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SRT – Formula Truck First Look

The guys over at have released a first look video of Formula Truck as Darin & Shaun enjoy a first spin with Reiza’s upcoming new title.

The guys over at have released a first look video of Formula Truck as Darin & Shaun enjoy a first spin with Reiza’s upcoming new title.

Formula Truck will include all trucks that competed in the 2012 Formula Truck Series season, racing on ten different tracks. Formula Truck sells for $24.90.

The Brazilian Formula Truck Series features 1200hp racing trucks from manufacturers such as VW, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco, Scania, Ford & Volvo. The series races exclusively in South America with most rounds in Brazil and one in Argentina.

  • Chris Karsten

    Unshaven Shaun reminds me of this guy from a show called Dual Survival on The Discovery Channel.

    • Rhys Gardiner

      He is rockin’ that facial hair.

    • Den Burnout

      The little guy is starting to look as dorky as Darin. Maybe it’s a competition with Darin’s meltdowns for attention. Hope for his sake Mom is okay with it and don’t kick them out of her basement. lol.

      • F1Racer

        This is the best you have ?

  • Lúcio Marques

    Strange as it is, I feel more curious about this particular sim-race title from Reiza than most of the other current and upcoming newer titles that have been forever hyped.
    Definitely looks like a quality and fun product. 🙂

    • Den Burnout

      Now all we need is a review by someone we can trust, but yes I agree.

      • F1Racer

        Who’s ‘we’ ? Who else do you think you’re speaking for ?

      • Matt Orr

        Anyone who doesn’t want a review from guys wearing a competitor’s shirt. lol

        Just sayin’.

      • F1Racer

        So they’re deliberately going to negatively bias a review because they are sponsored by iRacing and wearing their sponsors t-shirt ? Didn’t look that way from the video.
        Nah, I’m not buying it. Reviews are about a persons opinions and has little to do with trust. You can trust a reviewer 100% but his opinion on a title might end up being totally different to yours anyway.
        I’ve not once heard SRT review something and even hint that iRacing is better so get that instead.

      • Matt Orr

        I’m an iRacing fan…. why would it bother me that iRacing and not someone else would sponsor them?

        I never said anything about the show being biased.

        Though, why should I trust a guy I don’t know who is wearing a competitor’s shirt in a show heavily sponsored by said competitor… Wait, because he has a large youtube channel?

      • F1Racer

        I don’t think they are asking for your trust. You take from it what you want. Regardless of the reviews, which I only use as a guideline anyway, the only way I know if a title is any good for me is by trying it myself. Someone else’s opinion isn’t really going to cut it as people have different likes and dislikes.
        But that’s not to say that I think no-one reviewing AAA stuff can be trusted. I don’t think everyone has been bought off. I’m not that conspiratorial.
        I am assuming by that lack of trust you are insinuating there would be a bias though.
        Anyway you take from these SRT vidoes what you want and make your own decisions and I reckon Darin and Shaun would expect just that.

      • Matt Orr

        Reread Den’s comment. Then reread the comment you just made.


        What, is he the only guy in the world with that thought? Least one other guy has the same thoughts… (and it isn’t me… I’ve had FT since it came out and have been loving it, but anyways)

      • Anonymous

        hmmmmm no youre pretty much entirely wrong. Of course it matters who they are funded by….thats the entire problem with almost all printed media, news corporations, and the US government itself at the moment.

        So yes….if you are making an internet show about sim racing….and you’re being funded by an entity that makes a simracing game……there is an immediate conflict of interest – FACT.

        its not what they say but what they Don’t say thats important. You could never expect them to ever say anything remotely negative about iracing, like ‘the car in X is better than in iracing’, or talk about other sim leagues as much as they do about iracing online.

        your comments on trust make zero sense. If you can trust someone, then you’ll value their opinion more. You can trust an independent news outlet thats funded purely by anonymous donations, than say, Fox news, BECAUSE they are independent and therefore are likely to give unbiased opinion on something.

        It totally matters how that opinion was constructed. Hence the term ‘a trusted source’.

  • F1Racer

    I’m definitely getting this! Not just because it’s Reiza but because it’s just something different to race with and it`ll be done right. There was an rF1 mod ages ago with trucks but this is bound to be a step forward. Come on Reiza, lets have it soon so we can play it over Easter !

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    This sim IS amazing…..In the slow speed corners (actually with these monsters pretty much every corner is slow, lol) it is amazing sliding sideways and having to really work the gas pedal to maintain the turn and drift; just nailing the gas will have you facing the wrong way very quickly lol.
    So awesome slowing down for a hairpin, feeling the nose plow while off the gas and just about time you think “well crap, I blew it; never going to slow down enough to make this” you then stop listening to your brain and nail the gas; the rear end jumps out and all of a sudden you are making the turn (while actually picking up speed!) and whether you make great time or spin out is 95% controlled by your left foot and 5% steering wheel inputs.
    If you try to drive these things like a “normal” car they just understeer like nothing else…once you learn to drift then you are making good time and the difficulty ramps up about 1000%!
    Netcode online is very good…I was in a server with 13 other trucks (most from the other side of the globe from me) and we were able to run side by side and beat doors with no problems.
    This sim is fantastic and for under $25 it should be in every sim-racers collection.

    • Anonymous

      yeh wow, its almost like driving…………………..a really slow and really heavy racing car.

  • Marto Davis

    Huge iRacing fan however I found this Sim in it’s current state to be an absolute joy to drive. Truck racing in Australia is very small these days but I’m a fan of anything different to the norm. Big ups to Reiza!

  • Anonymous

    Ok I know they have to produce a show but, seriously? does anyone else find their first looks pointless?
    I mean they are just going to end up repeating themselves when it comes to doing their actual review wasting both our time and theirs.
    Other than that I can’t wait to get this, be nice to race something other than a race car.

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