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Simbin is Looking for Beta Testers!

Simbin is looking for interested sim racers to extend their current team of beta testers

Simbin is looking for interested sim racers to extend their current team of beta testers, a step that is needed to due their new titles requiring more testing of the used new technologies.

Testers will be assisting them with both main titles like GTR3 as well as other side-projects.

Before you get too excited, Simbin points out that beta testing can be far away from actual gameplay experience as testers have to perform various tasks to find glitches and problems that are not part of a sim racer’s daily routine.

If you`re still interested, you can find the required skills below. Players using unorthodox hardware have a bigger chance of being selected but any interested sim racer should take the time to apply.

Required Skills

– A keen eye for detail
– Good organisational skills
– Strong written communication skills in the english language
– Basic software troubleshooting skills
– Good at following instructions

If you`re interested in joining Simbin as beta tester, send them your CV and a full description of your current gaming hardware by clicking here.


  • Maciej Kosmalski

    CV? they pay for that?

    • Tomas Beha

      ¬†haha, sure they do… ūüôā

  • Brian Duddy

    This confused me… does the job pay? Is it on-site, or what?

  • Eric Zehnder

     Getting to play Project CARS every week and providing feedback is fun. It seems like SimBin is looking for true testers Рthe kind that loathe their existence because they have to crash their car over and over to test walls (

    There’s a big difference between the two. I’m looking forward to the title, though. Not hatin’.

  • Marco Conti

    I have just applied, but only to learn what the requirement will be. It would be a fun gig. Certainly more fun than doing the same type of work for regular software products, even if it is crashing the car against a wall over and over. It beat filling the same form over and over. 
    I remember beta testing a product in the late 90’s where after 2 weeks I wanted to launch myself off a tall building.

    • Anonymous

      I think this won’t be much different, clicking on all possible options million times, then maybe some crashing against wall.. definitely not racing

  • 1337 1337

    Cool! to bad i dont fit in to there criteria

  • Anthony Lee

    Applied a few days ago….not sure if they even got my e-mail…..silence..nothing..

    A simple “we got your e-mail thank you, we are considering” would suffice.


  • Anonymous

    So you guys are saying they’re looking for ‘crash test dummies’?

  • Anthony Lee

    Still have yet to hear anything.

    I would have my doubts about this..pretty darn rude if you ask me!

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