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Slightly Mad Studios Acquire Blimey! Games

Slightly Mad Studios Acquire Blimey! Games

Slightly Mad Studios have bought Blimey! Games and its assets in an effort of saving the studio from bankruptcy.

Ever since the demise of parent company 10tacle8 Studios in August 2008, Blimey! Games suffered financial troubles, putting the ongoing Kart Attack, Ferrari Project and Project Falcon titles and plenty of jobs in danger of being scrapped.

“We kept things going as long as possible,” commented former Blimey! director Ian Bell, “because of the amazing work the team was doing on our one surviving project and the patience of our publisher. However it was commercially unsustainable and it soon became clear that unless decisive action was taken we would lose that”.

Following his involvement with Simbin and Blimey!, Bell is now the man behind Slightly Mad Studios. The newly found studio managed to preserve all jobs at Blimey! and ensured the company will be receiving most if not all of the money it is owed.

Hopefully, the new studio can now moving forward as planned, it looks like the sim racing community barely escaped the loss of a second major player in what’s pretty much a niche industry.

  • Stancke

    So… Ferrari Project is still in progress? Any updates towards Ferrari Project?


  • Uff

    You don’t have to ask it to Montoya: Blimey has the answer and seems to be yes. Let’s hope to see some news in the close future, now!

  • Pugamall

    Great news !!!

  • trebor901

    ummm? major player my a**e

  • JimmyB

    trebor: Well they did make GTR, GT Legends and GTR2. Pretty big games I’d say.

  • RKipker

    Hey Ian Bell, just want you guys to know I will be buying no less than 2 full versions of whatever you guys put out. Kart, Ferrari Project, etc… I will support you guys as I’m sure many in the Sim World Will!

    Thanks for keeping it going :happy: :happy: :happy:

  • stabiz

    How is Blimey not a major player?

  • F1Racer

    It all depends who you are comparing them too.
    In the sim racing world they are but not in the gaming world as whole when you compare to EA, Ubisoft etc.

    As the paragraph stated “a major player in this niche industry”, it would be correct in that (although I dunno if I`d class sim racing as an industry – gaming in general is).

  • stabiz

    We are of course talking about simracing. 😐

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