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Shelby Cobra 0.55 for Assetto Corsa – Released

the_meco & Pankykapus have released a new version of their very popular Shelby Cobra mod for Assetto Corsa.

the_meco & Pankykapus have released a new version of their very popular Shelby Cobra mod for Assetto Corsa.

The 0.55 update that can be downloaded below makes the mod compatible to the 0.22 update for Assetto Corsa that was released on Friday.

Assetto Corsa users who don’t have version 0.50 of the popular mod installed yet can grab it here.

The iconic sports car is included in three different versions, including the 427 street car, the S/C version featuring a NASCAR competition engine and vintage racing tires as well as the S1 version with better brakes, a five-speed gearbox and stiffer suspension.

The Cobra was among the first modding projects started for Assetto Corsa, to follow the car’s development step by step, make sure to check out the past stories on the Cobra.

[boxdownload]Download Shelby Cobra 0.55 Update for Assetto Corsa Here[/boxdownload]
  • Matthew Arnold

    Its a super fun car to drive, its a tricky one sometimes though 🙂

  • Gorka Barron

    Sure, great news now we can drive it again in new updates. Check my last try with it if you dont mind ; )

  • GamerMuscle

    Awesome , even though I normally don’t like driving old cars I have to say this has been a very enjoyable mod from the handling to the detail in the car model, fantastic work by the mod team !

  • gilez

    Tricky to drive but so much fun, I love the basic one with 4 gears. Car has a happy tail and braking is always adventurous. I’m no expert so take it with a pinch of salt, but I found out that a little gas in the first stages of braking helps to keep the rear in line. Down shifting must be properly done, too, fully depressing the clutch and blipping. Once you get used to this, the car is an absolute pleasure to drive.

    • DrDeathO5

      I don’t drive the real car of course but this seemed the way i drove the car in GT-Legends… Loved it
      Tried this version and i’m impressed. Quality mod

    • Francesco Kasta

      A “proper” down shift requires the clutch to be released when blipping, otherwise blipping the throttle would be useless.

      This technique should really be learned on a real car and only then practiced on a simulator, otherwise you could get a “training scar”.

      The “Grinding Tranny Mod” for rFactor was pretty accurate.

      I have always felt that what we really need is an H Shifter with FFB to prevent you from moving the stick into gear unless you are matching the revs correctly.

  • Paul Menard

    it feels like it has alot of rear lift at high speed, and the rear tyres are massively skitish :/

    • Marco Hooghuis

      IIRC the real car had a lot of lift at high speed, which is why they created the Daytona.

  • Chris McLellan

    Are we going to see LOD’s implemented soon…I’d like to race more than 5 cars!?
    Brilliant mod…love driving it even if I can’t always keep it on track.

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