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Simbin Studios UK Announce GTR 3

Out of the blue, Simbin Studios UK have announced to revive the GTR franchise as GTR 3 is planned to be released in 2018.

Out of the blue, Simbin Studios UK have announced to revive the GTR franchise as GTR 3 is planned to be released in 2018.

Created by Simbin Studios UK, a sister studio of Sweden-based Sector 3 Studios, GTR3 will be powered by the Unreal 4 engine and come with features such as weather, day & night transitions as well as a comprehensive damage model.

Coming to both PC and consoles, GTR3 is planned to strike a balance between simulation physics and accessibility, with the creators citing Codemasters’ Formula One series as an example of the planned direction in terms of handling.

With the full version to be released in 2018, Simbin UK plans to have a playable version available within 6 months time. You can check out some proof of concept previews below, more information is available at RaceDepartment.

Simbin Studios UK will be continuing the GTR’s franchise heritage that goes back all the way to the SBDT modding team and the iconic GTR mods for F1 Challenge which led to the foundation of the original Simbin Studios that, led by Ian Bell, developed the successful first two installments of the GTR franchise.

  • Traumahound

    Two thoughts came to mind: huge surprise, followed by (and tempered with) moderate disappointment with their physics goals.
    Still, I wish Simbin well, and I do appreciate their disclosure.

    • 5hitm4k3r666

      Hehe, the same thought I had when reading the article despite I wasn’t surprised about GTR3 being in the pipeline itself. I just hope that it doesn’t end like the last GTR3 attempt and that we get everything that GTR2 had plus some bonus stuff. And please no silly micro transactions.

      Will be interesting to see how the game turns out regarding, features, nextcode and especialy physics. I don’t need another game that’s nice to look at but has no depth. But let’s see 🙂

      • Franklin Silva

        maybe they have 2 choices to make money
        1) to easy for console audience
        2) micro transactions
        at least we can expect for Assetto Corsa 2

  • OneCarlosV8 3.5

    with own game engine or another title with isimotor engine?

    • Wei-Tsung Lin

      Unreal 4

    • William Mazeo

      physics should still use isimotor, they modified it so much during the years would make no sense to drop it IMO
      graphics UE4, just hope they’ll take it easy on that one, knowing the games done on UE4 it can have a ton of overdone stuff

  • Brownninja97 .


  • Jos

    u wot m8.

  • jason Subic

    Hell Yes ! Now this is news .

  • Grant Waterman

    “with the creators citing Codemasters’ Formula One series as an example of the planned direction in terms of handling.”
    In other word an arcade game

    • Leeman

      Yea I’m a little concerned about that. Don’t know why they’d bother calling it a GTR game if it’s just gonna be arcadey. The GTR series was very hardcore for its time. Still it might be a lot of fun, regardless.

      • David Wright

        The original GTR had both Arcade and Simulation options.

      • Leeman

        Nevermind what the original GTR had. They said it would be modeled after Codemasters Formula One. That’s where you want to make your comparisons (and expectations) not GTR or GTR2. I’m sure they referenced F1 for a reason. They’re being honest up front here, folks, so let’s not kill them when the game is released exactly as they said it would be. I’ve never played any of the Codemasters F1 games so I have no idea. I only know some were better than others. I just think anyone expecting this to be GTR or GTR2 will end up being disappointed. My hope is simply that it’ll be better than Forza for physics and better than AC in terms of features.

    • GamerMuscle

      More like , In other words marketing the game to fall in line with another title that sold well on multiple platforms.

      Game may or may not have good handling at the end of the day , personally I’d wait and see what the pudding is like before passing gudgement.

      I’d bare in mind that just because this is in UT does not mean they will have automatically abandoned or not use physics established in there other titles. If anything companies try to reuse things as much as possible to reduce time and cost.

    • Marc Collins

      Thanks to that, now on my official ignore list until two months after release and plenty of reviews from trusted sources can confirm whether it is a real sim or not. Don’t need a GTR “game” because we already have GTR cars coming out of our ears in our “sims” already.

      • Ayrton

        “Don’t need a GTR “game” because we already have GTR cars coming out of our ears in our “sims” already”.
        I agree, if you mean GT3 cars. Every game has plenty of those. What I want is GT1. Please let there be some 90s/00s GT1s.

      • Marc Collins

        Yes, I meant to type GT3.

