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Sky Textures Pack – Released

Sky Textures Pack – Released

6e66o has released a pack of new sky textures for rFactor, enhancing the tracks with a much more realistic sky.

The pack includes 30 skies ready to use with every rFactor track, skies include the following categories:

blue clear
blue clouded

A detailed description on how to use the new textures can be found by visiting the download-link below.

Download Sky Textures Pack Here

  • stabiz

    Yeah, lots of goodies today. Thanks, 6e66o!

  • GeraArg

    THX 6e66o! :happy:

  • Dimitris

    6e66oo you’re the man :D:D

  • Eddie

    Will this mess up night?

  • Remus

    Excellent job 6e66o…always :sd:

  • 6e66o

    no eddie

  • The Lonely

    They won’t work with every track. Just those that use the default sky naming convention. Most of my later tracks use a custom sky box with skies named so that they don’t get overwritten.

    • Gniewko Ostrowski

      they will work if you rename them then 😀

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