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SimRacing Hardware – Introducing The Monsta

SimRacing Hardware has unveiled their newest product, the Monsta.

The guys over at SimRacing Hardware are known specialists for wheel mounted displays and devices but now they`re introducing something entirely different: The Monsta.

Instead of being mounted to a wheel, the Monsta is made to be placed directly under the monitor, keeping the information right in the view of the driver.

The Monsta comes with twin 16 LED shift light arrays, large blue gear indicator, white speedometer, yellow position indicator, red 3 digit display for temps or fuel and a red 6 digit display to show times and other information.

The unit will retail for 225 British Pounds, SimRacing Hardware expects first units to be available for shipment in July. You can check out the Monsta during a test run in the video below.

  • steve farrell

    Thats exactly what I am looking for. I will buy one of those for sure

  • Anonymous

    its a first as far as monitor mounted displays are on the market. I like the size, and the fact that it can be watched without losing focus of the track. … And it looks like a million dollars  🙂

    • Anonymous

      Agreed!  Great looking product here

  • Bjørn Christian Gaardbo

    Wim 🙂 Why is your (or rather Arnolds) Mercedes in this video?

    Does SimRaceHardware have any relations to BSR? 🙂

    Asking in pure curiosity.

    • Anonymous

      Well, it is not always clear in the sim scene, but between al the hating and trolling , some people just enjoy having friends. ( you are actually a good example of that, and thanks for that 🙂 
      That said, Brian is a friendly and interesting person. Over time we got to know him better and appreciated the efforts he is doing to make our hobby even more fun. 
      By now SRH has become a in-house friend of RMT. we do have a look at what they are creating now and then, and that also happens the other way around. SRH products are just very high quality build, and that dedication got our respect and interest.  Apart from that we are not on the SRH payroll  😉 .

      Its nice to have an external opinion about the WSGT2 sometimes, and the only way to get that without starting a troll war these days, is to use your friends.  Brian is one of those.

      PS: We dont get that many replies when we show a wip shot or video, and sometimes i have a feeling that a smalll portion of the community is anti RMT, but that said, we do receive heaps of mail, and its really nice to know that the majority of fans, appreciate the effort, even if its not their thing.

      • Bjørn Christian Gaardbo

        Well, I check your website every day – at least once a day.

        I have always enjoyed the previews you’ve posted, mostly because I enjoy the cars you’re making, especially the TS020 and Arnold is in my opinion one of the best modelers, if not the best, in this community.

        I couldn’t help but recognizing the AMG steering wheel of that Benz and then looked back at one of Wongs videos of it around The Ring and then I was sure in my case that it was indeed the WSGT2 CLK GTR. 

        I might consider investing in one of these “stands” but first I’ll have to wait for a spare part for my G25 coming all the way from Thailand as Logitech wouldn’t help me by sending a disc for the optic sensor inside the wheel… So I’m getting one laser-cut in metal so it won’t crack again!

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