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SRT – Logitech G430 Headset Review

Darin Gangi of has put together another great hardware video review.

Darin Gangi of has put together another great hardware video review.

This time, Darin checks out the Logitech G430 headset, a proper headset is surely something that is part of most sim racer’s equipment.

  • Mark

    I liked Shaun on Inside Sim Racing. I think it’s a great shame he isn’t involved anymore. However, I must say, Darin seems to have been doing a great job on the channel over the last few weeks. In fact I prefer it now compared to how it was a couple of months ago – there seems to be more content and more variety. Good job Darin!

    • Chris Wright

      My thoughts exactly

  • F1Racer

    I have the Logitech G35’s and they are really nice so if these 430’s are anywhere as good then they are worth the price.
    I think Darin said here that they were wireless when he mentioned them. Well they aren’t.

    • Leeman

      I read the article at Inside Sim Racing and he specifically mentions that they are NOT wireless. I have these exact headphones and they’re very good. I still prefer using my 5.1 speaker system but, for those times when I need to be quiet, these headphones are excellent. My only complaint is that they’re uncomfortable when I’m wearing them while also wearing glasses, but I’m working on a fix for that.

    • Trevor Blackburn

      This is exactly the sort of info I was after. AC good with headphones.. 🙂
      What about project cars with headphones anyone ??

      • F1Racer

        Anything sounds better with the G35’s 🙂 In Elite:Dangerous for example, I hear subtle ambient and/or atmospheric sounds that I dont normally hear through my 5.1 speakers.

        Project CARS’ audio is loud anyway so volume down if you want to wear headphones with it. An all out assault on the ears 🙂

      • Trevor Blackburn

        Yar since i set up my 5.1 system ,, switching between AC and Project cars i notice a jump in volume,, guess thats mostly because i still have to adjust it in the latter

  • The Dark

    “see how they pertain to sim-racing using Grand Turismo and Forza 5”?
    that is debatable and did it even say if they were compatiable for consoles?
    put them in the pc where they were designed for and play what i think are proper sims.

  • MatzeLoCal

    does anyone know if those shielded magnets? My current headphones are interfere the OculusRift.

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