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Silverstone 2011 for rFactor – Released

Silverstone 2011 for rFactor – Released

FCMG has released the 2011 Silverstone Wing Circuit for rFactor, adding the new layout of Britain’s iconic Formula One venue to the simulation.

Like their past 1991-1993 & 2010 versions of Silverstone, their work is based on ISI’s original Northamptonshire circuit, the 2011 version marks the groups last Silverstone release.

The 2011 version of Silverstone features a brand new pit building, a smoothed track surface and more as listed below.


* 2011 pit building. (Wing)
* 2011 Pit lane and grading.
* 2011 Starting grid.
* Smoothed some ISI bumps in track surface.
* Fixed textures for DX-7 users.

Important: This track is an addon to ISI’s Northamptonshire circuit which needs to be installed to use it. rFactor Lite users can download Northamptonshire here.

Download Silverstone 2011 for rFactor Mirror 1 Here

Download Silverstone 2011 for rFactor Mirror 2 Here

  • Łukasz Bar

    The best version I’ve seen after the reconstruction in 2010. All loops Arena I hide this, in addition, that no new pits.

  • Riches

    Looking forward to test it out.
    Judging the screenshots the buildings could use a bit better textures.
    They seem a bit flat now.

  • doser

    They should have started from scratch and made the new section again.  Properly.

    Abbey corner is way too sharp

    New section is wrong 🙁   Kerbs are ugly 🙁

    They’ve spent ages adding the brand new pit lane, to the bad version of Silverstone 2010 🙁

  • JGoenR

    This track is nice, but the old start/finish straight has wrong runoff areas… Luffield should also be edited. So does Maggotts-Becketts-Chapel complex…

  • the scrutineer

    This version is way better than dosers.

    Also, some of you here are picking apart items that FCMG didnt even make, ie: luffield, and run-off at old start line, that was made by ISI.

    Best thing to do before tearing apart somebody’s work, is to have your own version ready to back up your statements with.

    I’m personally pleased to have this version released 1 week prior to real event.. now I get to see what it would be like to drive the new pit complex.

    Thank you FCMG for this really nice forensic edition of 2011 Silverstone.

  • rci808

    why are you out in the run-off ?   😛

  • rci808

    glad you all love the track…

    what are you doing out in the runoff ?


  • Wish Bone

    doser thinks very highly of his work and so should you!

  • the scrutineer

    dosers work is trash. he mods stolen tracks. and complains too much.

  • the scrutineer

    People like doser are the ones who chase modding groups like FCMG and others out of providing free stuff for you all to try on your video games…   this community would be alot nicer without clowns like doser who piss on other peoples art they work hard to publish for us to try.

    Thanks alot doser..  got any non-stolen art to present for us?

  • F1Racer

    Enough of the doser bashing man,  this isn’t the place and youre off topic.

    I’ve never understood why people ‘like’ their own posts.

  • the scrutineer

    Ok F1Racer guy, You go ahead and support pricks like doser who bash modder’s work, and I’ll continue to support  these modders efforts.

    And yes,  I ‘like’ my response, so i’ll key it to ‘like’.

  • the scrutineer

    By the way, F1 Racer, “this isn’t the place and youre off topic.”

    Is off Topic as well.

  • Paul aD

    Redbull Racing 2010 / Silverstone 2011 / Sebastian Vettel

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