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Simbin Announces RaceRoom Racing Eperience

Simbin has announced RaceRoom Racing Experience, a new free-to-play racing title.

For several months, Simbin has been showing off previews of an unannounced new title many people assumed to be GTR3.

Now first details on the new title have been revealed as Simbin has officially announced RaceRoom Racing Experience.

Aside from the name, little is known of RaceRoom Racing Experience so far, Simbin has confirmed that it is a free-to-play title that players can expand by purchasing additional content, allowing them to build the game of their dreams.

Right now, no in-game footage of RaceRoom Racing Experience is available, this will change soon though as Simbin invites all visitors of the GamesCom expo (15th-19th August in Cologne) to give the new title a try. Eight simulators will be waiting for visitors in Hall 8.1, booth 030, running the new title.

Until then, you can check out Simbin’s recent Bathurst previews to get an idea of the title’s look.

  • Steve Farrell

    I’ll give this a shot and hope it is better than Simraceway

  • gt3rsr

    Well… I am quite perplexed now. How do we know that the Bathurst shots are NOT from GTR3? And what about the P4/5, Corvette C6.R and Zonda R teasers? These ARE officialy from GTR3, am I right or not? Uh…

    and BTW… I know that SimBin needs to raise money, but I hope that this finally won’t be a gMotor2 title…

  • Eric Zehnder

    So SimBin is working on a racing sim with graphics as good as those previews that ISN’T GTR3? They have the resources to work on two separate racing sims with different payment and content delivery models?


    • Mark

      from what i’ve read on the last years, they wouldn’t have, wich that’s why bad news IMO. GTR 3 is gonna take a while still it seems (2 years since they announced it).

    • Phill Routledge


      LMAO Thats Simbin for ya hay !

      Last month it was the V-WTCC. (Now canned).

      This month it’s the ‘RR Racing Experience’.

      Next month it’ll prob be something altogether very different again, and as for GTR3 and where the hell this title sits in, around and amongst the mess…

      Well….Your guess is as good as anyone’s… Free iPad3 to anyone who can work it out !! LOL.

  • Anonymous

    double post, sorry

  • Anonymous

    free2play = needs hundreds of thousand of gamers to raise money = goodbye SIMbin, welcome ARCADEbin!
    AC, last chance…

  • Chris Wright

    I’m personally really disappointed by this news. Simbin has always offered terrific value for money with its “off the shelf” packages. I may be old fashioned, but there is still something unbeatable about buying a complete game, as opposed to a free base game with pay-per-dlc.

    Of course, it would be churlish not to give this new offering a chance, but for those of us who have been with Simbin from the get-go, this is not the development we were waiting, very patiently, for.

    Does this, in fact, mean that GTR3 is a still-born project and will never see the light of day? Or is this GTR3 in an online form?

    Whatever, I hope that the news/videos that will leak out of Gamescom next week will allay all my worst fears 🙂

    • Big Ron

      I agree at some points. But at first we need to wait till Gamescom to see what they will offer and if it looks promising or not. Judging a product just by an announcement isn´t the correct way.

  • Marco Conti

    Goodbye GTR3.
    I am pretty sure that GTR3 won’t ever come out now. A “free to play” game by necessity has to be tuned to the lowest common denominator and it will offer run of the mill features everyone else has.

    So, goodbye decent rain behavior, goodbye tire strategies, goodbye driver swaps, goodbye modding and hello dull racing.

    • Alejandro Gorgal

      We dont know yet (which granted, it’s kind of a problem in its own), Im hoping they will approach both projects with a different mindset.

      • Anonymous

        I think this new project will go on for years and I wonder if their new partner (owner?..) would be happy to have a competitor in house. Gt3 has been simply freezed, imho

  • Marcus Caton

    From this we can be certain that GTR3 is nothing more than Rape of the title for quick cash from its predecessors popularity.

    • StarFoXySxv550

      How can you come to this conclusion already? We know nothing about this game yet apart from it”s free to play. If this is some basic sim, and GTR 3 is the game with all the “bells & whistles” I don’t see how that’s a bad thing. Except people might be less inclined to buy GTR3 because they think free and barely any content=better.

      • Mark

        I think the problem is the fact (stated by simbin itself a while ago) that they are (or were?) facing financial problems.

      • StarFoXySxv550

        Not really a problem if their future projects are successful. If they aren’t then they have a problem. Impossible to tell at this point. They wouldn’t be doing this if they thought it would put them out of business.

  • StarFoXySxv550

    I think this is just Race Room The game 3, isn’t that Free-to-play? The only difference I can see is that game has no DLC to buy.
    Free-to-play can work well if it’s isn’t Pay-to-Win. Imagine if when Race 07 first released it was free, and all the add-on that came you had to pay for, I think it may have had an even bigger player base than it currently enjoys. If they follow the Team fortress two-style development this could be good, constant updates, huge install base, decent content, many, many options. Maybe I’m too optimistic

  • Anonymous

    a free-to-play title that players can expand by purchasing additional content, allowing them to build the game of their dreams.

    What, like rFactor’s been these last 6 years? Except the add-ons were FREE.

    Dontcha love progress…….

    • Rytis Kareckas

      rFactor isn’t free.

      • Jason Cooper

        no but will be cheaper than buying mods and cars, as i don’t just race and play 1 mod

      • Anonymous

        who said it was?

      • Anonymous

        You did.

        “A free to play title… like rFactor’s been these last 6 years”

      • Anonymous


        Everybody knows rFactor is not free.

        This Simbin title is *like* rFactor in so far as “players can expand (with additional content) allowing them to build the game of their dreams.”

