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Something’s Big Coming To Assetto Corsa On Wednesday

Kunos Simulazioni are gearing up for a major announcement for their Assetto Corsa title on Wednesday, leaving the community guessing about what it will be.

Judging by the splash made about the upcoming announcement (the official website even has a countdown-clock), this is likely to be a more substantial announcement than just a DLC-pack or similar.

With most major licenses that would warrant such a large-style announcement (Ferrari, Porsche etc.) already present in the sim, it’s unlikely that the announcement is licensing-related.

The most likely scenarios are either an announcement on the simulation joining the growing eSports-market or, even bigger, the announcement of Assetto Corsa 2, something that was hinted at in interviews last year.

Until the cat is finally let out of the bag on Wednesday, feel free to speculate away in the comments below.

  • Vitor Pita


    • MC

      Yep, (re)released in green.

  • faybn

    My bet is the announcement of AC2 and the Le Mans licence.

  • Glen Orpheus

    My thoughts are 24 hour day and night cycle and the Le Mans (“,)
    but whatever will be i doubt we will be disappointed.

  • svenvangent


  • svenvangent

    Ooooor….; As I’m ON PS4 ,Assetto Corsa will make the game much better
    to start with many many more tracks , better AI for all the cars ,
    personal laptime recording that you can delete when a new update is
    coming or if you want to keep it the Version of the update will be
    marked , day and night cyclus no rain needed , showroom with info like
    in PC , they will make the game for console as promised equal to PC , and the
    updates will come sooner .

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