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SimSteering Wheel by Leo Bodnar – Released

Sim racing hardware guru Leo Bodnar has unveiled his new, massive, project as the SimSteering wheel is now available.

Sim racing hardware guru Leo Bodnar has unveiled his new, massive, project as the SimSteering wheel is now available.

As with everything Leo produces, the wheel is aimed at sim racers looking to get more than what the average consumer gear provides.

The wheel is available in two versions, a kit version for those who want to assemble a wheel with their own rim and a complete version with the GT wheel rim you can check out below, alongside the impressive specs.

Unfortunately, all the fancy tech comes with quite a price tag attached as the kit version sells for 2400 British Pounds + tax while the complete package is available for a hundred pounds more.

The wheel is compatible to all major simulations currently on the market, videos of the unit in action are expected to be available soon.


  • 16nm peak torque
  • 10,000 PPR Encoder
  • 20,000Hz internal update rate
  • Used by professional driver training centres and race teams since 2010
  • Powered by mains 100 – 240 VAC
  • Works on every sim race game we’ve tested including, rFactor 1&2, iRacing, DiRT 1,2&3, F1 2010,2011,2012, P. C.A.R.S, Assetto Corsa, all SimBin titles plus many more.


  • SimSteering Control Box
  • High precision and strength servo motor
  • Desktop Mounting Bracket
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Shaft Clamp Adaptor (with 70mm & 50.8mm bolt patterns)
  • GT Steering Wheel
  • 2m motor cables
  • 3m USB Cable
  • Choice of UK, US or EU power Cable
  • Manual
  • Config software
  • Anonymous

    What could be in that control box ???
    Leo is using a single motor directly bolted to the rim, just like Niels, isn’t it ?
    I’m really curious :p

    • Geran Brown

      Niels is using Leo’s wheel in his videos

      • Niels Heusinkveld

        Yes, but I have an older version that is less accurate, well, less insanely accurate, and isn’t packaged in a nice box. The new wheels have better FFB and are packaged nicer, and have a big red emergency stop button. 🙂

      • Jorge Azcoitia

        Now after reading this I really want one… aaaargg…

      • Anonymous

        Niels, please can you comment on FFB response with direct drive/ G25/ Belt drive (t500/fanatec).

        everyone seems to be convinced and deluded that the t500/fanatec are better wheels than g25, and i say this is not true. the g25 is more responsive and quicker to respond to ffb changes in direction. proved this with his graphs when he tested the different wheels.

        do you have any thoughts on this? thanks.

      • Niels Heusinkveld

        I haven’t seen / touched / driven with the T500 or Fanatec, so I don’t really know.. The Bodnar can’t be compared with any of these naturally..

    • Noel Hibbard

      The control box is where the power supply is for that massive motor.

      • Anonymous

        Which could be placed out of the way enabling a smaller footprint on the desk or rig. I think it’s very innovative TBH

  • Anonymous

    the price might seem high, but the cost of returning broken fanatec products back to germany soon mounts up.

    • Anonymous

      What cost? Shipping is paid by Fanatec and their service has become second to none in regards to their clubsport line of products policies.

  • Anonymous

    Not a single button on the steering wheel?

    • StarFoxySxv550

      And not a single button was given..

  • Marcel Offermans

    No buttons is one thing, but no shifter paddles in my opinion is worse. I am wondering if such an upgrade is planned at all. I’ve used Niels’ wheel, and must admit if felt great, but I was hoping that the “production” version would feature shifter paddles at least.

    • GamerMuscle

      You just add your own wheel with buttons.

      If you are spending 2+K on the motor , PSU and control unit then you wont care about 150-300 to be spent on a custom fully built steering wheel.

      • Marcel Offermans

        I was more wondering why, for that money (plus whatever euros for the wheel), there is no option to get it pre-assembled.

  • GamerMuscle

    I know this wheel seems expensive but its not that bad, you have to remember that its not likely to brake and its likely to last for 5-10 years with only minor things needing fixing.

    If you also consider that this wheel will likely represent the pinnacle with future improvements coming from the control software more than in the physical components its unlikely you will have large future expenses.

    This wheel will also get you as close to F1 team quality Sim FFB and will deliver more than enough toque to build arm strength and required reflexes that would ever be needed to be acclimatized to a real race car.

    From what I understand In many ways the specific motor used in this Leo Bodnar wheel Is arguably WAY WAY WAY overkill in terms of required power and RPM for using it in this application.

    For people that cannot afford Leo Bodnar’s solution there are a couple of people working independent on there own projects at the moment and good progress has already been made. Within the next 12-18 months or so Its likely that a solution will exist for people to build there own FFB wheel using a servo motor or other semi generic industrial motor for around £500-£1500 total cost.

    Its just a case of driver software being made public and a list of compatible components also being made public or more obvious to people less aware.

    All in all these Direct drive solutions are incredibly exciting and absolutely blow any other wheel out of the market , For people that have been longing for the quick response of a G25 and that tight tactile feel but with the rotation speed and torque this is literally a dream come true.

    • Mazda Mps

      Totally agree on every point.

