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SimRaceWay – Pricing Model Explained

SimRaceWay has explained their pricing model following the much-discussed Audi R18 TDI release.

A few days ago, SimRaceWay’s pricing of the Audi R18 TDI sparked quite a lot of outrage in the community.

While other cars sell for cents or a few dollars, Audi’s Le Mans Challenger comes with a whopping $16 price tag attached, making it more expensive than any content in iRacing or DLC packs for Forza Motorsport 4 & Gran Turismo 5.

In a reaction to the criticism (or maybe coincidental?), SRW has released the following text to explaining the reasoning behind the pricing model.

We’ve mentioned our car pricing policy a couple of times on this blog before but, now we’ve launched a variety of vehicle types, we thought it was a good time to spell out how we arrive at each car’s price tag, as well as expanding on just how much value-for-money that represents.

We spent a long time looking at various possible pricing models, including those of existing driving games, but we couldn’t find anything that gelled with our two key values of affordability and authenticity. So we went back to the drawing board and developed a unique model that not only reflects our focus on realism but also represents flexibility, transparency, and simplicity for our players—a system that keeps our prices in line with real-life values and allows players to choose cars to suit their circumstances.

What’s more, because we’ve decided to peg our prices at a mere 1/100,000th of actual USD market values, you can add affordable to that list too. It means that if money’s tight but you need a new on-track experience, you can grab an Audi RS4 for just 67 cents, a 2011 Dodge Charger R/T for 30 cents or, if you’re really feeling the squeeze, you can drive yourself to payday in a Simraceway Kart for a back-of-the-sofa six cents! In fact the vast majority of the 600+ cars we’ll be delivering over the next few months will come in at under $3 each.

Of course this system throws up the odd “collector’s item”, that rarest of rides with the “reassuringly expensive” asking price that only real enthusiasts would consider meeting. But that’s part of the fun too. If you buy, say, a Bugatti Veyron, just like in real life you’re purchasing exclusivity—the chance to sail around the Simraceway tracks safe in the knowledge that you belong to an automotive elite. And by “expensive” we’re not talking bank-breaking—we estimate that only a handful of cars will breach the $10 barrier.

Given the fact that our range of cars is growing all the time, we know there are going to be challenges to overcome, including finding accurate market values for historic cars and racers that have had millions thrown at them by mega-rich teams. However we always try to come to a fair and affordable solution (see our FAQ to discover how we work these values out) and the result is that, with 21 cars launched so far, 16 of them are priced at below $3 (and nine of those are below $1).

We believe what we’vie come up with is an innovative and inexpensive approach to a longstanding question and we hope you’re enjoying the results.

Do you agree to their ideas? Is belonging to the “automotive elite” worth 16 Dollars for a single car? Share your view in the comments in below!

  •ć/1531230449 Pera Pecony Jovanović

    I think that 16$ is a bit to much, but i played this game for a while and i have about 12 cars, and i haven’t spent a single cent on them. There are these credits witch you earn for every lap you make in quick races or events. 1 lap = 5 credits, 10 credits = 1 cent. So, I, being a greedy bastard, got on with the laps and earned those cars with hours of work, which was not hard for me, because I like to drive.

    • Horrace L Foster

      I agree with you, if you dont want to pay that much for car then dont., the problems I have with simraceway way go far beyond the price of the cars, it is how the races are ran. I really quit using it after constantly being ran off the track, I started feeling like I was on xbox live again.

      •ć/1531230449 Pera Pecony Jovanović

        The problem is that so many non-sim people saw the FREE GAME sign, so they don’t have any idea about racing. And what i can say about the races is that the game is still in beta, so it will probably get better later on.

      • Anonymous

        Hey, at least you got to race. I seem to only get Hot Lap Competitions.

        I have said it before: their game is well done and the cars drive much better than your average rfactor mod. I love driving their Simraceway formula car, I think they did a great job with it. 
        If they start holding decent races I will go back and race but until they break out of the Hot Lap mold there is little incentive for me.

        As far as the pricing and the cars, tracks, etc. for the moment I am agnostic. Those that want to buy or earn their cars can and those that don’t are not obliged to. If they started running a high quality leMans series with good drivers on decent tracks, those $16 will make a lot more sense than they do now. ATM I see  no reason to buy a $16 car I cannot use. Once they have a series for it, it will become a matter of how well they run it.