  • RapidRefund

    Well F1 2011 was fairly decent but 1 thing Codemasters is not known for is consistency. However if GTR 3 is realistic enough to be fun it’s worth consideration. The important thing is that we have a game developer bringing stuff to the table. I think a similar approach like GTR would be good where there was a Simulation and an Arcade mode to choose from. Wonder it the Unreal engine has it’s limitations and geared toward being eye candy?

  • RapidRefund

    I am waiting for GTL 2

  • Patrik Marek

    that looks good
    hopefully their engine will support more then 1 light , which by the look of the second screenshot it does! … wohoo!

    • marts

      Not really ‘their’ engine, Unreal 4 is pretty powerful.

      • Patrik Marek

        has it ever been used for more proper car racing/driving game ?? anyone knows

      • LTC Mike

        KartKraft utilizes the Unreal engine – but after a closed beta early last year it has become very quiet around this title even after a succesfull greenlight campagne on steam (

      • William Mazeo

        I suspect they have their own physic engine, UE4 is only the graphic part
        ” With the only dedicated kart physics engine in gaming, this is as real as it gets”

  • Ayrton

    Can’t wait. While there are few worrisome things like the codemasters bit, I’ll hold off any judgement. If anyone gets the benefit of the doubt, it’s Simbin!

  • BRunzilian

    I’ve called for it some months ago!

  • anonymouse

    Do we really care about what the game will feature as far as vanilla content is concerned?

    If there will be modding support and if Simbin will release proper documentation unlike “some” other developers, GTR3 can be(come) whatever we want it to be(come).

    As far as physics are concerned, offering multiple layers of “difficulty” is not technically a bad thing. If they disclose from the beginning that they might make the game easier on console but will keep the full simulation experience on pc, who cares?

    I don’t care about graphics, but if it has R3E sounds, pCARS graphics and rF1+GTR2 gameplay features, and then some, we might say goodbye to the competition.

    • quf

      Why do you need modding documentation when you said you just convert cars from a sim to another and not actually create mods? There are modders that need documentation, but I don’t see how you’re one of them.

      • melanieuk1

        Well said, I was going to say there really isn’t a lot of original modders out there any more, that can create content from scratch, I hope GTR3 isn’t mod friendly, it would end up having stolen content from other games, join a random rFactor2 on line server, and you’re forced to automatically download stolen content from slightly mad studio and Kunos, you don’t need to go around hunting for ripped cars and tracks, they are automatically downloaded for you once you connect to many of the rFactor 2 on line multiplayer servers.

      • anonymouse

        Find me a scratch made Porsche 936 made for any simulation. Go on, I’ll be waiting.

      • 5hitm4k3r666

        Need some cheese for your whine?

        Join a random AC server and you will see that nothing happens, when you don’t have the content. That’s so 1995ish 😛

        Your argumentation just shows that you have no idea what you are talking about. People who are too stupid to hit the cancel button, after the game starts downloading unwanted content, just deserve to be disapointed.

        What I find even more funny: without modding there would be no SIMBIN, there would be no C7R and AC Cobra in AC and there wouldn’t be that many nicely looking tracks in RRE. Those are just a few examples that show how important modding is in these days and you want to kill one of the biggest creative sources for this genre. Typical nonesense, as allways.

  • gianlucap

    They said the release date is 2018. This means they have only two years to make and test everything on both pc and console. This is possible only if they take all the assets they can from Raceroom, not just the sound stuff, because modeling and testing from scratch all the cars and tracks that their game would need in order to offer an experience similar to GTR2 would require more than two years.
    I guess will be a Raceroom fork with a cool different interface, suitable for both console and pc, so usable with the gamepad. The main concession for casual gamers will be this, because gamepads will be used by 90% of the players nd nobody wants to use the mouse to navigate the GUI neither on pc.
    Second one will be a career/championship system for the single player mode.
    And just that, there’s no needs to add particular filters for gamepads when the base control system is well done. GTR and GTR2, RF and RF2 and AMS are perfectly under control using the gamepad and no driving assists.
    I think will be like I’ve described at the end, so very similar to what the SMS did with pCars and are doing with its sequel. The main difference between the two games will be on the licensing side, with SImbin probably having official series only. Will see, I’m very curious,
    Now that Simbin is going with UE4, dynamic weather and night & day cycle I want to see how Digital Bros will answer to the incoming games.

