  • Ben_UK

    OK, so lets assume then that “STCC 2” features the 2009 STCC season (thats logical as the Scirocco on the cover is the 2009 season livery), the 2009 season had the exact same tracks as the STCC 2008 season and only 1 more car (the VW Scirocco).

    So the question remains, who is going to buy “STCC 2” if the only “new” content is one car, and some new liveries?

  • Ben_UK

    Yep, I saw that too, “SimBin Collectors Edition”…

    Probably a compliation of all their past titles, GTR, GTL, GTR2, RACE07, STCC, RACE On, GTR Evo…?

  • whosyo

    Another stupid simbin mod(game) is gonna be come out

  • Zsolt Jakobey

    [email protected] off simbin.. where are the features? I see, nowhere.. thanks a lot.. 1-2 new cars and a new track? clap your hands and hit our shoulder..

  • Firefox

    I was not impressed by Simbin’s titles after GTR2 and I didn’t like all the addons they released for Race07.
    But I’m dissepointed to see the community stating without knowledge that it is an addon to Race On and that it will just contain a couple of cars and a bew track?
    I didn’t know we had so many people spying inside Simbin to tell what the game will be…

  • moschum

    no wonder sales are dropping…………..

    wat a pile of sh*t

  • moschum

    lol exactly. and who gives a crap about the swedish touring car championship as well LOL. Who watches that apart from sweden and the few people who might catch it randomly on Motors TV at 1am once a month. Or wherever they show it.

    ‘heres how we increase sales, lets make a driving game based on the infamous and globally popular swedish touring car championship!’

  • Johnsc

    I really liked STCC, though had poor online life, so this is good news.

  • phil23

    Wow, what’s with all the Simbin bashing?? If this STCC2 is true then it’s likely to be a side project whilst work continues on GTR3. We know something bigger is on the horizon as they said they were going back to their roots and STCC isn’t their roots. If part of the team is working on an addon to fill the time b4 GTR3 is out then I can’t see anything wrong with that. They’re not forcing people to buy their products. In this difficult economic climate, if to keep people on in their team they need to give them side projects when they’re maybe not needed on the main project then any sales would contribute to keeping people on and aiding their developement on the main title GTR3!!

    Just give them the benefit of doubt here as their titles have contributed a lot to the sim comunity more than many software houses!!!

  • Gilles da Silva

    Who gives a crap what the series is? Have you got something against Sweden? Or Touring Cars? Will you only play if it’s a big name series shown on prime-time TV? Stick to X Factor and stop your miserable whinging.

  • Gilles da Silva

    This is possibly the dumbest comment I’ve ever read. Go back to your PlayBox.

  • Gilles da Silva

    What are you referring to? A game that hasn’t come out yet and that you have never played? Thanks for your input. Next time we’ll call you.

  • Ben_UK

    The only possible commercial success I could see out of “STCC 2” is if that is the first Lizard engine title. It might make sense, dip your toe into “PC Lizard” before GTR3 comes along, that way any bugs can get quashed out before the major release?

    The SimBin “community” is already pretty fragmented, people have Evo, don’t have STCC, people have STCC, don’t have RACE On. STCC is pretty much a failure online save for a few leagues, no one runs the content (which is a shame as I think its a nice addon) because it was so poorly taken up.

  • Gilles da Silva

    What are you talking about? Where would you expect to see these features, or lack of, that you mention? What new cars? What new track? As the article above clearly states; there might be “an unannounced and unreleased title”. Don’t start slagging-off something that hasn’t even been realeased. Simbin produce the absolute best racing experience to be had from the safety of your living-room.
    If a new title is released and you have personal, hands-on experience of it, feel free to leave a constructive critique, preferably without swearing.

  • Gilles da Silva

    phil23 = well said. This Simbin slagging astounds me. No other company can come close to claiming the race-sim crown.

  • adrian

    yeah dude… simmer down… this is not an official release.. nothing more than fan speculation so far.. how the hell can you complain about a product that hasnt even been announced? 

  • PetraGTC

    STCC 2. Yes yes i like ๐Ÿ™‚  I’m more a touring racer than GT racer (ofcourse i’ll buy GTR3 too), but STCC2 is more welcome to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  • FuNK!

    What if…
    this is one of those exclusive contents featured with raceroom and not the new game by Simbin?
    If I’m right the said the new title will be released with new features etc. and the announced GTR3, so I bet my pents this  new title will be GTR3, not STCC2…
    STCC2 maybe will be released as exclusive content to raceroom ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think the STCC2 addon to race is already completed too, so it’s no new title at all ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Mark

    I doubt that very much, 90% of those guys were made redundant this time last year in cost cutting staff firing.

  • Zsolt Jakobey

    In every year make some new cars and put into the last game and rename for a new game.. i know the simbin produce the best racing experience but no development in these “new” games.. JUST 1-2 new series or tracks.. 1 year enough much for a totally new game.. or at least more cars and tracks.. i guess..

  • moschum

    yeh, i will only play if its a big name series, because the cars are what you see racing on tv, the tracks are world known and varied, you’re getting to use the real cars you see on tv, and drive on the real tracks you see on tv. 
    Having a great core driving experience is fine, but then whats the point in branding it in something which is hardly known? wheres the logic in that? 
    also you clearly dont understand my point anyway coz you’re missing some brain. 

    your post was so stupid, ‘stick to xfactor’. i mean lol. go home. 

