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Slightly Mad Studios To Launch Own Console, Project CARS 3

Slightly Mad Studios’ CEO Ian Bell has unveiled a massive plan as the company is poised to release their own gaming console.

Appropriately named the “Mad Box”, the company’s first console is aiming to be as powerful as a potent PC two years from now, enabling 4k resolution gaming, 60fps VR support and more.

SMS is currently in talks with hardware manufacturers and has funding for the ambitious project lined up as well, the company expects a market release around 2022.

Slightly Mad Studios has a history of making bold decisions such as launching their World of Mass Development portal in 2011. Before sites like Kickstarter became a mass-market thing, WMD helped fund the development of both Project CARS and Project CARS2.

One title coming to the Mad Box could be the upcoming third installment of the Project CARS franchise Bell recently hinted about, Project CARS 3 (for a lack of a better name right now) will move away from Project CARS 2 Sandbox concept and move more into the direction of the company’s past Need for Speed Shift titles.

Despite the “less sandbox, more fun” approached outlined by Bell, Project CARS 3 will still aim to provide a realistic racing experience.

  • Nico E.

    I hope their gaming console have not so many Bug s how PCars1 und PCars2. 😉 Peace

  • BernL

    I must say. PC2 is ok, Starting to prefer it over AC

    • Francesco Kasta

      How so?

  • Richard Hessels

    Why other developers want another console platform to release on.
    See so many tries the last decades, but only Sony, MS and Nintendo survived.

    • mag nit

      Sony and MS were the newer players in the game. I’d say Nintendo “survived”.

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  • Raman Bzhk

    I hope that at least the third part will not have such number of extensions, packs and special editions

  • Derek Speare

    So is VR a zombie site now???

    • Pvt Stash

      Reckon it’s dead mate, nothing new in over a year. Pity, was a great site once upon a time but I guess everything has to end eventually.

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