  • Steven Ciofalo

    Here is hoping Logitech comes out with a G29 and it uses a direct drive system.. Make it $500 and everyone will buy it logitech.. EVERYONE.

    • Anonymous

      I just bought a new G27 for use on console. I am happy with my purchase but the CSW stays for PC use.

  • Milan Kircanski

    are you serious?2400 British Pounds + tax while the complete package is available for a hundred pounds more.

  • Anonymous

    If this thing doesn’t even require a fan, why does my CSW overheat and lose FFB after 10 minutes?

    • Niels Heusinkveld

      With the Bodnar, YOU overheat in 10 minutes and crash 😉

      • Anonymous

        lol, best reply ever.

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm I don’t have that problem contact support.

      • Anonymous

        Birddogg, if you have the time, try HistorX’s LF Cortina at Hockenhiem, and give it a drifty setup, and see if your FFB lasts longer than 10m. Use 900 degree steering, and 100% FF, For, and game FFB.

      • Anonymous

        Your right there is something bad going on with that mod I tried it and was bad from the get go. Can’t really say it’s directly related to problems with my wheel though since no problems with other softwares. I should roll back the driver and see if it is persistent and if so contact both Fanatec and Historx

      • Anonymous

        I will also reinstall HistorX

      • Anonymous

        I reinstalled historx and everything seemed fine FTMP. You could always lower in game FFB to -80 instead of -100 and see if you still get overheating. If it is getting clipped your not getting the true effects anyhow.

      • Anonymous

        I got excellent FFB from the start with Zeo’s mix, but it lessens and lessens in a matter of minutes until there’s very nearly no FFB at all. I assumed that because the cars are so drifty that at 900 degrees I was fighting the motor too much, causing it to overheat. If I turned it off for a while, the FFB would be back. Didn’t happen so much with mods of modern cars because there’s not nearly as much correcting. (assuming) I sent it back. I seriously doubt it’s a software issue. Thanks for checking, and let me know what you find out.

    • GamerMuscle

      Because different motors are rated to operate at different voltages and typically as you push the voltages lower rated/cheaper motors will heat up more.

      If you run a motor within its rating or under it will likely not get that hot. these types of servo motors used in top end wheels are also designed operate for long periods of continued use within environments where additional cooling might not be desirable or possible.

      To get higher torque from smaller/cheaper motors such as found in CSW,T500 you have to run the motors at higher voltages or just use cheaper motors that are more prone to heat issues so fans are used to compensate with this.

      For example ARC G25 mod requires more cooling as the higher voltage runs the motor over its basic rating.

      Having said that , these servo motors are insanely over over engineered for them to then be used as a FFB solution.

      I think to hit consumer market at a realistic price point and to make profit from volume sales. A lower rated motor that can still output at least 10Nm + 200 RPM maybe with the use of a planetary gearbox would probably be more appropriate.

      • Anonymous

        Man, you should talk more about hardware and less about games… I used to skip your posts, now I’m drinking every word !

      • Anonymous

        whys that, because hes not criticising a game that youre a fan off, thus making him wrong, obviously.

      • Bernhard Berger

        …and this is simply wrong.

        Voltage increases speed
        Amperage increases torque

        Higher voltage only means that the motor turns faster.

  • eifionevans

    DO NOT WANT . . . . two kidneys

  • Anonymous

    so is this plug and play? …or comes with some software like logitech to adjust according to game requirements.

    how much does it weight? guess shipping to north america would be few hundred if not more dollars.

  • Big Ron

    I’ve got quite a few people in my mind who would kill me if I would spend that much money for gaming accessories

    • Nicolas Grignon

      same here… I wish I was a wealthy bachelor… they get all the fun these days…

  • Anonymous

    WOW! more simgear most of us can’t pay for….

    • Andrew Tiltman

      Tell me about it, I was extremely interested in this setup and studied the setup Neils has been using, researched stepper/servo motors etc. It is a shame that Leo didn’t release the planned controller kit for us enthusiasts as that may have made it more accessible.

  • myvracelog

    keep up the good work leo. i have one of your items, has lasted a long time well worth it.

  • StarFoxySxv550

    An “Emergency Stop Button”

    This is health and safety gone mad. I guess if you have one of these wheels you wont need a racing helmet but one of these instead..

  • sk3ptik0n

    I asked my wife if she was open to the idea of having another baby and selling him/her to finance this wheel. It didn’t go over well, I am sad to report. She has always been egotistical when it came to my needs.

  • Diego Colafabio

    I want this wheel so bad. Sadly i don’t have enough money 🙁 i’d like to try it.

  • John Beeson

    There are no shifter paddles or buttons because the GT wheel supplied is designed to be more of a test wheel before you add your own. This is a FFB system, not a steering wheel with added FFB.

    • John Beeson

      BTW we will have a small selection of steering wheels as optional upgrades coming soon…

  • Wm Ls

    Maybe if you spend that kind of cash they will follow up and supply some customer service, cause I haven’t seen any from them.

  • John Beeson

    Well you did damage your board by plugging an external power supply into it and we offered to repair it for you….

    • Wm Ls

      yes just offered but that is as far as it went, please note that I made no claim that I didn’t damage the board. My point was that the offer was given but were missing shipping info. Customer service!

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