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Shift 2 Unleashed – PC DLC Available, Development Ended

Shift 2 Unleashed – PC DLC Available, Development Ended

As promised a few days ago, Electronic Arts has released the two DLC content packs for PC version owners of Slightly Mad Studios’ popular Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed title.

Unlike console owners who have had paid access to the additional content since late April, PC owners are rewarded for their patience by being allowed to download the new content for free.

There’s some effort required to get the new cars and tracks though, as the packs are only available via EA’s platform that requires sign-up and the download of the Origin software beforehand.

Embedded in the DLC pack download is the long-awaited second patch for the PC version, a changelog is not available so far.

EA confirmed on Twitter that the release of the DLC pack and the second patch ends the post-release development process of Shift 2 Unleashed as no further patches for any platform are planned.

While the Legends pack introduces 14 brand new historical racing cars and five new tracks to Shift 2 Unleashed, the Speedhunters pack adds drag racing and standing mile competition to the title. Below is a video made by sibkin, showing the new cars and tracks of the Legends pack in action!

Download Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed DLC Packs & Patch Here

  • Austin White

    so it is GT legends with shittier physics. Check!

  • Randall M Kipker

    Well, I for one think that SMS pushed EA much further than they were willing to go at first; and that they’ve supported the PC side of the game much further than Codie’s did F1-2010.

    I for one would support additional DLC; and I think the Physics are good!  Never was intended to be Full on Sim; but they certainly accomplished what they set out to do in the game IMHO!

    Great Work SMS; charge forward!

  • Der_KHAN

    no further patches planned… and who is supposed to fix the crappy ffb now?

    god, how i hate EA! i must be such a slut that they keep on fucking me just to disappear in the next morning!

  • Ricoo

    Development did not stopped. SMS is still working on improving their engine but EA don’t want to test their improvements and release a new patch. I can’t stop hating them for that, even if the DLCs are free for PC, mixed feeling indeed.
    It would be nice if SMS could launch there own franchise to produce a game with the quality they want rather than releasing under the pressure a game with serious weakness.

  • Peter

    Before the DLC 80 fps / GPU load 95%
    After the DLC   25 fps / GPU load 30%

    And no patch is comming :'(

  • Diromo

    Where did go official poll about missing tracks wish list? I guess no decent title (which do releases also for PC) can’t stand for La Sarthe track :/

  • sommergemuese


  • Gulyo

    Thank you EA/SMS for the fantastic and authentic DLC’s !!!!!
    They really added new content for the fantastic game !!!
    Keep it up !!!

  • Ricoo


  • Ricoo


  • Markuz

    What? I can’t believe some people are happy with crap like this. Some people like me are hoping for some AI fixes so that we can have a something of the likes of Forza or GT on the PC, I mean a single player racing game with believable handling (not too serious) and AI.

    I just tested a while ago and the game’s AI is still psychotically aggressive and oblivious to my car. That EA already cut development budget makes me want to throw my game in the trash, doesn’t matter if there are new events and cars. What’s the point if the AI is attrocious?

    I’ve totally lost faith in SMS. This’ll be my last SMS game unless they move away from EA. Man, I can’t believe I even gave them a chance here after my total dissappointment with Shift 1.

  • racedriver

    Looks nice will get the game later lol

  • Randall M Kipker

    +1 The Game has progressed well! 

    Sure would like to see more DLC and added Career Events!  Plus maybe a tweak release with each DLC…!

    Thanks Ian; Griff; and SMS.  EA, you’re Lucky to have SMS

  • Markuz

    Great work? Even with the bugs Codies left in F1 2010 I’ve already had 7 seasons of 40% length, going 8th, because as long as I turn off the broken stuff and won’t mind the broken rain DX9 effects that game’s AI (even if painfully slow even on legend) provides fun racing. They do not nudge me off on the first corner so I respect them. When they’re lapped they really give room.

    Let’s see, Shift 2 Unleashed: First corner: I give room, AI behind bumps me off the track. Reset. Same thing happens. Repeat 10x until lucky or until I decide I’d just give them the destruction derby treatment. Man, I love the cars’ handling no matter what class they are and hotlapping is fun but once you put the AI in everything I love about the game goes out the window.

    Now, no more development? What makes EA/SMS better than Codies? Both left games broken but at least Codies gave me 7 seasons of 19 races each.  Shift 2? Pffft. I’m having more fun with Race 07’s WTCC 2010 expansion right now.

  • Randall M Kipker

    I don’t have the issues you seem to with AI; they seem to be spot on Race Aggressiveness!  Also, I have great playable FPS b/w 38-45 consistent; more at times.  The DLC tracks like Monza and Silverstone for me are freaking Amazing IMHO!  Love the new outfits on the Grid Girls too!

    For me the GT3 and GT1 series races are Second to Nothing on the Market to date…! 

    Would like to see better; FFB of course; Road Feel or Feel of the Road; i.e. bumps! 

    All in all I’m happy with the game!

  • Car Los

    Watching this replay…

    The sound is bad, wobbly. Cars still sliding.
    Waiting for rF2 and GTR3

  • Gulyo

    I play netkar-pro+GTR Evo+GT5+Shift2 simultanously ( or something like that ) and enough for me

  • Gulyo

    What hum idiot … ?

  • Meton Sanga

    GT classes 2nd to none? you cant be serious… as old as GTR2 is, GTR2 is still a long way better!

  • Wesley M

    Thanks EA for letting us all go down the illegal road to be able to actually mod the game! Incredible job! NOT

  • Gulyo

    Play with it and you will see …

  • Ricoo

    Gulyo, for you:

  • Captain Underpants

    So if I just want the patch, I still have to jump through all EA’s hoops to get it. Fail. I was going to reinstall the game to see if it had improved it at all, but I guess I won’t bother.