    • Anonymous

      So 3,200 laps to get enough for the Audi LM ?   Have I calculated that right ?

      Say average 1m40 per lap…..  nearly 89hrs of racing.  Almost 4 solid days worth of lapping.

      • Michael

        Seems quite reasonable.
        If the game’s not worth playing, there’s no point playing it (and little point worrying about the price of in-game fish)

        If it is fun, even a casual gamer averaging an hour a session might “earn” around 10-20 cents credit during that time. Let’s assume he does just 100 sessions a year. That’s plays the game twice a week for an hour, or about 60 times the time he spends having sex.

        He gets around $10-20 of stuff a year, just for playing a game he thinks is fun and was playing anyway. He can get one ‘special’ car, or a bunch of the cheaper ones.

        That’s if he thinks it isn’t worth spending any money at all on something he does for 100 hours a year. You have to wonder whether he wipes his arse on his hands to save money? 🙂

        For anyone really into playing games or this specific game, they might easily average more than an hour a day, every day. The credit will soon mount up, not by laboriously sweating marathon long sessions, but simply by doing something he enjoys and does anyway (difficult to believe with sim racing, I’ll admit, but the law of averages suggests one of them will write a good game eventually)

  • Anonymous

    Every  car in iRacing costs 12$ and with that I mean a Mustang and the Jetta. If you compare an Audi R18 TDI and 4$ difference both being licensed you can see how much more expensive the Jetta is. I’m not defending SRW I’m not sure where their quality is compared with iRacing specially knowing SRW runs the same engine as rF1. But if SRW is expensive iRacing is much more expensive! 

    • Matt Orr

      Every car in iRacing costs 12$ and with that I mean the HPD, C6R, Dallara Indycar and the FW31. If you compare an Audi R18 TDI and 4$ difference both being licensed you can see how much more expensive the R18 is.

      It’s a flat fee. There is no reason for prices to reflect anything in the real world, as it has nothing to do with the real world and iRacing is smart enough to see that it’d only damage customer relations. Many of the best cars in iRacing are the “low end” cars anyways!

      • Anonymous

        in this case SRW is exposing the real scheme and how much money iRacing is really making on low profile cars which by market standards should be selling at cents not 12 dollars! SRW the one being straight forward with customers and not selling something 2000% more expensive than it should be (Jetta for example). I’m sure SRW’s openness will hurt their relationship with iRacing as they are bringing prices down a lot reducing margins but how can you complain on that? I don’t get you Matt!

      • Matt Orr

        What is there to not understand? Does it really matter if my pixels say “Audi R18” or if it says “Ford FR500S”? Because it doesn’t.

        A car isn’t cheaper to make because it’s a cheaper car. Pixels are pixels and have zero relation to a material object in the real world. License fees are one thing, and TBH I’m still wondering what SRW is doing given the debacle that was it’s inception.

        iRacing isn’t Free 2 Play. SRW is. One is the niche of the niche, the other wants to bring in as many as absolutely possible to make their microtransactions work. This “exposes” nothing; iRacing goes by hard data and scans the cars / gets CAD data. SRW likely sends a request in to a 3d Model studio in China to make their stuff, then adds in placeholder physics that have no grounding in reality or data to back anything up.

        SRW has nearly zero effect on iRacing. I have NEVER seen a single thread about it outside mocking it after the debacle that was it’s inception on it’s forums, despite threads for every other sim. Long term iRacers are not the same people playing SRW.

        When you provide the premium service in a sector as iRacing truly does right now, you can charge whatever the hell people will pay.

        Ever been to a buffet? One flat fee, all the food you can eat. Did they expose the fine dining restaurant business by doing so?

        I’ll put this simply. I pay for entertainment in the form of a racing sim. I have gotten far more fun out of the $12 ($15 when I purchased it!) Skip Barber than I have with any other car in iRacing. I’ve spent more time in the HPD than just about any other car in any sim outside perhaps the GPL Eagle. I certainly got my $12 out of em. The amount of entertainment they provide is their true value – nothing more nothing less.

      • Anonymous

        man you still don’t get it! it’s not about pixel but how much do you think iRacing payed to get the license for the Jetta and how much has SRW payed to get the Audi license? that’s how they come up with cents and dollars! 