        Except with rFactor, the add-ons are free. As I said.

        In context, my meaning is clear. Only a pedant could object.

      • StarFoXySxv550

        It didn’t say the add-ons were free in your post when I last looked. It’s does now however. lmao

      • Anonymous

        Oh, so rather than accept you missed it – you conclude I must have added it subsequent to your comment. Sorry – no.

      • StarFoXySxv550

        whatever lol

  • Matt Orr

    Does anyone actually like free to play games? Even the one F2P game out there that I enjoy (Tribes) would have been better had it been not F2P. TF2 doesn’t count, as it was a pay game that went free – big difference.

    • Anonymous

      F2P = “Barbie Showjumping”

      OTOH – at the other extreme – SecondLife. 😀

    • Anonymous

      Depends, I’ve enjoyed several F2P browser management games. MyGPTeam, iGP, etc. All depends how well designed they are…

  • blackstar-galaxy

    It sounds like this title shall be a test platform for a later bigger title (GTR3?), i guess. Maybe a demo for the new gfx-engine, online-mode, community features ……

  • ___ ɥqp ___

    I dont fancy Simbin’s chances with this offering. rFactor2, Assetto Corsa and Project Cars will do me. Bollocks to this free game, buying additional content malarky.

  • Phill Routledge


    100% LMAO

    Thats Simbin for ya hay !

    Last month it was the V-WTCC. (Now canned).

    This month it’s the ‘RR Racing Experience’.

    Next month it’ll prob be something altogether very different again,
    and as for GTR3 and where the hell this title sits in, around and
    amongst the mess…

    Well….Your guess is as good as anyone’s… Free iPad3 to anyone who can work it out !! LOL.

    • Alexander Loodin Ek

      “Free iPad3 to anyone who can work it out!!” – Does that include the developers? ;))

      • Phill Routledge

        NO !!! LOL 😛

  • Jason Cooper

    not judging lol but dlc are from XBOX and are another way of paying for something after you buy it i guess, they say this game is free so maybe not the same but heading in that direction….games like RF2 will leave these games for dead as no extra costs after purchase and modder friendly which means i dont have to wait on some rich company giving you only what they want to give you when they want not actually what the members want. IRACING prime example of this 2nd biggest users are Aussies and kiwi’s and lucky if they have 2 of there tracks in the game.

    • pez2k .

      DLC pre-dates both Xbox consoles, even NFS4 back in 1999 had DLC on PC.

      • StarFoXySxv550

        Exactly. Also, “DLC is another way of paying for something after you buy it i guess”. That might hold true if the content was created way before the game goes gold, but in most cases it doesn’t happen that way.

        I don’t mind the odd bit of free DLC, but I think people should be rewarded for their work hours and efforts.

        No doubt you would be pissed if your boss said, “BTW, you see the 10 hours overtime you just did this week? I paid you last week” even though you only received your standard wage check. Next time he asks, you’ll be reluctant to do more OT

  • Jason Cooper

    gt3 wont come out till they can buy ISI’s new engine they wont be the only 1s to want it…… RF2 is jumping ahead by leaps and bounds over the rest of the game makers

    • gt3rsr


    • Big Ron

      LOL. Simbin might already have their own engine like nearly every other sim-developer. Only Reiza and the Arca-guys don’t, so the customer list has become very short for ISI. And I doubt that ISI is the only option for an engine rent.

  • Steve Farrell

    Its unbelievable how it seems that every single article on this blog fills with Negative posts and a small few positive posts.

    • Alejandro Gorgal

      We are the bitchiest, most ungrateful community by far (racing sim fans that is). We are basically destroying our own hobby little by little.

    • Ricoo

      GTR3 is waited since so many years, so it’s not surprising some are a bit let down that SimBin is working on something else.

      And many don’t like F2P, so it adds to the disappointment.

      Personally I’m happy we will be able to try it for free, but if it’s good I would probably have preferred a full package.

      • Steve Farrell

        It happens in every article not just this one

      • Mark

        I thought the studio was commited 100% to GTR 3.

    • Michael

      Depends if it’s actually a new title this time or yet another way for them to try and sell content from Race 07 et al.

  • SKID

    Looks like new no-monthly-cost iRacing? May be it’s good!

  • speed1

    I thought that and mentioned long time ago. It would be stupid to bring a GTR3 as standalone game if you have RR. And even more if it would mod capable. It makes more sense continue to develop RR. The public will know early enough.

  • C4

    I’m not too fond of F2P games (in the end sometimes you pay more and get less compared to full retail / DL games!) but maybe it will be good… I also hope they tell us more about their strategy regarding GTR3. If they have one.

  • noro ardanto

    There’s nothing wrong with people being critical, we can also destroying our hobby by just praising anything a developer has to offer. Maybe Simbin just need to explain a bit clearer about their strategy and that GTR3 not just a false hope. I bet most of us will be happy to support them with (for example) pre-ordering GTR3 if Simbin can convinced us the project is heading in the right direction.

  • Anonymous

    The shift to DLC is a general thing, of course. A different business model.

    However, it poses an inherent threat to amateur/voluntary/free modding – whatever you want to call it.

    2 reasons-

    1) DLC games tend to wrap up the game to exclude mods….because that’s what the developer/publisher is now trying to sell.
    2) As the devs/pubs have paid licence fees, and intend to exploit them with DLC/mods for their own titles, they will be inclined to ensure their licence is exclusive – ie pursue action against infringements of exclusive licences by modders (for other games).

    That doesn’t mean we definitely will see a chilling effect from eager litigation soon, but the conditions certainly exist for it happen right now.

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