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SimXperience Joins Forces With Momo

SimXperience has announced a partnership with Momo for their upcoming high-end AccuForce steering wheel.

Many sim racers are anxiously waiting for SimXperience’s upcoming AccuForce high-end steering wheel and the already very promising sounding product has gotten even more promising as SimXperience has announced a partnership with Momo.

The new steering wheel will be available as AccuForce Momo Edition, coming with one of the three professional Momo rims pictured below, as well as being compatible to other Momo rims.

While SimXperience has not yet revealed complete technical specs of the AccuForce steering wheel, it is confirmed to be a professional-grade, high end system with features such as quick release mechanism, fully-adjustable wheel button box and aluminum shifting paddles.

Despite all the features, SimXperience is promising a retail price of less than $2000 for the AccuForce Momo edition. For more info on the upcoming wheel and the Momo partnership, visit the SimXperience website.

  • RKipker

    AWESOME, I can’t wait for this one!

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