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Skoda Octavia Cup 06/07 – Released

Skoda Octavia Cup 06/07 – Released

From comes a revised version of their Skoda Octavia Cup for rFactor. The 06/07 version features quite some changes compared to the 2.0 release, including new rims, gear ratios, suspension, 2007 skins and more.

Just like the team’s BMW 1 Challenge mod, the Skoda Cup was made with the help of a real-life race driver. Vekra Racing Team’s Petr Fulín assisted with the new verison, adding a little spice of realism and experience.


– corrected rims according to real rims
– real slip curve; thanks to Matador data and Petr Fulín, for your patience with me ))
– corrected gear ratios – real telemetry data
– corrected engine power – real telemetry data
– new skins for season 2007
– corrected a few parameters in physics – brand new suspension definition, real based
– make some photos from CP-SOC races, mod team, etc..
– your old skins will be functional

Download Skoda Octavia Cup 06/07 Here

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