  • moschum

    do you work for Simbin or something? you dufus. 
    Simbin has only had 2 great products – the first GTR, and GTR evo. Everything else were addons. GTR2 was a step backwards in terms of physics, at least they improved the menu functions. 
    things to improve? how about better weather, netcode, multiplayer and menu navigation, physics (which don’t work properly with downforce producing open wheelers at all – F3000 in gtrevo is odd to drive, to say the least), force feedback etc…etc….. 

    you clearly have a serious lack of imagination if you think simbin can’t possibly put in any new features. have a think about it. 
    you’ve declared by default that ‘simbin produce the absolute best racing experience’. well….thats not true. then you’ve had a go at Zsolt for not leaving a constructive critique (even though his remark wasn’t a critique anyway, it was a bunch of questions – and VALID ones at that).

    you tool. and he’s absolutely right – where are the new features? if its going to be based on the STCC, well there’ll be 1 or 2 new cars max, maybe 1 new track. Its more like an addon pack. 

  • moschum

    again, youre clearly missing a bit of brain if you dont understand the point i made with my simple statement.

    if STCC 2 is their next release, then no wonder sales are dropping. i doubt many people bought STCC 1, I certainly didn’t, mainly because it was nothing more than an addon pack sold as another game. my point had nothing to do with playing the game, or anything. 

    you’ve commented on almost everyones post here who post something negative about simbin lol, you mentalist. 

  • Rhysย Gardiner

    “Having a great core driving experience is fine, but then whats the point in branding it in something which is hardly known? wheres the logic in that?”

    I don’t know, maybe STCC entered the deal with Simbin in the hope of boosting the series’ exposure? I certainly didn’t know that the STCC even existed before the game was released.

  • Gilles da Silva

    Limiting your sim experience to only “big name series” and “world known tracks” is imposing unnecessary and ridiculous restrictions on the pleasures to be found in the wide world of race sim modding. In fact I imagine it goes against the very ethos of Simbin and rFactor creators who generously enable their base products to be expanded via the creative members of the modding community.

    Luckily, for motorsport in general, many people are interested in forms of motorsport that are not featured on television.

    Most race circuits that do not enjoy the fame of “world known” tracks are equally and in many cases, more varied than their better known counterparts. Why would any race sim fan not want to race on them? Why limit yourself to only a select few of the worlds famous, infamous or virtually unknown circuits? (That’s why my money would first and foremost be invested in an ISI/Simbin sim rather than an EA or Codemasters game for example.)
    And btw, they are only sims, you’re not actually “getting to use the real cars you see on tv, and drive on the real tracks you see on tv”. lol.

    As far as branding goes, well I guess it costs an overinflated amount of money to licence a particular brand and the more well known (ie on tv) that brand is, the more overinflated the price is. I’m sure Simbin have people, more knowledgeable than you or I, to make the judgement call on whether that fee is justifiable or not, in respect of the company’s particular business strategy.
    I also guess that Simbin are aiming their products at an audience who appreciate the depth of the game rather than the dressing. (Being a netKar fan I imagine that includes you.)

    And surely “Having a great core driving experience” is not just fine, but is by far the most important thing in a racing sim?

  • Gilles da Silva

    GTR Evolution was an addon. For Race ’07. And you’re crazy if you think “GTR2 was a step backwards in terms of physics.”

    At no time did I say that Simbin could not put in more features (or improve their product). Everything can always be improved. Even the best. And new features? Yes please. But only if they improve the experience. If not, then don’t invent one just to pad out the advertising blurbs.

    [email protected] of Simbin” is not a question. Zsolt was complaining about the lack of features in a game that does not exist! and therefore the “questions” were most definately not valid! And I did not “have a go at Zsolt for not leaving a constructive critique”. How could he do so for an unrealeased game? I in fact invited him to do so . . . well, read above what I said . . . it’s pretty straightforward and it also answers your final question “where are the new features”? ~ I don’t know! How could I? How could I tell you what new features are included in a game that has not even been anounced, let alone realeased and of which no details have been forwarded from its “makers”.

    Finally, I did not “declare by default that Simbin produce the absolute best racing experience” ~ that would be racing an actual race car on an actual race track ~ I said they produced the absolute best racing experience to be had from the safety of your living-room. Though that could equally be from the comfort of your bedroom. Or a padded cell.

  • Gilles da Silva

    You didn’t make an understandable point with your simple statement and you’re missing a bit of brain if you think you did. Referring to a product that doesn’t exist as “a pile of sh*t” is neither a “simple statement” nor a “point”. It is in fact obscure and pointless. As you put it yourself . . “my point had nothing to do with playing the game, or anything.”
    (And STCC was indeed released and sold as an expansion pack, to RACE 07, as was GTR Evolution, which was released the month prior to STCC and Race On, released 12 months after STCC.)

  • Zsolt Jakobey

    i just wanted to say they could do better game, not just release an previous game as another game with an “addon pack” which is meaning it’s a “the new game”. yeah.. in the Race on, wtcc 08, what is the new in there? yeah i see the lada than a new racer team, and 2-3 new car. camaro, trans-am, charger, challanger, cts-v.. this is 1 year “very hard” development, oh sorry i forget these 5-6 new tracks. what is it if it not an addon pack? similar packs could be released in every mounth as an dlc pack or something like that. IN MY OPINION. okay, the simbin is the one of the best developer team, but the rF2 it’s look like more better in graphics and physics too. and the modder teams like better the rF, and maybe the rF2 too than the simbin products.

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