    • anonymouse

      Unless you lived under a rock, Sector3 showed a couple of UE4 screenshots quite a long time ago already (1 year ago). At the time it was just a proof of concept, now it just means that said proof of concept wasn’t R3E on UE4, but GTR3 in disguise all along.

      • gianlucap

        I remember that. So?

      • anonymouse

        So you’re saying they only have less than 2 years to work on it, while in reality they’be been working on it for who knows how long already, at least 1+ year.

      • gianlucap

        They said that the studios won’t be working together on GTR3 and that the new game will use only the sound tech of Raceroom. Personally I think Simbin will use the assets of Raceroom (3d models and all the rest of the stuff that they can port use also in UE4). Even if they already ported some track and car to UE4, in my opinion two years are still not enough for what they announced. They would need more than 40 devs for that.

  • zef

    sim/arcade like forza/pcars….

    • Tiago Viana

      Wow, you could conclude that by watching 2 pictures!
      Thank you for the info, i will skip this game because is arcade!

      • Fabio Pittol

        If you read the article you would at least wonder that he came to that conclusion due to this paragraph, not the screenshots:

        “Coming to both PC and consoles, GTR3 is planned to strike a balance between simulation physics and accessibility, with the creators citing Codemasters’ Formula One series as an example of the planned direction in terms of handling.”

      • Traumahound

        This article is very misleading. If you want more in-depth, encouraging information, check Race Department’s coverage on this story.

      • zef

        coming to both PC and consoles, GTR3 is planned to strike a balance between simulation physics and accessibility, with the creators citing Codemasters’ Formula One series as an example of the planned direction in terms of handling.

    • 6e66o

      Don’t read too much into the codemasters example.

      The idea of having optional driving aids for less experienced players, while maintaining a full on Simulation handling model for the hardcore crowd is nothing new and has been industry standard for a while now.

      It will be up to the player to decide how much simulation he can handle.

      I’m sure that fans of SimBin / Sector3 games won’t be disappointed 🙂

      • melanieuk1

        Even though you have said that, you are still going to get Enumbered filled silly comment from brainless people that think they know it all, like we are still getting over at RD, even though you’ve set the record straight.

      • 6e66o

        Unfortunately that is unavoidable in this business.
        Some people only read what they want to read.

        But we are confident that the result of our work will speak for itself.

      • 5hitm4k3r666

        What did you expect? “A strike between simulation physics and accesibility” reads exactly as it does and it’s to be expected that some people might not dislike that approach.

        I get sceptical aswell, when I read that the game is in it’s initial stage and that you plan to release it in 2018. It took Kunos, Reiza and ISI/Studio 397 several years (5 or more) to get where they are now with their physics and features and you plan to hook everything together in something like 2 years. Sorry, but that sounds like Slightely Mad Studios.

        Anyway, I wish you good luck and I will be happily surprised if Simbin can prove me wrong. 😉

      • William Mazeo

        ” has been industry standard for a while now.”

      • David Wright

        Huh? Pretty much every racing sim has optional driver aids.

      • William Mazeo

        Hmmm this is not about the driver aids, but nvm. It’s waste of time, the article was very clear already

      • David Wright

        “The idea of having optional driving aids for less experienced players, while maintaining a full on Simulation handling model for the hardcore crowd is nothing new and has been industry standard for a while now.” Of course its about driver aids.

      • William Mazeo

        As I said it never stops there, it didn’t in GTR2, nuff said. Have a good day mate.

  • Manuel Riger

    “GTR3 is planned to strike a balance between simulation physics and accessibility” u don t make a statment like this if ur sim is 100 % simulation so comon open ur eyes lol…………

    • 6e66o

      Most modern sims feature driving aids that can be turned off/on.
      Nothing wrong with that.

      • Sanazabaaar

        Its not about driver aids, its the physics that vitall when we talk simulation

      • 6e66o

        100% agree.

        Simulation physics at its core + optional driving aids for unexperienced players.

      • Agony

        exactly… this is how all modern sims must be . by the way….. can I ask all these new f1 drivers are newbies ? because 30 years back f1 cars was full manual.

      • Agony

        agree. it’s all about physics of the car behaviour for example a car with abs or not on hard brakes we all know it’s different but we all know what it feels correct on a sim.

    • Mar Mar

      Either 100% simulation or 0%.

      Stopping being global. Please.

