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Shark Production Sim Racing Products

Shark Production Sim Racing Products

If you´re looking for some new sim racing gadgets, you might want to check out Shark Production’s portfolio of products. Products of the French company include a button box for 165€, a button box with LCD screen to display motec data for 465€ and more.

Also available is a button-addon plate for the Logitech G25 as well as analogue gauges. Or how about a full cockpit including everything? Check out their site to find out more.

  • PvtStash

    I like the guages, nice as I am older and am more used to guages with pointy things. LCD’s confuse the hell out of me. 🙂

  • PvtStash

    And can’t spell…

  • Vkt

    ➡ why they are using OMP stickers on comercial products? they have any contract to explode OMP trademark image :question:

  • LuisNabais

    Isn’t there anything cheaper than that? I just want a button box, but 165€ is too much for one…

  • ScHiRoCk

    I like their way of thinking, but it looks to “kiddy” for me…

  • superapex

    I really like the G25 button panel attachment. The button box performs the same function but the advantages of having buttons on the actual steering wheel are obvious.

    Logitech if you are listening and you are working on the G25-2 or the G26…My dream steering wheel would be an F1 like wheel with all sorts of buttons and switches on it. Don’t compromise on the pedal quality and ship it with optional springs for the shifter and the pedals so that you can adjust the tension without having to mod your hardware and void your warranty.

    and please deliver this by summer of 2009.

  • NDRustyfan

    Is it possible to get any on these accessories in the US, their site is only in French? Or does anybody know on something on the same line (button box) sold in the US?

  • Forza Spor

    Hi. I’m Arda from Turkey. I want to buy an advance cockpit for Richard Burns Rally and another rally games… But I cannot find a purchase button… Can anybody send me a link please…
    my mail adress: [email protected]:disqus and face account: Forza Spor

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