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Shift 2 Unleashed For Five Euros

Shift 2 Unleashed is now available for just 5€ on Origin.

EA has launched a sale on their Origin platform, including a very interesting offer for sim racers as Slightly Mad Studios’ Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed now sells for just 5€.

Shift 2 Unleashed was released back in March 2011 and features a mix of road going cars and racing machinery, including the FIA GT1 & GT3 championship and lots of iconic tracks including the Nordschleife.

Even though Shift 2 is surely no thoroughbred simulation, the fast-paced career mode and lots of quality content make it easy to get your money’s worth – Especially if it sells for just 5€. For more info on Shift 2, check out the VirtualR review here.

Similar to Steam, Origin is EA’s platform for downloadble games, follow the link below to get to the Shift 2 offer.

Shift 2 Unleashed for Five Euros Here

  • Rob Harpum

    Payed for the game but cant seem to find a URL or anything else to let me start downloading the game . Any ideas ?

    • Ricoo

      Steam maybe lol

      They are too strong EA. 🙂

      Sorry I have no idea what they can have messed up…

    • Anonymous

       Sounds like you need the Origin client.

      • Rob Harpum

        Thankyou Bakkster..Ive had a *cough* copy of the game since it came out .Ok , its a little arcadey , the cars are a little bit oversteer and a bit floaty but , HEY ,, it looks amazing and drives ok ,, Well worth 5 euros . And you get the extra cars and tracks

  • Anonymous

    Can’t go wrong at that price.  Bargain.

    • rui silva

       i say its 5 euros to much, if you ask me … but you didnt ^^ :p

  • Anonymous

    shift cars drive like sail boats

  • JoelHarman

    Drifting Cars is like getting with bulls!!

  • Alex Roy

    drift the car in roads like boat so you can go at excellent sped

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