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Spa Francorchamps in Red Bull’s rFactor Pro Simulator

Spa Francorchamps in Red Bull’s rFactor Pro Simulator

The Formula One World Championship’s Belgian Grand Prix is coming up and as usual, the Red Bull Formula One Team has released a video of the track in their simulator.

The video shows Red Bull F1 driver Mark Webber driving and narrating a complete lap, giving us a chance to check out their virtual version of what’s arguably F1’s most challenging circuit featuring the famous Eau Rouge corner.

Like four other Formula One teams, Red Bull uses the Pro-version of rFactor for their simulator that is used for driver and crew training and other tasks.

  • RedSun

    Spa conversion from gp4 have many bugs in rFactor. In video no bugs! I must have!

  • M

    heheh he called it the red bull stimulator. I bet it is! That recreation of Spa looks brilliant.

  • Der_KHAN

    wow, this version of spa looks really good. i bet it’s a community mod like the rest of the “red bull tracks”. anybody know where to get it?

  • DeDios

    Yeah that Spa looks really good. I’m waiting a definitive Spa version, i hope will be for rF2 🙂

  • Ernie

    I never realized that the Rivage-corner (Turn 8 in video) is so bumpy. Great version of the track.

  • Justin ForzaBarça D’Cruze

    Long live Spa 🙂
    Not really sure what to make of Mark having that moment at Eau Rouge, f1 cars these days look like theyre on rails when they go through there.

  • RedSun
  • John DiFool

    I also hope it uses the old pits, so we can have big enduro fields…

  • Novum

    Did we just se a preview of Webber or Spa?
    Topspeed 302km/h NOT 310…. maybe they wish to go that fast!!!! 😉

  • DeDios

    i hope this track will have microbumps like Riches’s work (i mean LeMans2004 track and…WIP Zandvoort)

  • Made

    If you watch Vettels lap you notice how insanely bumpy it is. Almost too bumpy..

  • RedSun

    Vettel dont like this simulator. In his monaco lap = CRASH 🙂

  • Firestarter

    It seems that Webber went to slow through Eau Rouge and not getting enough downforce. 

  • f0xx

    We’ll see about that on Sunday :p

  • Fastbikkel

    Terrible way of filming, i dont get a clear reference of the screen, get no feel of how the car is responding. The camera keeps on changing position, as a race fan, i want to see one camera position here, and that is behind the setup. Jesus!

  • Timothy Wheatley

    If I were him I’d drive at 9/10ths on these vids to not look like a fool too much. 😉

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