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SRT – Episode 40 Released

SRT – Episode 40 Released

Jessica, Darin & Shaun have released the newest episode of The 47-minute episode features racing rigs for under $1000, including the Z Frame by TSW and Sim Seat created by Dean Ayer.

Furthermore, Shaun is giving us some new tech tips, Team Redline shows us how to master VIR in iRacing and we get a little sneak peak of Fanatec’s much anticipated Porsche GT3 RS wheel.

To wrap things up, the guys are giving away copies of Simbin’s RACE Pro and codes to download new content for Simbin’s Xbox 360 racer. All in all, plenty of good reasons to watch episode 40 which you can do below!

[youtube utA1ZFs2EXk nolink]

  • paskowitz

    Personally I know FM2 is better overall game than GT5p but GT5p is a better driving game. Meaning that the act of driving a car is represented better in GT5p. i find FM2’s physics laughable. Each car is no different than the next and the tracks are like ice skating rinks they are so smooth. Ugh, to each his own.

  • Tony_A

    Own both, play both, like both.

    I agree with SRT though, in that Forza 2 is simply a better game/sim.

    Even without the damage issue and forgiving the lack of content, (as it’s a Prologue version,) GT5:P needs serious work in the driver AI, sound, telemetry, and online depts. Also, the tuning in GT5:P is very……simplified.

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