  • Red Planet

    “EA confirmed on Twitter that the release of the DLC pack and the second patch ends the post-release development process of Shift 2 Unleashed as no further patches for any platform are planned.”

    Guys, where is that twit ? I’d like to see the original EA message about this on twitter but I cannot find it. Anyone got a link ?

  • John

    Origin… Eww.

  • Markuz

    EA is lucky they got SMS by their throats but we PC racers aren’t. We need SMS to fully call the shots on game design. I still think that if they were only given real free reign (with huge backing) they would’ve beaten Forza and GT by Shift 1.

    Why put destruction derby AI on a racing game that focuses on track day racing? Is it because in-game we don’t have to pay for repairs so the AI acts like such? Mess with everybody’s car including their own just for 1 position?

    What about the AI losing it and getting stuck on tracks with close barriers like Riviera, China and Enna Pergusa? I always see 2 or more cars trying to skip over an immovable barrier instead of going around a hairpin 4m away from where they are. I couldn’t even fathom why the AI wouldn’t just reset themselves if stuck when almost every arcade racing game does.

    And what is that about the AI going to the grass when being lapped? Terrible. Try the endurance events, you’d be scratching your head when you reach the backmarkers. Gawd, instead of moving over the other side of the road they go outside to the grass. Then once you pass them they instantly turn into the blind road killers that they are at the first opportunity they have.

    I’m not against SMS. I’d be supporting them only if their next game will no longer be under EA. EA is the devil here.

  • Markuz

    EA really does know how to screw us over. The only digital platform that I can put up with is Steam and I’m not willing to run Origin on top of Steam. Origin doesn’t allow me to backup whatever I’ve downloaded from them so…

    EA, please stop monkeying around for our money. Just release good games and stop screwing the small devs. Heck, stop screwing with the devs and let them just make good games without your stupid “our studies indicate that gamers like…” BS that ran Copy Paste 2 (Dragon Age 2) to the ground.

  • KlosterKatten

    I really hate the regular street cars in this game, they handle so poorly.

    But the GT cars is like a completley different thing, very responsive to everything you do. I love them.

  • Big Ron

    @Austin White
    hehe, if you watch the video, it looks like a boat on the river. So maybe you are right.

  • Mark

    I really appreciate SMS for working to release DLC for PC, unlike Criterion.

  • TomHolland

    Your ignorance and stupidity amuses me!

    It’s not up to the developer wheter DLC gets released or not.

  • AeroMechanical

    Steam actually provides some useful benefits that make the trade-off not too unreasonable.  It’s gotta be give and take if I’m going to run some publisher’s DRM/Data Mining/Behavioral Tracking/Ad Delivering/Resource Eating software.

  • Carbonfibre

    It is truly incredible how EA can be so unbelievably stubborn to keep re-branding and re-launching the same idea over and over. Origin will fail, just like every other alliteration of EA downloader.

  • AeroMechanical

    I find the name kind of offensive too, given that EA used to publish Origin System’s games.  It’s kind of ironic that Electronic Arts was started by game designers who were sick of being shafted by publishers.  Now they’re the worst offender of all.

  • Ricoo

    Is it too hard respecting others and not insulting them? If you are so clever maybe you could learn politeness.

  • F1Racer

    Agreed Ricoo,  that was totally uncalled for.

  • F1Racer

    Steam is actually not too bad.   EA on the other hand… they’re just out to screw everyone for their own benefit.

  • KlosterKatten

    I dont know about you but the prices on Origion for me are cheaper, as is the downloadspeed ridicilously better.

  • M.

    Ok troll

    Criterion itself claimed that they lack human resources to work on the DLC for PC, that means that they already moved on another title since last year, and some took care of the CONSOLE DLC releases. That was a not a EA decision, ignorant prick. Go fuck yourself, before I forget.

  • M.

    And before I forget, BURNOUT PARADISE lacked any kind of DLC, and proper support. EA’a fault again? I don’t think so. Criterion never cared for PC, they were always a console oriented developer.

  • M.

    Criterion staff (ea forums) iteself claimed that was a studio decision to not release content for PC, as lack of staff for something that they do not think worth the effort. And its not bad to remember that SMS support on PC is way better than of criterion’s, hot pursuit still plagued by bugs and the patches only seen to make matters worse.

  • M.

    You’re wrong troll.

    Obviously you don’t know shit about the subject, ignorant prick. fuck you.

  • Silly(c)One

    Couldn’t have said it better.

    I gave a last try to S2U a few weeks ago, just to compare with DiRT3, and about 30 minutes later, I was that close to throw my PC out the window after restarting the same stupid race after the first corner for the 50th time in Easy mode (but elite handling of course)… Actually, the only few times I managed not to get destroyed by 4 AI pushing me out of the road before the first corner, the car (Class A) started wobling like mad again in straight lines…

    Thanks SMS, but no more… I might even reinstall GTR2 just to get back the feeling you were incredibly talented and hadn’t sold your soul to EA…

  • Markuz

    That’d be great if all games you ever play are from EA.

    … and if Origin would allow you to backup whatever you’ve downloaded already.

  • UltimateGTR

    What about the hidden cars found in the game recently?  They abandoned the devlopment of DLC3?

  • Michael

    If the AI are hitting you in shift 2 you must be driving very slowly.

    The AI needed fixing – to make them competitive. SMS are, of course, blaming EA for not letting them do this, but they could have made the AI competitive before release.

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