      • 6e66o

        What if there is an option for autoclutch in a sim? Does that make it loose all its simulation value?

        What if a new player prefers to use autogear, before feeling confident enough to change gears himself? Does it really bother you, that such an option would exist?

        Stop thinking black and white. Please.

      • Agony

        agree but I think most people think simulation is all about how the tyre reacts with asp or not also how this feeling is translated to the wheel.

      • LTC Mike

        most modern real racing cars feature driving aids either … so that must be arcade racing, isn’t it 😉

    • LTC Mike

      if you want get 100% simulation you have to buy a real car, get into it on a race track and try your best (be aware: this is real hardcore over there as you can wreck the car and even die) – else you never will get 100% simulation sitting in your arm chair (name it sim rig…) in front of a pc monitor (no matter if with a VR set, tripple config etc.) and moving some rebuild plastic parts around that simulate a driving wheel and pedals

      • William Mazeo

        I think you gotta check a dictionary to get the meaning of the world “simulation” because what you posted there makes no sense

      • LTC Mike

        well, and you should maybe check the meaning of sarcasm 😉 – but thanks for your advice: I am well aware how “simulation” works – at least in the area of flight simulators (and I don’t mean the nice little gaming systems but full featured ones) – and you could ask every pilot: these multi million systems come very close but can’t simulate at a 100% level every aspect of real flying. Same goes for driving simulators…

      • William Mazeo

        Same to you bro 😉

      • neil rosson

        Mike i still don’t think you understand. Obviously you can not recreate reality for handling but if your aim is to create a game that simulates reality then that make it a simulation, if you make a game where the aim is to make the game accessible then that is not a simulation & that is the point of the op.

      • Patrik Marek

        I think he understoods fine

        they want something in between, because 100% simulation might not be what casual players want, therefore they will try to find something in between that will work for both

        if it gets into a realm like Dirt Rallye, then I think we are in for a treat

        but yeah, please drop the micro translactio

        i’ll be fine with a DLC for touring cars .. but not a car by car and track by track purchases

        r3e was quite good though, so we shall see

        really eager to see how this develops, it could be great and perhaps show simulator oriented companies that they don’t have to create their own engine and they could use unreal4 and only worry about their own physics

      • LTC Mike

        I was just arguing against the demand “100% simulation” or nothing – and 100% is just unreal. The matter should be what makes a believable simulation of reality and where does “arcade”, “casual stuff”, (you name it) etc. start. I am just against this elitism some so called sim racers start to show as soon as accessibility is stated by a developer.

        To give you another example that maybe is not so hard like my real car comparison: In Microsofts Flight Simulator X you can activate a lot of simplifying mechanisms, just to be accessible to the not so advanced PC pilot and the beginners (or even to be usable by . Does this make it a less simulation? No, because the same software is also used for advanced training devices for real pilots, so it has to be good enough in simulation of reality to be used like that. But is FSX a 100% simulation – no, because there are still limitations or simplifications that have to be done because you never have enough data at hand to simulate a 100% reality. That’s just physics – data basis up to uncertainty principle etc..

        So stating if there are switches to make it better accessible e.g. for console users with gamepads its just another arcade racing title that doesn’t fit the demands of the elitist sim racers with their x thousands of dollar equipments is just arrogance.

        And you would be surprised how many simplifications are done in all of the “most accepted” so called racing simulations just because no one has the relevant data or even our advanced PC systems are to weak to calculate the necessary stuff in real time 😉

        Another example: Does an automated box stop just to get a PEGI 0″ rating, because no one can “simulate” driving over box crews then, make a titel less simulation of racing? I could continue this stuff with example by example. The simple thing is: None of our well known “simulations” does a 100% simulation. Every piece of this kind of software is an approximation to reality.

  • Richard Hessels

    Great move!
    Shooting or throwing bananas at other cars is now possible!
    UT engine supports it all.

  • pez2k

    As far as I’m aware Simbin UK is a brand new company with no releases to their name, and the previous GTR3 announcements came to nothing, so I’ll temper my expectations for now. Regardless, good to see another entry in the simracing market and I wish them every success.

  • Jorge GB

    Excelente noticia camarada

  • GamingCanuck

    I just hope they don’t take the same route as R3E and charge for every track and car.

