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Speedsims – New GT Cars Coming

Speedsims – New GT Cars Coming

Back in September, I had a first news item on’s free sports car mods for NASCAR Heat. What makes them special is that both the mods and the base game are free to download and can be raced on- or offline.

Even though NASCAR Heat was released in 2000, the simulation still looks pretty neat and should be interesting especially for owners of slower computers. With a Group C and a GT mod already being available, a new pack of FIA GT GT1 cars will join the simulation soon, including legendary machinery of the late 90s such as the Porsche 911 GT1 and the Panoz GTR1.

Previews of the new cars can be found below, head over to if you like sports cars and want to try out their free simulation.

  • DGO

    SpeedSims Creator of the SCGTS Mod is in the process of Modeling and adding the GT1 cars to this fantastic MOD.
    If you enjoy racing on Road Courses, checkout this fantastic Mod, and maybe at the same time race online with other fellow sim racing addicts!! :))

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