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Sim Racer Magazine – Out Next Week

The first ever edition of Sim Racer Magazine will be available next week!

Back in June, I posted a first story on a rather interesting experiment – Is sim racing having enough of a crowd sustain it’s own print magazine?

The guys behind Sim Racer Magazine think so as the very first issue of their new publication will go on sale starting September 2nd!

To give everyone an idea what to expect from the magazine, scans of both the cover and in the content index have been revealed.

The first three issues can be bought for a discounted price (12,99 BGP in the UK, 19,99 in Europe, 26,99 in the US) on the magazine’s website now.

Are you interested in a sim racing magazine and might even plan on buying a copy? Or do you feel that print magazines are a thing of the past? Discuss in the comments below!

  • pupsbubi

    If i would be wealthy, i would buy it…

  • Chris Wright

    Still cannot see how this approach can work, but very happy to be proven wrong.

  • Gui

    Looks like something that should definitely be sold with gaming and PC magazines. The content does seem like a nice read, even Kobayashi interview wow! The problem with printed material is the possibility of it surviving without features exclusive to it so I hope the people in charge can address that. Interviews and track guides may be a good start.

  • Robert Gödicke

    Am I nitpicking too much or are there quite a lot of typos especially in the second image? For such a high price for a print magazine one can expect high quality, but when the table of contents is already full of typos, I don’t know…

    Plus, in times like these I don’t think that a print magazine for a niche genre of gaming will find a lot of buyers. I just can’t imagine it. High resolution screenshots and videos as teasers work pretty well next to an informative text, I guess the internet has spoiled me when it comes to that. I had a subscription of a gaming print magazine many years ago, but ever since I got an internet connection, that magazine got redundant for me. Too slow when it comes to the latest news, a lot of articles I was not interested in and a high price.

    If I should answer the question in this article truthfully: Yes, in these days, I think I would not bother buying a print magazine about gaming or sim racing specifically anymore. For me, personally, it’s an expensive thing of the past which got replaced by the internet.

    I do wish them the best of luck though, bringing our beloved simracing titles to more people is a good thing after all.

    • Jim. C

      No you’re not nit-picking. It’s littered with poor spelling, grammar and sentence structure. I’m no literary expert but then I’m not trying to make a living out of writing!

      It’s very amateurish and suggests no proof-reading has been done. You’re correct to expect more from a commercial publication, especially at this price.

      • Chris Payne

        I have to agree. Just trying to read the contents with commas in the wrong places put me off. I wish them well, but they need to have a professional look. Their sentence construction lets them down. Finding someone who knows the rules of the written language would be a huge improvement.

        I like the scope of the articles.

  • Sim racer

    Is the magazine focused solely on pc sim racing games? or does console sim racing get coverage?

    • Matthew Arnold

      Im not sure. But id assume they would have to talk about console stuff to some extent.

  • Jim. C

    This is a venture that needs to go digital. For a slightly more reasonable price I could be interested in this as a download. I cannot see this magazine lasting long in print format sadly. With mainstream gaming media struggling in print, I don’t see how something that caters for a very small niche of that audience can survive.

    • EZehnder

      Definitely should go digital as print is far too expensive. But now that it’s digital they have the option of writing articles more frequently. If only we had websites that showed sim racing articles/news frequently….


      • Jim. C


  • Matthew Arnold

    I won’t buy it in printed form.

    If they managed to get it on the Google Play store id get a copy for around £3-4 to download on my Nexus 7.

    I honestly cannot EVER see ANY magazine, print or digital being worth more than that to me 🙁 (wouldn’t it be exponentially cheaper releasing a digital copy ?)

    I wish them well but I am worried for them. WE are the people this is targetted at directly, and we are not exactly throwing money at the idea, so if the money isnt going to come from us (sim racers), I can’t see it coming from anywhere else!!!

    I hope i’m wrong though.

  • Paul Hamilton

    This makes no sense at all. At $9 a copy, it looks like a guaranteed failure.

  • Ghoults

    The contents do look very interesting. But price-wise it looks a bit iffy. Releasing the content index was a smart move but personally I’d prefer to have one or two stories released as a whole so we can see what kind of writing and how much of the magazine is ads and pics and how much is actual text.

    I just find it extremely difficult for any kind of magazine to survive without a website that has some kind of news portal, blog interface and some kind of discussion area. The whole approach is almost the direct opposite of where the old generation magazine are moving. It is very difficult to even find a magazine you could not buy digitally. Let alone a publication that only exists as a magazine.

  • Christopher Trees

    So much negativity… And so much wah wah wah I’m too poor to afford 6-9 dollars a month… When did everyone become so gad damn selfish

    • Robert Gödicke

      It has nothing to do with selfishness. A price of 9€ is steep if it is just going to be a print magazine, and when it has as many spelling mistakes on every page like in those previews, well, then it’s simply not justified. heck, I even expect good grammar in articles on websites, even though I don’t have to spend a single Cent on it. Why? Because it shows they care about their readers.

      Otherwsie it would, look lik this sentense and noone wolud boter reading on because, it’s annojing and exhaussting

      I’m not a native English speaker myself, but there are so many mistakes it even puts me off easily. Don’t know what native speakers would say actually.

      • Christopher Trees

        It’s 12 pounds for 3 issues… 4 pounds is sweet [email protected]@k all!

      • Robert Gödicke

        It’s a discounted price for the first three issues only, and it’s 13 pounds, not 12. After that it’s going to be 6 pounds per issue, or 9€.

        Plus, the typos. Even at half the price there shouldn’t be so many typos. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

    • Jim. C

      Selfish because I don’t want to buy an overpriced magazine with more poor English on the contents page alone than I would expect in three complete issues?

      What planet are you on?

      * expecting a response containing the word ‘entitlement’*

  • EZehnder

    “Is sim racing having enough of a crowd sustain it’s own print magazine?”

    No, we are a very small community that likes to discuss news and events, share audio/visual content and downloads what we want. MUCH larger communities couldn’t support their own magazine so I don’t see why sim racing will somehow be able to bring print magazines back from the brink of death.

    “Are you interested in a sim racing magazine and might even plan on
    buying a copy?”

    No, print magazines are woefully behind the times when it comes to the kind of content, delivery of content and speed of delivery we desire and have already available.

    “Or do you feel that print magazines are a thing of the

    They are. Major print outlets with millions of readers weren’t able to sustain print magazines and those were on things like news and current events which are far easier to write about vs. sim racing.

  • cubadoo1

    Maybe because there are such expensive sim rigs and peripherals for this genre they think we are all rich !

  • Nick1

    If this is about sim racing, then why isn’t it digital? This also isn’t super sustainable, because it’ll be a hard copy version of SimPit and ISR. If this were just gamers looking at normal racing games like PCars, F1 2015, and the GT series, then you could sort of have something. But for hardcore sim racers, no, this isn’t going to work in the long term

  • pastor_tedhaggard

    assetto corsa, simxeperience accuforce wheel, oculus rift.
    what else do people need to know with simracing?

    £12.99 (discounted) for 3 copies. Quite simply…..(intake of breath)……..LOL.
    i mean…………seriously. how do these people come up with these jokes.

  • Glen Orpheus

    we’ll i’ve had mine on order for a few weeks, and i say good luck to them. it’s not easy taking risks such as this, and could possibly be a very expensive short lived project (which i hope it isn’t ).
    So rather than be negative i shall embrase my 3 copies with open arms, and take my hat off to the people involved….. 3 cheers to Sim Racer Magazine….Hip Hip Hooray (“,)

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