      • Matt Orr

         No, you still don’t get it. It is how SRW comes up with cents and dollars. SRW is not iRacing, SRW isn’t even built on a similar model to iRacing. SRW is irrelevant to iRacing, and vice versa. iRacing charges per car a FLAT FEE. From the Skip to the FW31, it’s all the same price. That is their price scheme, regardless of how much the license was.

        Oh, and seeing how VW and Audi are one and the same, I bet you they paid about the same in actuality. VW Audi will make infinitely more money off of the Jetta in the real world than it will the R18. Unless SRW got secret access to the R18 to gather every last bit of technical data possible, which anyone with half a brain knows they didn’t get within 15 feet of the thing with the engine cover off.

        Race cars are easier to license. They are not nearly as important to a company when talking about someone like VW Audi who sells road cars. More willing to license? Yes. Easier? Probably not. Cheaper? Probably not. Licensing is largely to use the likeness of the branding, and the humble Jetta is far more important than the R18 ever will be.

        Keep trying though!

      • Wesley M

        So if I understand your post correctly they ask a higher licensing fee for a well known and trusted company than an company fully based on lies and the hard work of modders and modding groups who did the same work, just better, for free? have to be kidding me

  • Anonymous

    To me its a weird and pretty meaningless pricing concept.  Pricing the car based on real world value ?   Why ?  Just so people can brag about exclusivity ?
    Well, does the Bugatti Veyron cost more in resources to model than the Dodge Charger ?  Are its physics far more sophisticated ?    Probably not.  Sim racing isnt real and although we want it to be as real as possible, I think pricing cars compared to how they are in the real world is a step over the line.
    So a Dodge Charger is 30cents but an Audi Le Mans is $16.  You can’t justify that price gap with any reasoned argument.   Tell me I`ll get 48x more fun from the Audi because its 48x better then I`ll think about it.

    With the sims that are coming our way this year plus iRacings commercial success I really don’t see SRW’s pricing policy working especially.  Not unless they have one hell of a racing experience to offer that can make iRacing look like amateur hour.

    Still for people with deep pockets and nothing else to spend their money on…..

    • Anonymous

      The way I saw things it’s based on how much the license is costing them.

      • Anonymous

        They must suck at getting licenses, then 😉

  • Anonymous

    Blah Blah Blah like we really care if we are elite or not. Don’t get me wrong I do somewhat like Simraceway but not too crazy about the Micro Transaction Concept and prefer packaged material. It seems that they are putting out a lot of Cars and no Tracks so far I have not been charged for a track and don’t know if it is their plan in the future to do so? If not I see why we haven’t been getting new tracks and why they keep releaseing pay for material.
    I just don’t think I can get a grip on Ignite’s business structure or iRacing’s in that matter. ISI is the only American Sim Race developers I can truely stand behind and are an excellent example of what is best in America in the way of Small business

    • Anonymous

      SRW should start paying me lol! I’ve read somewhere their tracks will all be laser scanned and the current tracks are just temporarily so if that’s really the case it makes sense. 

  • Rasmus Tali

    I am starting to think that SRW is created just to make iRacing look affordable.
    Seriously though I hope people will not buy the game aslong as the so called “pricing model” will not change.

  • Guilherme Cramer

    They way they justify it, their physics better be spot on with real life. 

  • Stefan T.

    Anyone who is using SRW deserves to pay those over the top prices. Funny how everyone forgot how SRW took the modding communities content for their own benefit without even asking the creators.

    Now they’ve changed their business modell but I still wonder where they get their content from. I wouldn’t be suprised if they still use other peoples work to make some bucks and still haven’t got any permission.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe someone should ask where they get their content from.

    • Michael

      They didn’t “take” anything.

      Modders release their work – and because modders work is a derived work the (c) isn’t theirs to moan about anyway. Once released it’s there for anyone to use as the (c) holders (the game authors) deem fit.

      Besides, what logic is there in these sim-community moans anyway? Most of the complaints are about the price. So what you’re basically saying is, modders work – or game developers work – or simraceways work – it doesn’t really matter whose work it is – most of you are moaning because you think this work is worthless crap that isn’t worth paying more than a few cents for.

      Of course, they might be right, it might be worthless crap.

      But at least be consistent and stop acting like modders do great and noble work for free when, bottom line, few of you actually consider it worth the price of a cup of coffee anyway and definitely don’t consider it valuable or worth paying for.

      • Stefan T.