    • Manuel Riger

      the game is on console so it is logic that it will not be like r3e. These type things are only on pc

  • punkfest2000

    I’m not willing to spend a dime on stupid microtransacations like that last BS title they put out. Cautiously optimistic.

  • Agony

    these are great news all I want is the raceroom sounds and ffb effects and Assetto Corsa physics. all that on a full payment package without always online and it will be perfect.

  • Kev

    Hopefully not boring modern cars.

    • CatoLarsen

      GT3 🙂 What do you think it will be 🙂 My guess would be, GT cars 😛

      • Kev

        So you think GT was just invented?

      • CatoLarsen

        Funnny. No, I based my guess on Gtr, Gtr2 And the images posted

      • Bakkster

        I can’t imagine a GT racing game released in 2018 that wouldn’t focus primarily on GT3 and GT4.

  • ImageArtSigns .

    A Simulation development Family affair…very interesting, and excited…..and having the LEGEND that is sound engineer Anthony Monteil sharing his skills across both teams during development…must be a good thing….awesome times ahead.

    • Want communication and not onl

      &#9658 &#9668

  • Rantam


  • Paul

    Console focus is scary…The arcade ghost is behind this. A different thing would be developing a serious sim for PC then take serious & advanced things out and export it to the console world. Let’s see what happens…

    • Francesco Kasta

      I agree but I can understand them. Since they went bankrupt in the past they probably want to focus on a product for a wider audience and which could guarantee a larger income in order to stay afloat in this market.

      • Paul

        I agree, but with the title “GTR3” coming from Simbin, I expected a continuation of GTR2, improving what GTR2 had. In the meantime I am still enjoying GTR2 a lot, in fact it is the sim I am driving most of the times nowadays. If the new “GTR3” is something arcadish to cope with a wider audience I will stay way of it.

      • TripleJay_X

        yeah, gtr3 and simbin are just ‘names’, it’s good for marketing, people simply know GTR2 and that’s what people expect from a GTR3 -> a continuation of GTR2 with modern graphics and assetts and modern features.

        so, time will tell, if they not just abuse their trademarks. Pcars back then also stated they wanted to do full hardcore-sim with an approach for a wider audience and EA was fault SHIFT2 had so less polish and cheap physics…well, time showed, it was SMS itself 😀

    • Benjamin Overgaard Karslund

      Forget that “console = not for sim racers” attitude! It’s long gone!
      There are actually many sim racing fans on console these days.
      With Project CARS, Assetto Corsa and DiRT Rally on console and so many people with Thrustmaster products today, you are simply wrong.
      I got the Thrustmaster TX wheel, T3PA-PRO pedals, TH8A shifter, 599XX EVO 30 add on rim and a complete homemade racing cockpit with a real racing seat – I actually take sim racing VERY serious on my Xbox One.

      • RKipker

        I have the same setup and love it and I also have butt kickers as well

        BTW I have two PC rigs as well and at times I just want to play Froza or FM

  • David Wright

    The news item misquotes Simbin. They don’t actually say Codies F1 is the planned direction in terms of handling – there is no mention of the term handling or physics in relation to Codies in the RD article.

    In order to appeal to the hardcore racer GTR3 will presumably have to offer every practice, qualifying and full race session in the GT series they simulate, just as F1 2016 does and GTR/GTR2 did. But to appeal to the more casual player there will also need to be the option to jump straight in and do a 5 or 10 lap race with driver aids enabled.

    • TripleJay_X

      it doesn’t even matter what ‘Simbin without Publisher’ said in that interview. As soon a publisher is on board, they are gonna dance to their Piping ^^

      If the publishers says, release unfinished, they release unfinished.
      If the publishers says after release and the 2nd patch -> no more support = no more patches and you again have a unfinished, buggy Racing-Sim in your library just like their idol ‘Codies F1 ‘ 😀

      • Marc Collins

        Sad, but true.

      • pez2k

        If they need publisher funds to make the game perhaps, but both pCARS and AC have shown that the right publishers are willing to do distribution deals with a minimum of meddling.

      • David Wright

        Codemasters self publish their games. I can think of several independent racing sim developers who have released unfinished buggy sims.

  • Yamin Namsan

    Using the Unreal engine sounds interesting. If I wreck everyone in turn one do I get a “M-M-M-M MONSTER KILL”??
    Joking aside, this game sounds good for me. I would feel better if they said it would release in 2017, even if it was Dec31st. Maybe they will have early adopter program.

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