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Something Nordschleife This Way Comes….

Something Nordschleife This Way Comes….

Several weeks ago there were rumors about a potential RACE 07 Expansion pack from Simbin. This yet unconfirmed pack was rumored to include the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife. Those of you (who are we kidding…all of us!) who can’t wait that long to tackle the Green Hell will be pleased to hear this:

RaceSimCentral user mojo666 has acquired permission from Raceking to convert his Nordschleife to RACE07. A first WIP release is expected very soon, click here for more info on this exciting project.

  • Genghis99

    No other company exept SONY will ever do a Nordschleife for a commercial game.
    Sony is the owner of all belonging rights and licenses – And they want to use their rights for GT5 and the PS3. And they want to protect their Market.

    So its stay as it is – no commercial NOS.

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