        Modders spend MANY hours in creating all that stuff that the community gets for free and that extends the lifecycles of many racing simulations.

        Just because they recreate a F1 saison or whatever doesn’t give companies like SRW the right to reuse their work without even asking for permission and making profit trough modders work. Modders do release their work non-profit so everyone can enjoy these mods.

        While mods using trademarked stuff are still a legal-limbo it doesn’t give anyone out there the right to rip or resell these mods. But I guess we live in a time where a lot of untalented people think they could use the work of the talented people and resell it as their own work.

  • Anonymous

    If you don’t like it, don’t play it. I thought it was cool to be able to try it for free. I’m not into it though, so at least I didn’t have to subscribe or anything. 

    • Anonymous

      yeah – cool for free.   But what’s free?   One very average car.   Oh wow.  Beyond that it isn’t free at all.

  • Anonymous

    “Of course this system throws up the odd “collector’s item”, that rarest
    of rides with the “reassuringly expensive” asking price that only real
    enthusiasts would consider meeting. But that’s part of the fun too. If
    you buy, say, a Bugatti Veyron, just like in real life you’re purchasing
    exclusivity—the chance to sail around the Simraceway tracks safe in the
    knowledge that you belong to an automotive elite.”

    Yes, be reassured that you’ve spent enough money that you will have absolutely nobody to race against. The more they cost, the less value they have. Good going SRW, let us know how that works out for you.

  • Anonymous

    this is literally one of the dumbest things ive ever read in the simracing world. 

    no, i lie, THE dumbest thing ive ever read. 

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see (most) everyone recognises SRW is a joke.

    Dude running it must be a hypnotist or something – how else to explain the success at persuading people to back such a lame idea.    It’s rf1 FFS.   If you can’t race your “exclusive” car against anyone else (because it’s so exclusive) what’s the point?   

    Exclusive means exclusion – preventing others from having it.  Yeah, that’s the ethic!  Well done for appealing to the meanest human traits.   

    Compare to rfactor – which had an ethic of open-ness, user-added content, anarchic and FREE beyond initial purchase.   What a joke.   The end of SRW.   Good riddance.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, and let’s not forget that SRW launched claiming – and STILL claims – that its tracks are laser-scanned.

    “….Simraceway’s great features—its appealing, licensed cars, its challenging, laser-scanned tracks…. ”

     This is from their homepage on their current website:

    —–“Feel every bump and camber on our authentic real-world tracks thanks to pro-grade 3D scanning. —–

    That’s simply untrue.   It’s a lie.  A deceit.Here are some more untruths:

    By the start of 2012, we expect to be releasing over 30 laser-scanned models each month as we build up a comprehensive simulation library of motorsport history, which our players will be able to purchase content from. We like to think of it as an “iTunes for racing”. 

    What a lot of tosh.   None of it has happened.  None of it is true.

    On their homepage they show a picture of a McLAren, and a slew of famous racing and production Marques…..alongside claims the game is FREE.   Rubbish – there is only one car free.  Yet NOWHERE on their website do they mention you have to pay to obtain new cars.

    I hate dishonesty.

    • Anonymous

      Posted on 25 March 2012  

      Your website says you can feel every bump and camber on our tracks thanks to pro-grade 3D scanning. What’s the hardest part of trying to perfectly replicate a real track in a video game?

      Ignite Game Technologies CEO, Jonathan Haswell:    We map tracks by firing a laser beam at certain points in the surface, producing many, individual points which are calculated and plotted to ultimately give us a kind of ultra-precise 3D image model, then clothed in texture imagery and deployed in the game. In fact, the hardest part of the whole process is the logistical side—finding a mutually acceptable time to gain access to a track can be tricky, especially when you’ve got more than 60 to get through. Then, once you’ve actually made it onto the track you have to contend with other factors that you have absolutely no control over, such as extreme weather conditions. 

      Nevermind that there are NO laser scanned tracks in SRW.

  • tgn motorsports

    Actually to be fair Iracing milked there fanboy’s  and people starving for racing for  tracks and cars were like 25$ each the 1st month it opened and $25 to use service a month AND you could not set up your own server. So let’s please to be fair compare apples to apples.  🙂

    Now iracing is struggling for new members and cutting costs majorly, Simraceway will learn same fate.

    if they can come up with a indy series that has tracks and physics as good as iracing’s I will join until then I will watch closely.

    have a great day all!

