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SimRaceWay – Mouse Steering Added

SimRaceWay has added a new feature to their free to play racing title as mouse steering is now available.

SimRaceWay has added a new feature to their free to play racing title as mouse steering is now available.

Those who prefer driving with the mouse instead of wheel and keyboard can now do so, the new controller option is fully configurable as you can check out in the preview below.

The base content of SimRaceWay is free for everyone to try, giving players access to the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X as well as Mid Ohio, Infineon Raceway & Zandvoort. Additional content is available for purchase with prices ranging from a few cents to several dollars.

The title puts an emphasis on online racing, using a real-time skill matching system to offer close racing. Like SimRaceWay’s past website that was based on rFactor & other simulations, the new title will again be offering paid online races where players have to pay an entry fee to compete, free online events are available as well.

  • Wesley Modderkolk

    Driving with the mouse? In what way does that even make sense?

    • F1Racer
    • bduddy

      It’s a lot better than driving with a keyboard… not everyone has a wheel, you know…

      • Anonymous

        You can buy a used wheel and pedal set for the price of a new Xbox 360 controller. If you’re playing a sim why would you not have a wheel? It’s the price of entry.

      • bduddy

        Simraceway is free-to-play, so a lot of people aren’t going to want to pay $40-$50 or more for a lame wheel as the “price of entry”.

      • Louis W

        Or they could just play a game where you don’t need a wheel like NFS or Burnout..

      • Anonymous

        Who cares? Really? If they can drive, let them. It isn’t like the game does them any favors for the mouse, it’s no different from allowing joysticks.

        Or, more importantly, it let’s you test stuff in sim without needing to hook up extra hardware if you’re on a laptop. Maybe not compete, but just load it up.

      • Anonymous

        Ultimately I don’t care if someone plays a game with a mouse/keyboard. I completely disagree with you on the “testing stuff” area in that physics/FFB can’t be judged at all. Your inputs are wrong so how the car reacts can’t be judged. There is no FFB so you have no idea how immersive the driving experience is. Pretty much all you can check out is menus and sound.

        Case in point, F1 2010 I played with a controller all the way through. When I got my wheel I played it again and realized how fake everything about that game was. It felt great with the controller because it was made for a controller.

      • Anonymous

        In iRacing you need to get on track to view your paint scheme, lots of people like being able to hop into the sim and enter the car to view their liveries on a laptop on their couch.

        Who cares if it feels like a different game, why not let people hop into their chosen sim with different hardware? Not like anyone’s sim hardware is actually realistic.

  • Marco Conti

    I tried once to fly a plane with a mouse. Couldn’t get off the ground.
    I doubt it’s going to be better with a car.

    • Richard Hessels

      Well the car does not have to take off. Just steer left & right.

  • Anonymous

    I played simraceway recently and met driver that was posting very good times with the mouse. So it’s possible and must be better than keyboard.

    • Richard Hessels

      Even iRacing has mouse steeing input available.
      Some people can drive alien times there too.

  • GamerMuscle

    Its amusing how in the Email they make out its some amazing revolutionary feature.

    considering it was something that was often one of the default options in driving games since 1980s or so and more recently LFS.

    I used to play this with a mouse on the Atari ST

    Still I can see how its a good thing that they want to promote for Simraceway , as Simraceways money making potential probably lies in a more casual market and there are not that many people that own FFB wheels compared to keyboard and mouse.

  • Anonymous

    i thought it was a sim not arcade. steering wheel or nothing IMHO

  • Theroro29

    Just one word: LOL

  • C4

    Use a CD (or Slimline DVD) case, a Disc, place a laser (optical might work as well?) mouse on top, turn the mouse 180°, rotate the CD – and you got an el cheapo “Wheel”.

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