    • Anonymous

      iRacing took years to develop, following years of development as Papyrus before that.  SRW licensed ISI’s engine….. big difference.   Quite what SRW actually offer of benefit to the sim-racer is hard to see.  They’re just sucking $$$ out of a tight market imo, and threatening genuine quality by doing so. 


  • 1337 1337

    Is anyone racing this? and how is it to race IT? 

    • Anonymous

      It’s rfactor… FFB is not reliable; never the same.  Mid-Ohio is cool and the Boss.  Nothing Ground Shattering!

  • Ashley Butler

    This is absolutely dumb reasoning. Its not comparable to iRacing for the same reasons outlined by other people, iRacing is full built from scratch, laser scanned cars and tracks etc, and you pay for that, you pay for them to do this. You pay for excellent servers etc.

    SRW saying, oh we are charging $16 for a car because in real life it costs 1.6 million and is quite rare and exclusive is ridiculous, I mean yeah, its $13 in iRacing but you dont need to buy them all, maybe 3 or 4. But thats not my point anyway, my point is as I said, charing that much because its rare and supposedly exclusive is stupid. iRacing does it because they laser scan the cars and so on and that costs a lot.

    • Anonymous

      iRacing wasn’t built from scratch, rather it was built upon 10 years of previous development of class-leading sims.   IIRC Papyrus was bought by French multimedia company, which subsequently went bankrupt, and took Papy’s Nascar 2003 with it.  Original CDs were selling for over £100 afterwards.   I have a copy……doubt it’s still worth £100+

  • Ricoo

    I don’t understand why people always bash SimRaceWay.

    All tracks are free and you can get cars for free doing laps.

    SimRaceWay is a great concept and if they release beautiful tracks I will probably race it again.

    I like the fact they have a feet in real racing with their performance driving center at Infineon.

    • Anonymous

      Not exactly; I’ve finished three events  in top 50 SRW owes me $25 credits since back in Jan. 2012 and still I have not collected one single credit.  I’ve spent $25 on my membership thus far buying 12/14 vehicles….!  They promise credits… but may not  always deliver.

      • Anonymous

        What happens when you write and ask them?    Post on their FB page?

      • Christian Hamilton

         If they gave you the credits then you cannot collect them as cash. Meaning when you signed up they give everyone $50.00 in SRW cash. You cannot collect on this and turn it into real money. If you win cash in one of the competitions then yes you can collect the money. I placed 5th in their GTR2 competition and collected $200.00 from SRW. They will pay out if you have won actual money and not SRW credits.

    • Anonymous

      I criticise them because of

      1) their buying of rfactorcentral and what they did to it (and how they treated modders)
      2) making claims that they have laser-scanned tracks (when they don’t)
      3) making claims about the number of cars they’d release (but haven’t)
      4) their buying racesimcentral as a way to promote their own products ie astroturfing the simracing community
      5) turning what has been free into a for-profit venture
      6) competing with, and hence diverting scarce funds from, much better products and ventures
      7) doing all the above without ever having produced anything of real worth (they licensed ISI’s engine and have contributed nothing of substance and real value)

      • Ricoo

         If some people prefer putting their money on SimRaceWay, then don’t
        you think for them SimRaceWay is in some way better than other titles?

        By Buying License SimRaceWay helped ISI to develop rFactor 2.

        It was SimRaceWay right to buy RSC and promote their product. Nothing wrong here.

        If SimRaceWay produces a sim that pleases some people, I don’t see any valid reason to attack them.

      • Anonymous

        You think there’s nothing wrong with a commercial enterprise selling a race game buying a renowned and independent website about race games…..and proceeding as if nothing changed?

        Why do you think they bought RSC?    

        Of course they are legally entitled to do so…….but legality and ethics are distinct and separate things.   

        If people want to hand over dough to SRW, good for them – though it’s pretty foolish to do so, imo, considering the alternatives.   

        But what about the other points?    For example, what about dishonestly claiming the game contains laser-scanned tracks, when it doesn’t? 

      • Christian Hamilton

         Question; How do you know they haven’t laser scanned their tracks? What proof do you have. I have run a bunch of laps at their version of Zandvoort and it feels amazing to me. Best version I have ever run in any Sim. The bumps are all in the right places and it looks laser scanned to me.  And the whole pricing thing is a moot point cause if you download and install the beta they give you something like $50.00 credit. Plus you get credits for running laps, participating in competitions, etc. I don’t understand why everyone has it out for these guys. Did they make some mistakes using mods without permission? Yes, but now they are using a ISI licensed version of rfactor and giving away a lot of prizes and cash. It has cost me nothing to participate, what’s the big deal?
        And for those of you who can’t remember they had an amazing GTR2 contest when they opened up where they gave away a HUGE amount of cash and prizes. I’m not a fanboy I just don’t understand the hate that many including this site seem to feel towards SRW.

      • Anonymous

        Hate?    Wrong word.

      • Christian Hamilton

        Answer the question. What proof do you have that the tracks (real world) are not laser scanned? And yes you certainly do seem to have it out for them. Or you’ve got nothing better to do than lame posts in a Sim Racing blog.

      • Anonymous

        You just disqualified yourself from deserving a reply.

      • Anonymous

        I think the word “hate” suits for your comments pretty well. You should use this massive energy to do some sim racing or something else more important.

        The game is still beta isnt it?

      • Anonymous

        Beta doesn’t mean it’s ok to misrepresent a product in advertising.

        (I couldn’t care less what you think of me)

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the links.

  • Richard Hessels

    I don’t get these people..

    If you think it’s too expensive don’t mock here, just don’t buy it.
    This sim clearly is not made for the same 50 people that think they are “the Voice” of Simracing on this site.

    I bought all racing games that claimed they were sims, the last 20 years.
    Spend over 500 euro’s on iRacing last 3 years and still not satisfied with it.

    This initiative is still in Beta, all content is scratch build.
    Must say their user interface is pretty good, the cars behave very believable.

    I had quite some fun driving their cars, hotlap competition is very strong.
    So who knows what the future brings for them.

    Don´t cut the tree before it delivers apples… (just made that up).

    • Anonymous

      You’re right – they need be given time to prove their worth, or otherwise.   Unfair criticism is…..unfair.

      However, Ignite have been around for several years already.    They aren’t “new kids on the block” anymore.   They have a track record.   😉

      When they bought RFC I was amongst those saying they needed to be given a chance.  I now consider I was totally wrong – Ignite wrecked RFC and the cynics and critics’ warnings were absolutely correct.

      Judge a tree by its fruit.

  • Boss Player


    • Anonymous

      Well, I always supposed Virtua_LM had given them permission – because I assumed they were the same track.  (I’ve driven a lot of rF, and those two tracks are ‘the same track’ imo).   

      • Richard Hessels

        You need glasses

    • Ricoo

       The underlying engine is the same rFactor, so obviously some files will be the same.

  • Ricoo

    Comment moved

  • Marcus Caton

    I agree SRW is a Joke, Curt needs to stop posting however.
    They are trying to reign in rFactor ppl with money but w/e.When they first announced i was shocked when i found out its just Mods, they hyped it up sooo much and putting soo much money into well nothing is amazing. Project CARS i think is what they were aiming for but they failed, with assetto corsa and others due this year alone there is no place for SRW.

  • Anonymous

    Following my complaints SRW updated the website – now there are no claims of laser-scanned tracks, although the Q+A does still stay there *will* be laser-scanned tracks added.

    However, they haven’t answered my questions about when laser-scanned tracks will be available, nor did they respond to my request for some evidence they have scanned some tracks already (which they claim to have done).

    If my complaint was unreasonable, as some here seem to believe, why did they change their site?    😉

    • Anonymous

      Im guessing that the laser-scanned tracks will be available when they are ready to be released.

      Maybe they are balancing their site to fit better with the game content they currently have? Maybe we should just play and enjoy it.

      • Anonymous

        err…..yeah.    Their website no longer makes untrue claims about the game having laser-scanned tracks.

        They corrected it, after I pointed out their 6-month-long ‘oversight’.

        Throw your money at them – why not?

  • Ricoo

    The car list becomes impressive.

    I will have to get the Renault 5 turbo. It’s such a fun car. 🙂

  • Guilherme Cramer

    I have seen some ignorant comments regarding modders. A lot of SimRaceWay’s content is suspiciously too similar to pre-existing content, all available for free as modders don’t license the content they create.

    If SRW is charging for that same content, they better pay the modders and the licençors of content.

    • Ricoo

       blah blah blah… any proof ? no, then shut up

      • Boss Player


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